Appointment Letter Format, Sample, Outline and Examples

A Complete Guide about how to Write Appointment Letter - Appointment Letter Writing in 2022

An appointment letter is a formal document issued by the human resource (HR) department of a firm, company, or organization to the successful candidates to announce and inform them of the news of their selection for the corresponding vacancy.

In order to hire people for vacancies in organizations; HR has a certain recruitment process through which applicants undergo for final selection. This process may include shortlisting of candidates, academic testing, an interview, and final medical checkups. At the far end of this recruitment process, human resource issues the good news of the selection to the handful of candidates by writing them a letter of appointment.

In this article, I’ll take you deeper into how an appointment letter must be written and how to distinguish an appointment letter from a job offer letter.

Components of an Appointment Letter

Some of the main elements of an appointment letter are like:

    • The employer writes an appointment letter to the candidates
    • Business letter ‘formal’ tone must be used
    • Joining date must be mentioned
    • Salary details and duties may be mentioned
    • Inform candidate of their selection in a professional way
    • Letter of appointment is also an HR record

Essential Things to Consider While Drafting an Appointment Letter

The letter of appointment must be error-free! It is advised to use a professional tone and letterhead to write an appointment letter. Following are some of the instruction to write an appointment letter:

    • Congratulate the candidate on their selection for a job
    • Start off with an amazing eye-catching statement to announce the good news
    • Include the date of the letter dispatch, joining dates, and other information
    • Use professional tone in highlighting job roles
    • It is a good idea to announce job perks
    • Include details on job wages
    • Add details on document signing; if any

Sample of an Appointment Letter

In ref. to vacancy announcement (Date goes here)

Candidate Initials,
Residential address,
Date of writing.

HR of ‘Organization name’,
Organization Address,
HR person details.

Subject: Good news of the selection of the candidate goes here

[Body of an appointment letter with the congratulatory message, details of the selection, date of joining, terms and conditions of the company, and any further details goes here]

Best Regards,
Name of the HR person.

How to Write an Appointment Letter in 2023?

The appointment letter is a vital record for a potential worker, and so you need to draft it precisely as an employer. Here are a few appointment letters writing tips:

    • You need to add the correspondence dates as well. With that, you may need to point out the title and candidate’s residential address details. By adding accurate details; the letter of appointment will reach the right person at the right time.
    • The vacancy designation may be mentioned in the title and subject of an appointment letter.
    • It is advised to have two originally signed appointment letter copies along with one duplicate. One of the original appointment letters is for the candidate, and the second one is for the organization’s HR records.
    • The appointment letter must be printed out on the company’s letterheads.
    • Just in case the employment is contractual? If yes, then do point out the tenancy length in an appointment letter.
    • Is the employment role permanent? If yes, then do point out the probation length as well as the left out structure.
    • Some of the organizations require candidates to sign a bond and in that case, the bond agreement copy must also be attached with the letter of appointment with instructions leaflet to fill it out. Or the candidates can be instructed in the appointment letter to visit the HR office for signing the job letter bond in person.
    • The major points must also be highlighted in the appointment letter.
    • HR must dispatch the appointment letters; as the name of the sender on the letter must be ‘from HR of a certain organization’ rather than from an individual.

Appointment Letter VS Job Offer Letter

The job offer letter and the letter of appointment are not the same and are used for different forms of recruitment purposes. An offer letter includes the repetition of the information such as the benefits of the vacancy being offered to the candidate to accept, job duties, salary increment, and bonus benefits and duration. An offer letter relies on acceptance or rejection by the candidate. Whereas, an appointment letter is a final selection document of the candidate’s appointment for a particular job.

We can further distinguish between an offer and an appointment letter as the offer letter is basically used to convince the candidate to accept a job position by an organization. The offer letter contains alluring information regarding the designation in order to catch the interest of the targeted person so that he/she can accept the job offer. The job offer letter must also be replied to by the candidate within a certain limit of time and just in case if the candidate does not reply to this letter then that means the candidate is not interested.

Outline or Structure of an Appointment Letter:

    • Correspondence dates
    • Firm, company, organization name
    • Employer’s contact and address details
    • The subject of the appointment letter
    • Body section in the letter of appointment must be detailed
    • Salutation placements

The body of an appointment letter may be filled with the following details:

    • Joining date Insertion
    • Probation period limitation details
    • How much salary is being offered?
    • How much Bonus can be expected?
    • Traveling allowance details
    • HRA
    • Obligations and job roles
    • Salary increment percentage and duration
    • Job transfer details
    • Tax deductions
    • Retirement benefits
    • Termination or resigning terms

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