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Experience Certificate Samples, Outline, Format: Work Experience Letter Official Samples

Work Experience Letter- the Ultimate Guide With Definition

Experience Certificate is issued by the employer organization to their employees for certifying their services and tenure. Letter of experience also talks of the professional attitude of an employee towards assigned work and acknowledges the duration of their service for an organization.

So are you thinking about quitting your regular job and trying to work someplace new? A change of work environment really is important to ensure that the process of growth of a person does not become stagnant. 

However, you might need a few documents made in order to prove your credibility to the firm that you are applying to. For many of these documents, you will need your current employers to issue you, as they will be a reference for your past experiences. 

When we think of such documents, the first thing that comes to our mind is a character certificate. As important as it may seem, it is, in fact, one of the least important ones; as there are some, which hold an even bigger value. 

One such document is called an experience certificate.

What is an Experience Certificate?

An experience letter can also be defined as,

‘An official letter, issued by the company in which a person has previously worked, specifying all the skills and knowledge that he possess or has acquired during his appointment is termed as an experience certificate.’

It is also, sometimes, termed as a work experience letter.

An experience letter or a work experience certificate also envisages the work habits of the former employees and their code of conduct during the job duration in addition to the time period for which they were associated with the company.

When is an experience certificate issued?

An experience certificate is demanded by the former employees of a company upon their resignation from the job post. An experience certificate is issued to an employee, by the employer, at the time of them, being relieved of their duties too. 

If a person is being laid off, it is the company’s responsibility to issue them an experience certificate. If in case, a person resigns from their office, they can request an experience letter from their employer or manager.

Purpose of an experience certificate:-

An experience certificate holds a significant place among the documents required at the time of recruitment.

It makes the decision of hiring an employee easy for the recruitment panel of an organization by giving them an idea of the learning potential of the individual under consideration and by authenticating the job-related details provided by the candidate in their curriculum vitae or resume.

Moreover, it also validates the work experience that the candidate holds, and which they have mentioned in their job CV.

Format of an Experience Certificate:-

Even though every company has its own way of preparing experience certificates for its employees, there are some things which are included therein, as compulsory. 

Mentioned below is the standard format of an experience certificate, which includes all the necessary essentials.

  • Company letterhead:-

It is mandatory for all experience letters to be issued under the letterhead of a company. It is, therefore, the foremost element of an experience certificate.

  • Date:-

Next comes the date on which the certificate is being issued to the former employee.

  • Subject line:-

Then comes a brief essence of the certificate, amassed in a subject line. It acts as a header for the certificate.

  • Salutation:-

Since the address of the experience certificate is unknown, therefore, in the place of the salutation, the term ‘to whom it may concern is used.

  • Main body:-

Next in line is the main body. It contains the name of the candidate, their father’s name, their date of joining the firm, their designation and serving time period as well as their date of resignation.

  • Signature:-

Lastly, the signature of the issuing party, under their name is mentioned.

  • Contact info:-

Some companies provide the contact details of the issuing party at the end of the certificate so that the recruiters could make contact in case of any further queries related to the character of the candidate under consideration.

Experience Certificate Template with Outline

Drafted below, is an outline of an experience certificate to give you a better idea of how a work experience is prepared.

(name of organization).
Date: —————–
Subject: —————-

To whom it may concern,

This is to certify that ————, Son/ Daughter of ———– was appointed in our firm on the ——- of —–, 20— on the position of ———-. 

The candidate served our organization for ——— months/ years and was relieved of his/ her duties on the —— of —–, 20–.

During the candidate’s stay in our organization, he/ she has worked on ————- projects. We found the candidate to be extremely hardworking and efficient. He/ she bears a good moral character.

We wish the candidate success in the future.

(designation of issuing authority),
(name of issuing authority),
(signature of issuing authority).

Contact info:-
Phone number: —————
Email address: —————-.

Experience Certificate Free Sample

Drafted below is a sample experience certificate in favor of a sales executive of an organization. Give it a read to develop a better understanding of the topic. You can feel free to use this template as your own by making relevant modifications wherever necessary.

ABC Corporation,
Date: December 17th, 2023

Subject: Experience certificate in favor of XYZ person.

To whom it may concern,

This is to certify that (name of candidate), son/daughter of (candidate’s father’s name) was appointed in our organization on the 15th of July, 2007 on the position of Junior Sales Executive.

The candidate served our organization for 9 years. Over the years, the candidate was promoted to the designation of Senior Sales Manager. This candidate was relieved of his/ her duties on the 12th of December, 2023.

This candidate’s major job responsibilities included management of the marketing and product teams, meeting and exceed the sales targets, creating sales plans, and assigning sales territories to his/her teams. All these activities were performed by this candidate with great efficiency. 

We found him/her, a quick learner who was always willing to gain more knowledge and skills relevant to his/ her field. During his/her stay with us, we always found his/her work conduct satisfactory.

In addition to this, he/she also possesses a good moral character.

We wish him/her success in the future.

(name of sender),
(signature of sender),
HR Manager.

Contact details:-
Phone number: xxxx-xxxxxxx
Email address: [email protected]

Salient features of an Experience Letter Certificate:-

Since an experience certificate determines the professional future of an individual, it is to be crafted with great care. Following are the salient features of a work experience certificate along with some must-haves and tips for drafting a purposeful work experience letter.

  • Official letterhead:-

It must be prepared on the official letterhead of the company.

  • Personal details:-

It must contain the basic details of the candidate under consideration such as their name, their father’s name, date of joining, designation, and their date of leaving.

  • Conduct at work:-

The employer is to mention the skills, expertise, communication, behavior as well as work conduct of the individual under consideration.

  • Writing style:-

While preparing an experience certificate, a standard formatting pattern should be used and the writing tone should also be kept formal and professional.

  •  Refrain from adding unnecessary details:-

The letter should be kept brief and to the point. Unnecessary details should not be included as they can reduce the readability level of the certificate.

  • Revise and Recheck:-

The letter, before submitting, should be revised and rechecked to avoid any grammatical errors.

  • Avoid negative commenting:-

It is advised to firms to avoid including negative remarks in an experience certificate as it may affect the reputation of the employee and negatively influence his career.

  • Include contact details:-

It is recommended to incorporate relevant references and contact details at the end of the experience certificate so that the recruitment panel can contact the employer in case of any query regarding the portfolio of the candidate.

Final Wordings:-

It must be kept in mind that an experience certificate indirectly describes the work abilities of a candidate and portraits their character, as observed by their former employers. So if you want your experience certificate to put a positive impact on your potential employers, it is necessary to first satisfy your previous employers with your conduct. 

With that said, this article has reached its conclusion. Let us know of your reviews on this article in the comments section below. This was all for this article. Cut!

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