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Florida International University (FIU) Scholarships 2023 – Admissions Open!

Florida International University (FIU) Acceptance Rates in 2022

The Florida International University (FIU) opened the admissions application window for their fully funded FIU scholarships of 2023-2024 academic session. So go through this article to learn more about admissions and scholarships at the FIU.

So do you want to study at a renowned higher education institute in the United States of America, but are daunted by the thought of paying thousands of dollars annually?

Well, fret not, because there are still some states in the US that offer high-quality education for merely a fraction of the cost that students will have to pay elsewhere. You must be wondering which state we are talking about. Florida, of course!

Florida has been a top choice for international students to earn their higher education degrees for many years now, primarily because of the many benefits the state has to offer. The state has a diverse range of universities for the students to choose from, including both public and private sector educational institutes. 

Amongst these top-tier institutes lies Florida International University; the 95th best public university in the United States of America. Want to know how you can get into this esteemed public research center?

Stay hooked to this and find out all about admissions in the Florida International University, from the acceptance and rejection rates to the waiting list system at the university and more.

Admissions Acceptance and Rejection Rate at the Florida International University (FIU):-

According to the recent stats, around 58,780 students got admitted into the Florida International University in the fall semester. These students came from more than 130 different countries and 50 different states, so you are certain to see cultural diversity in the premises of the Florida International University.

The Florida International University is fairly competitive, with a lower annual acceptance rate than many renowned American universities. In the fall, the university received more than 15,000 applications from around the globe. Out of this number, the admissions panel accepted merely 4,614 students. 

However, a noteworthy number of this population is comprised of international students, because of the fact that Florida ranks #6 in the United States in hosting the most international students at the university level.

The current acceptance and rejection rates at the Florida International University as listed below as follows:

The acceptance rate at the Florida International University 2023: 57.5%

The acceptance rate at the Florida International University as of 2023 is fairly high as compared to its rejection rate at 57.5%. Thus, approximately 58 applications from every 100 received by the admissions office at the Florida International University are further processed. Out of this number, approximately 4.7% of students are international.

Rejection rate at the Florida International University 2023: 42.5%

The application rejection rate at Florida International University is 42.5%.

Admissions Waiting List System at the FIU:-

Almost every one of you knows what happens with applicants once their applications are accepted, right. They get admitted and upon submission of fee, get enrolled into their desired course programs.

But do you know the processes for such students who got admitted but couldn’t get enrolled due to one reason or the other? Life does give them a second chance in the form of Florida International University’s waiting list.

How does the waiting list system at the Florida International University (FIU) work?

At the Florida International University, the meritorious students get automatically placed on a waiting list, from where they are enrolled into their selected course programs upon the availability of a seat. 

These waiting lists work on an automatic basis and not on a self-service basis. Thus, the students cannot get themselves placed on the waiting list by any means other than depicting academic grades showing an upward-facing graph.

Once an offer is made to a student on the waiting list, the management waits for some time before moving on the making the same offer to the next candidate on the list. This process goes on until all the course programs reach their maximum capacity.

2023 Scholarships at the Florida International University (FIU):-

The semester fee at the Florida International University competes with that of any other private institute. Where a four years bachelor’s degree program at the Florida International University costs a Florida resident $7,900, the same program costs international and out-of-state residents more than 20,000 USD.

But luckily enough, Florida International University is extremely considerate of its students and thus provides them multiple feasible fee funding options, some of which include scholarships, student loans, grants, and emergency funds.

Some of the most popular scholarship schemes introduced by the Florida International University are listed below as follows:

  • Presidential Premier Scholarships
  • Ambassador Premier Scholarships
  • National Merit Scholarships
  • FIU College Board National Recognition Programs (for African American, Hispanic, Indigenous or Rural and Small Town Students)
  • Bright Future Scholarships
  • First Generation Scholarships
  • National Merit Finalists
  • National Hispanic Scholars
  • Gold and Blue Achievement Awards
  • National Prestige Scholarships and Fellowships
  • Transfer Academic Achievement Scholarships
  • Scholarship America Dream Award

Funding from external sources:

  • After College Scholarships
  • Charles Moo Scholarships
  • Hill and Pronton Veteran’s Scholarships
  • Margaret Mc Namara Memorial Fund
  • Minority Scholarships
  • Zinch Three Sentence Essay Scholarships
  • American Hotel & Lodging Education Foundation
  • NFPA / Thomson Reuters Scholarship
  • Xerox Technical Minority Scholarship
  • Adelante  Fund – U.S. Education Leadership Fund
  • United Negro College Fund
  • Army Health Professions Scholarship
  • Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship 
  • Hispanic College Fund- Scholarship Program
  • AWS Airgas Jerry Baker Scholarships
  • CBC Spouses Education Scholarships
  • Dixie Youth Baseball Scholarships
  • LNESC Macy’s Emergency Scholarship Fund
  • Mary Mc Leod Bethune Scholarships
  • NAJA Graduate Scholarship Program
  • Selby Scholarships
  • Arts for Life Scholarships

Begin Your Admissions Application at FIU Today!

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If so, then make use of this information by applying to the University of Florida on scholarship. Better hurry up with preparing your applications because the University of Florida will open its web portal for accepting online applications for its upcoming semester shortly.

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