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Malaysian MIS Scholarships 2023

Malaysian Ministry of Education opened the application submission portal for the 2023 Malaysian Government Scholarships Program in near future and the deadline to submit your applications for the Malaysian Scholarships Program will be June 15, 2023.

The literacy rate of Malaysia is a total of 94.85%, constituting a 96.12% adult literacy rate for men and 93.5% for women. This accounts for an overall adequate literacy rate in the country. The education system in Malaysia is divided into preschool education, primary, secondary, post-secondary, and tertiary education levels. Malaysia is strengthening its literacy status by ensuring that the majority of the people receive a quality education at higher levels.

Improving the status of education means financial hurdles in approaching Malaysian universities, especially for international students. However, the Malaysian government has launched several scholarship programs, particularly for interregional students, so that they can avail themselves of the opportunity of studying at a renowned university in the country.

Among the numerous scholarship programs, the Malaysian International Scholarship Program 2023 stands out because of its distinct features.

Malaysian Government Scholarships Program 2023:-

The Malaysian International Scholarship (MIS) 2023, as the name suggests, is a scholarship program initiated by the government of Malaysia to fund the educational expenses of genius minds from around the world. It is a great step to support the higher studies of those students, who, in spite of having the brains, do not have the resources to continue their studies. 

This great scheme introduced by the Malaysian government lessens the financial burden of the students and allows them to pursue their dream careers, subsequently enabling them to contribute to the welfare of society.

Date of opening:-

The Malaysian Government Scholarship Program commenced accepting applications on May 15, 2023.


This Malaysian scholarship expires on June 15, 2023, so if you are willing to apply for this fee funding program, make sure to enroll before the said date.

Level of degree:-

Postgraduate degree programs. (both Masters and Ph.D. Degree levels.)

Basic Criteria for Malaysian Government International Scholarships:-

The MIS is awarded to students purely on a merit basis. Students with exceptional academic records belonging to the ASEANs are welcome to apply for this scholarship to any post-graduate degree program by the mid of March 2023.

Malaysian Government Scholarship Funding Sponsorship:-

The Malaysian scholarship holders will be awarded some prerequisites, while they will, on the other hand, have to bear some expenses on their own. The following is the coverage of the Malaysian Government’s scholarship scheme for international students:

    • Fully funded tuition fee of any of the host universities.
    • Residential allowance estimated around RM 1500/- per month.


    • All applicants are strongly instructed to analyze the residential expenditures in Malaysia.
    • Travel expenses will not be borne by the Malaysian government. The students are, therefore, advised to arrange their own transport.

Malaysian Government Scholarships 2023 Process of Application:-

The procedure of getting admission to a Malaysian university through the Malaysian Government Scholarship Program starts off by filling out the online admission form (Link given at the end of the article), followed by an entrance exam, and finally an interview. If your game is strong from the very beginning, you will have an increased chance of landing the scholarship. For this, you need to have proper information from the very beginning, that is, the process of applying for the Malaysian scholarship.

Following is the procedure for applying to the Malaysian Government Scholarship:

Step 1: Fill out the application form for the Malaysian International Scholarship.

Step 2: The second step is the submission of the relevant documents. The documents should be scanned and need to be uploaded in PDF form.

Step 3: After compiling all the documents, submit them along with the online application form. Submission of forms and documents is to be done online.

Documents Needed for Malaysian International Scholarships:-

The list of documents that have to go along the Malaysian Government International Scholarships application form is as follows:

Eligibility Standards for the Malaysian International Scholarships:-

Students who wish to avail of a scholarship by the Malaysian scholarships program must abide by the following acceptability criteria:

  • Age group: 

For master’s level: Should not exceed 40 years of age if applying to master’s level. For Ph.D. Level: Maximum age for Ph.D. The level program is 45 years.

  • Minimum GPA:

For master’s level: A minimum GPA of 3.5 at bachelor’s level is a must. For Ph.D. Level: A minimum GPA of 3.5 at master’s level in a similar field as that of the intended Ph.D. Program.

  • English language test scores:

A minimum band score of 6.5 in the case of IELTS exams, or, A minimum paper-based test score of 580 or a computer-based score of 230, or an internet-based test score of 92 in the case of TOEFL exams.

Research proposal with a minimum of 1000 words related to the intended field of study.

Subjects Offerings Under Malaysian International Scholarships:-

Now that we know the requisites of applying to the Malaysian Government Scholarships Program, here comes one of the most important bits. The courses are offered under the Malaysian International Scholarship Program.

Following are the programs prioritized by the Malaysian Government Scholarships Scheme:

  • Environmental sciences
  • Health sciences (excluding nursing, clinical pharmacy, and medicine)
  • Information and communication technology
  • Agriculture and fisheries
  • Science and engineering
  • Economics
  • Islamic finance
  • Biotechnologies
  • Biosecurity and food safety
  • Infrastructure and utility

The applicants are bound to select their respective fields of study from either of the above-mentioned ones. Any other degree program will not be accommodated by the Malaysian Government Scholarship Program.

Malaysian International Scholarships (MIS) Application Deadline: June 15, 2023

Submit your application for the Malaysian International Scholarships program for 2023 before June 15, 2023.

Submit Your Malaysian Scholarship Application!

Now that you have come to know of all the requisites of applying to the Malaysian Government International Scholarships Program 2023, all that’s left to do is to go and actually apply before the slots get full.

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