Motivation Letter for Scholarship

Motivation Letter for Scholarship (With Examples): Expert’s Guidance on Writing a Winning Scholarship Motivation Letter

Letter of Motivation for Scholarship Application

A Motivation letter describes why you are a perfect fit for a certain position. The objective of a motivation letter is to explain to the authorities why should you be chosen for the degree program and what plans do you have for the education you will receive. In other words, the letter of motivation speaks out some of the important aspects of your research proposal that connects it up with your academic competence and personality.

Who needs a Motivation Letter?

Generally, motivation letters are required for post-graduation scholarships. However, you may require it sometimes while applying for an undergraduate program.

Significance of Letter of Motivation in Admission and Scholarship Application Process:

The motivation letter is the chance you have to influence the selection panel. To contract the list of candidates, selection panels frequently use motivation letters. Then the candidates considered best are finally selected for the program. The motivation letter is the most significant part of your application. The success of your application mainly counts on the motivation letter.

Methods of Structuring a Letter of Motivation:

Commonly, two methods are used to structure a motivation letter.

#1 Classical Way of Writing a Motivation Letter:

Classical way guides writing a letter of motivation in three parts; introduction, body, and conclusion. Using the classical way is not a bad idea. You can use it if you want to write the body of the letter as a story. Hence, not breaking the reading flow. No matter what method you chose, the letter basically contains an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

#1 Modern Way of Writing a Motivation Letter:

While another way of composing a letter of motivation is to use 5-7 paragraphs, where the body is divided into 3-4 paragraphs. It completely depends on your choice. However, dividing the body into more paragraphs is considered beneficial, as each paragraph highlights a completely different point.

Blueprint on Writing a Killer Motivation Letter

Writing your motivation letter can be a painstaking task. The students generally have no answer when asked, “Why do you want this scholarship?” or “What difference can you make after getting it?” You spend hours thinking about and researching on the internet. You are also done by asking your friends for help. But at the end of the day, you are sitting before your laptop and have no answers to the asked questions.

Nonetheless, you know you are a capable person and have a vast knowledge base. The only problem is, it is just difficult to give words to your thoughts. Don’t worry, it happens with almost everyone, and we are here to facilitate you. This article is specially devised to give you the ultimate guide to writing a winning motivation letter and make the process easy for you.

How long should a Motivation Letter be?

Normally, the length of the motivation letter is not specified. But it cannot be too long, or too short. The idea is to succinctly give the best possible arguments. Also, skipping relatively small details is not recommended. Sometimes small specifics make a huge difference. The letter of motivation must contain the most vital educational achievements, details of your resume, your skills, and your long-term plans. Generally, a range of 500-1000 words is recommended for motivation letters. Paragraphing is important, as it makes the letter easy to understand.

Construct a bridge between the intended degree course and scholarship you are applying for:

The motivation letter should connect your academic and professional future plans with the scholarship you are applying for. It should give the reader an understanding that you are really interested in studying a specific field, and your selection is not only beneficial for you, but also for the scholarship source. It manifests reasons why you deserve it more than other aspirants.

Writing ‘Introduction’ part in Motivation Letter:

In the introduction part, you briefly tell the reader about yourself and the reason behind your application. It includes your name and education. Besides, you also need to tell what program you are applying for. Needless to say, don’t forget to write contact information at the top of the letter.

Writing ‘Body’ part in Motivation Letter:

The body is the most significant part of the motivation letter. It is a voluminous note and manifests your talents, achievements, and skills. It tells your professional experience, whether paid or unpaid. Shows what field you want to pursue a career in and the reasons behind it. Showcases your motivation to bring a positive change in society.

Research Scope ‘website’ of an organization that requested you to send a motivation letter to fetch an idea on who can be an ideal candidate for them:

Additionally, open the official website that requires you to write a letter of motivation and see what requirements are demanded, then tries to emphasize your eligibility. It makes the reader know how passionate you are for the field you are applying for. However, exaggeration should be avoided. Try being close to facts and truth as much as possible. The examiners are immensely experienced and can easily detect overstatement.

Writing ‘Conclusion’ part in Motivation Letter:

You write a conclusion to wrap up the story. In this part, you can sum up your major points and comment on your professional objectives. Stress again why you are a perfect fit for the program. Finally, express your thanks and end the letter.

General Tips on Writing a Letter of Motivation for Scholarship and Admissions:

Remember, there is a line between begging and proving your worth. You should use logical argumentation to prove your merit. Your letter should not contain any grammatical or spelling errors.

The use of slang language should be completely avoided. It should make its reader feel that it is written by a sensible person. In addition, be specific with all the details you provide.

Finally, bear in mind that it is a time-taking process. It is not something you will perfectly do in a single evening. Create an outline and plan the structure before you write. In the end, stick to the basics, follow the given guideline, and make it a success story!

Motivation Letter Example

My name is Alex Hales. I completed a BS in Management from Oxford University. This is my passion to get further education in the field of management. I intend to get this scholarship to prove myself in the field of research. I have a lot of potentials that need to be recognized by a reputed institute. I have been a student of the sciences. I have shown a distinction during my previous educational career.

I aspire to get this scholarship so that I can explore new realities and facts in the sciences. This scholarship is significant for my future career as it will lead to continuing my research work having broader exposure in this field. I had been part of different researches. I wrote many theses on different topics such as anthropology, genetics, and entomology during my educational background. My supervisors had always been satisfied with my performance. Importantly, my all researches and thesis had been approved and published by Oxford University. After completion of my degree, I became part of an independent research institute

I had been working for more than two years. This scholarship is likely to provide me opportunities to harness new prospects by gaining benefits from further education in a reputed institute. I can make positive changes in this field if I get this scholarship that will help me to develop my research qualities. This scholarship will open new doors for me to get new experiences. I see my future as a researcher. My purpose in getting this scholarship is to meet with new researchers whose work has succeeded in this field.

My intention is to learn new things. I intend to get benefit from experienced researchers. If this scholarship is awarded to me, the chances of my bright future in research becomes more likely. I am the best candidate for this scholarship as my work experience and educational background show my passion for this scholarship. I am a candidate you are looking for this scholarship.

My perseverance and motivation for work will inspire you to choose me. If you choose me for a scholarship, my research work will get support from this scholarship. I can continue my educational journey with great support. This scholarship will lead me towards the zenith of success in the field of research.

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