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Free Online Courses with Free Certificates in 2023: Registration Open

Take Action Today to Register for These Free Online Courses Issuing Free Certificates as Well

This is the exclusive list of all free online academic courses available for registration in 2023. So prepare your documentation to apply for these online academic courses.

This year has brought a lot of damage to both individuals and government economies due to closed educational institutions. But as they say that every bad comes with a good. With the cessation of physical classes and the constantly declining state of education systems, a number of universities and organizations have taken the initiative to commence online courses for people all over the world, and that too, for free! So if you are struggling to get yourself on track after a long period of idleness, taking an online course should be the thing to start from.

Free Online Courses with Free Certificates in 2023:-

List of platforms that facilitate free online learning:-

    • Future learn
    • Google Digital Garage
    • Agora
    • Open WHO
    • Edx
    • Alison
    • Coursera.

Universities that offer free online courses with certificates:-

    • Harvard university
    • Stanford university
    • Manchester university
    • University of Leeds
    • Griffith university
    • University of Michigan
    • Deakin university
    • Coventry university
    • London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Organizations that offer free online courses with certificates:-

    • Google 
    • British council
    • UNICEF
    • WHO
    • Health Education England.

List of Free Courses with Free Certificates: Open for Registrations:-

Get a chance to learn something new while staying at home, without having to spend a penny. Here is the list of the top-notch courses offered by the top universities and specialist organizations to people around the world:-

    1. Understanding IELTS
    2. Introduction to data sciences
    3. Web coding
    4. Understanding medical researches
    5. Write your first novel
    6. Project management
    7. Creating a great user-friendly experience for mobile apps
    8. Teaching young learners online.

#1 Understanding IELTS Course:-

Institute offering the course: British Council
Platform of study: Future Learn

The Understanding IELTS course comprises of four sub-divisions or short courses as follows:

    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Speaking
    • Listening.

These four aspects are studied under the mentorship of the leading tutors in Britain. This self-paced course is three weeks long and comes with an online certificate. 

Students may find quizzes to test their understanding and live sessions with mentors to get answers to their queries.

Enrollment procedure:-

People willing to take the course on Future Learn can browse their official website and get themselves registered in any course of their preference. To get registered, simply:

    • Enter your basic information as email address, name, username.
    • Create a strong password containing both upper and lowercase letters.
    • Apply to as many courses as you like.

#2 Introduction to Data Sciences Course:-

Institute offering the course: IBM
Platform of study: edX

If you are into applying scientific methods, algorithms, and systems to extract meaningful information for raw or grouped data, then this course by the Institute of Business Management is the one to opt for.

Students will be given the opportunity to learn under the supervision of some extreme data science practitioners and will get up-to-date insights on what data science is and what value it holds in the modern world.

Enrollment procedure:-

In order to get enrolled in this course, you can follow the following procedure by opening the official website of edX:

    • Enter your basic credentials
    • Enter a username 
    • Create a strong password
    • Select your country
    • Click on “Create Account.”

PS: username must not contain spaces and cannot be changed after confirmation.

#3 WebCoding Course with Free Certificate:-

Institute offering the course: University of Leeds
Platform of study: Future Learn

If you wish to step your game up in the field of digital technology, then you might want to check this course out. Taught by ‘Tom Armitage,’ this course revolves around the basic code types.

Students opting for this course will unleash the world of web development and the role of HTML, CSS, JavaScript in making websites.

PS: you may need to have prior knowledge of the topic to understand the various terms and concepts used by the mentor.

Enrollment procedure:-

If you already have an account on Future Learn, simply search the name of the course by typing “Learn to Code for the Web” and voila! A few more buttons to be pressed and you will get enrolled in this free course by the University of Leeds and the Institute of Coding.

#4 Understanding Medical Research Course:-

Institute offering the course: Yale University
Platform of study: Coursera

Do you want to have the insights on how to determine the worthiness of scientific research you came across on social media? Getting yourself enrolled in this course offered by ‘F. Perry Wilson’ of the Yale University will help you in achieving just the target.

This course centers around study designs, research methodologies, and statistical interpretation to ultimately provide you with the tools and skills required to critically interpret medical researches, so that you can distinguish between fraud, biased, and misinterpreted data from genuine ones.

PS: This course is free but comes with a paid certificate, issued on demand.

Enrollment procedure:-

While applying to courses on Coursera, real caution should be maintained as many of the courses are free to watch, but not free to enroll in. similarly, some free courses come with paid certificates like this one. so while signing in to Coursera, this aspect should be kept in mind.

With that said, here is the actual procedure to get enrolled in the course:

    • Click on the course title you wish to get enrolled in.
    • Select ‘Enroll.’
    • Choose ‘an option.’ (whether to enroll for free without a certificate or get financial aid)
    • Once enrolled, access the course at any time and learn at your own pace.

#5 Novel Writing Course:-

Institute offering the course: Michigan State University
Platform of studies: Coursera

If you are in a habit of writing a daily diary, then you have got adequate skills to utilize the leisure time this lockdown has brought to you in writing your very first novel. And to polish these skills is this course offered by “David Wheeler” of the Michigan State University.

The course is 26 weeks long and by the end of the stipulated time, you will be able to turn in your complete, polished novel along with a synopsis and prologue.

This course will help you in putting magic on paper through your words in a small time frame. Also, it is available a number of different languages, including Arabic, French, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish for the feasibility of students.

Enrollment procedure:-

In order to enroll in this free course, you need to create an account with Coursera and then follow the procedures as mentioned in point #4 of the list.

#6 Project Management Course Online:-

Institute offering the course: The Open University
Platform of study: Future Learn.

If you consider yourself as a person with good capabilities to lead a team but not find yourself fit to pursue it as a career, then this course is designed specifically for you! This course extends to four weeks and is taught by ‘Giacomo Carli’ in which students learn how to deliver maximum benefits to clients on time and on budget.

Enrollment procedure: 

If you wish to enhance your in-born management and leadership qualities, sign in to Future Learn and search the respective course title. Click ‘enroll’ to get going.

#7 Mobile Apps Courses Online:-

Institute offering the course: University of Leeds
Platform of study: Future Learn

Have you ever wondered how the multifarious apps that we run on our phones work? And more importantly, how these apps differ in providing user-friendly interfaces? If yes, then check this course out to know the answers.

This 2-week long course will subsequently lead to students in creating, from the prototypes of their own sketches, their own apps.

Enrollment procedure:

In order to get a certification in the respective course, sign in to Future Learn, search the course title and follow the prompts to get enrolled.

#8 Teaching Young Learners Online Course:-

Institute offering the course: British Council
Platform of study: Future Learn

Apart from students, the British Council has introduced a course particularly for teachers facing hurdles in teaching students (generally 5-17 years of age) online during these menacing times of Covid 19.

Teachers enrolling themselves in this course will explore the wide world of online teaching, both by theoretical and practical practices, with tips on how to plan assessments and study schedules for students. This 3-week long course features teachers’ role in improving the quality of education during the threatening times of the global pandemic.

Enrollment procedure: 

Sign in to Future Learn and search the course name. Take actions as prompted and get enrolled in this great course.

PS: Certificates are to be provided upon demand by depositing a minimum amount.

Ready to Enrol for a Free Online Course? – Take Action NOW!

With many adverse effects of the widespread pandemic, there are some positive impacts as well. Apart from many other courses available, the number of free courses in the field of Health and Medicine and awareness on Covid has increased in number. 

So make your stay-at-home hours meaningful by enrolling in either, or all of these courses to get certificates along with a fun learning experience.

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