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Top Ranked Quick Certifications Paying Well in 2023: Answered

List of Quick Certifications that Pay Well

Do you want to get an increased wage, a quick promotion, or switch yourself to a higher job?

If yes, then getting a quick certification that pays off well is the best option for you. With the help of certificate programs, you can smoothly develop all your skills and all your past experiences which are needed to perform a job successfully.

Currently, various best universities are offering excellent certificate courses for the students to take admission into. They can easily study even in the comfort of their own house. Or you can also apply for the courses without any need to quit your job. This is so cool!

Right through this guide, we will be highlighting a list of the best and top famous quick certifications that pays off well in 2023. Check the list and figure out which one of these certifications is best suited for you.

Why Choose a Quick Certification?

As we define the term certification, it is basically about the short-term training programs which normally take less time to complete. Comparing it with the degree program is a big mistake. Both of them are different from one another. Hence, these quick certifications are short-duration courses enabling you to boost your skillset to find a job quicker.

How to Choose a Quick Certification That Pay Well?

For beginners, choosing a quick certification is not an easy task at all. This concept is all about learning a new skill to enhance your knowledge. And based on your skill competency, you have to choose a certification. If you will search around, you will find various programs both on-campus and online. But very few of them are worth studying.

To pick the best certification, you can take the best help from CareerOneStop Certification Finder. Plus, you can also take some guidance from your present employer. Get in touch with all your contacts who have already acquired the certification. The most important step is to look for a school center accredited by the U.S. Department of Education or certified by the Higher Education Council.

What is the Approximate Duration for the Quick Certifications?

If we talk about the duration, it will vary from one certification to another. Some of the schools will offer the certification of a maximum of 5 weeks whereas the rest of them will take one year to complete it. Classes for the quick certification are arranged both nights, evenings, weekends, or online.

How much do you have to pay for the quick certification?

The cost of the certification will be based on the program you are applying to. There are some courses which are available free of cost. Although the cost of the certification will be between $2,400 and $15,000! There will be some additional fees for purchasing course materials and constitute textbooks.

List of Top and Quick Certifications That Pay Well In 2023

Now without wasting any time, let’s get into the quick discussion of a list of top famous quick certifications that pay well in 2023:

  1. Physical Therapy Assistant and Aide

On the top, we have a Physical Therapy Assistant and Aide; which is known for the best course to get quick certifications that pay off well. This is one such great career that offers some quick schooling.

These experts will be working along with the professional physical therapists where it deal with the patients to treat their body injuries and pain. Connecting yourself with this certification program will allow you to step into the healthcare sector. You can move into the career of being a caring nurse or work in an outpatient clinic. Either you can work part-time or full-time. After completing your certification, you should acquire a state license to legally start working as a therapist.

    • The median salary is around $45,290
    • Program Length is 1 month
    • Career Outlook: It will increase to 25% by the year 2028
  1. Web Development

The next on our list is the web development certification which is another common one to acquire right now. Web developers are no less than a magician who will add charm and classiness to your website. They will help you to design a website according to your requirements and wants.

Plus, they will also help you to have a constant check on the website’s performance, capacity, and speed. Web developers either work as a freelancer, or they can also join some web development firms or web designing departments.

    • Salary is $69,430 per year
    • Program mode of working is Online
    • Employment Outlook: It is expected to grow by 13% by the year 2028
  1. Phlebotomy Tech

To make a powerful career in the field of healthcare, choosing phlebotomy tech is the best option for you. The main role of a Phlebotomy Tech is to collect the individual blood for testing and perform some blood donation campaigns.

Plus, different employment opportunities are opened for phlebotomists. Labs, doctor clinics, and donor centers are a few of the best options.

    • The median salary is $32,710
    • Program Length is around 1-2 months
    • Career Outlook: It is expected to rise by 25% by the year 2025
  1. Surgical Technology

This is one such certificate program that has always remained one of the most demanding ones. You will find a vast appearance of surgical technology experts in the operation theater rooms. They perform the task of preparing operation theater rooms, arranging all the equipment’s and helping the doctors during complex surgeries.

    • Salary is around $47,300per year
    • Program Length is a maximum of two years
    • Employment Outlook: It will grow to almost 13% by the year 2028
  1. Industrial Engineering Technology

Next on our list, we have the certification of Industrial Engineering Technology! In this field, the professional technicians will be assisting the industrial engineers along with some revising methods of the operation at various manufacturing plants or a few more industrial sites. Their main role is to assist the seniors in revising operation methods, arrange equipment plans or run the factory smoothly.

    • Salary is $55,460 per year
    • Program mode of working is Online
    • Employment Outlook: It is expected to grow to 35% by the year 2028


  1. Can you obtain the quick certification when you are already working?

Yes! You can! All you have to do is to schedule the program according to your job schedule.

  1. Is it guaranteed to get a powerful job with the help of quick Certification?

There have been numerous quick certifications that simply pay well. This can be the Web development, or the Assistant doctor, as well as Pet trainer. After completing the certification, it is 100% guaranteed that you will get the best job.

  1. Is everyone is allowed to enroll themselves in the quick certification course?

Well, this program of quick certification is equally open to all individuals who are both unemployed and employed. The main purpose of this program is to improve the skillset.

  1. Is the Quick Certification program an alternative to the Degree?

Yes, Quick certifications are the main alternative of the degree programs.

Final take on finding a Skilled Short Course that will Pay off well

No doubt that having a professional certification will allow you to open the doorways of career satisfaction for yourself. It is all about growing into a career in which you have your all passion. If you are looking forward to making your career powerful, then choosing any of the above certification programs is the golden lottery for you.

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