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Finland Scholarships 2023: Study for free in Finland (Admissions Open)

Study in Finland: List of The Best Scholarships in Finland for international Students

The Finland fully-funded Scholarships 2023-2024 for students of all disciplines and degree levels are now open for online applications. Finland Universities offer admissions on Finland Scholarships each year. Applicants would need to clear eligibility standards to get considered for Finland Government University Scholarships.

If you have been contemplating studying in Finland and have been on the lookout for scholarships available for bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs, you have just stumbled upon the right place. 

Universities in Finland are offering over 400 programs in bachelor’s and master’s streams with amazing scholarship schemes as well. These programs are taught in English and are increasingly getting popular among international students.

How to Apply for Scholarships in Finland?

For the programs starting in the fall, there are mainly two application periods. The students applying for bachelor’s programs are required to submit their applications in January whereas the students applying for master’s need to submit their applications between November and January. 

In recent times, some universities in Finland have waived the requirement of English language proficiency from their admission procedures. For programs taught in English, students are required to prove their English language proficiency through standardized tests like IELTS and TOEFL. Some universities have their own standardized English Language tests as well. Students are not required to prove their language proficiency if they belong to a country that has been exempted from such a rule or if their first language is English.

Potential students outside of EU/EEA are required to pay the tuition fee for the programs which use English as a medium of instruction. Students are supposed to pay an annual union fee ranging from 80 to 100. The union members get discounts in certain restaurants and public transport. 

Monthly living expenses of a single student range from 700 to 900 which may be even higher in larger cities.

Finland Scholarships for International Students in 2023:

Take a look at the most attractive Finland scholarships available in Finnish Universities.

1# The University of Helsinki Scholarship for International Students:

For students from outside of EU/EEA, the University of Helsinki is offering scholarships for their master’s programs. The aim is to attract promising foreign students to attend the University of Helsinki. The scholarship can be applied for while applying for the master’s program. 

The scholarship grant is divided into three categories. The first one covers the full tuition fee and gives a study grant/stipend of 10,000 Euros on top of that. The second grant covers only the tuition fee. The third one offers a study grant of 10,000 Euros but doesn’t offer a tuition fee waiver. Scholarships are offered based on the student’s past academic records, test scores, extra-curricular involvement, and leadership skills. 

The scholarships are renewed every year and the scholarship holders need to maintain a certain level of academic achievement to continue receiving the grant.

2# University of Helsinki International Student Grant

In addition to that, the University of Helsinki also offers start-up grants to international students for three years amounting to from 1000-1500 EUR per month to enable the students to bear their living expenses in Helsinki.

3# University of Tampere Grants for International Students:

The students who are required to pay tuition fees for the programs offered in English are offered this scholarship. Scholarships are awarded on a merit basis and the students will get a 50% to 100% tuition fee waiver.

In addition to that, the University of Tampere also has a global student award that covers the full tuition fee and also provides an additional annual grant of 7000 EUR to cover the student’s living expenses. 

The scholarship is only available for master’s programs so the duration of it is 2 years.

4# University of Oulu Scholarships:

The University of Oulu International Scholarship Scheme provides scholarships to academically talented international students studying for a Master’s degree in the University of Oulu two-year International Master’s programs or five-year Intercultural Teacher Education program. The scholarships will be granted in the form of a tuition fee waiver covering 50% or 75% of the full tuition fee. Applicants can apply for the tuition scholarship as part of the admissions process. The University of Oulu Scholarships do not cover living costs.

The University of Oulu offers international scholarships in two different categories:

  • 50% Tuition Fee Scholarship for Oulu Business School Programmes
    • covers 50% of the tuition fee in a 2-year Master’s Programme in Oulu Business School International Master’s Programmes
    • is granted for students who are liable to pay tuition fees and who are admitted in one of the following Oulu Business School International Master’s Programmes:
      • Economics
      • Finance
      • Financial and Management Accounting
      • International Business Management
      • Marketing
  • 75% Tuition Fee Scholarship
    • covers 75% of the tuition fee in a 2-year Master’s Programme in all international programs except Oulu Business School international master’s programs and in a 5 -year Intercultural Teacher Education program
    • is granted for students who are liable to pay tuition fees and who are admitted in a 2-year international master’s program or 5 -year Intercultural Teacher Education program
  • Master’s Scholarship:

This scholarship is for potential master’s students who wish to study at the University of Oulu and is available for two years. In order to keep getting the scholarship for another year the students need to complete 55 ECTS in the first academic year. The scholarship covers the tuition fee but students need to cover their living expenses by themselves. The number of awards is from 10 to 40 depending upon the area of study. In case the student fails to complete 55 ECTS in the first academic year he/she will have to pay the international tuition fee if they want to complete their master’s from the university.

  • Protein Science Scholarship of University of Oulu: 

This scholarship is awarded by the faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine to those outstanding students who take up the master’s program of Protein Science and Biotechnology. It offers tuition fee waivers and the number of awards is about 15.

5# Aalto University Scholarships:

Aalto University has a diverse range of programs that are taught in English and in order to attract talent from outside EEA, it is offering multiple scholarships to international students. The scholarships are for master’s students and are divided into multiple categories. The gold category covers full tuition, study, and living expenses whereas the other categories cover either the full tuition or the living expenses.

6# Scholarships From the Government of Finland:

The Finnish government, to fund the study/living expenses of international students is offering a Finland Government Scholarship Pool Program whereby the students will get a grant of 1500 EUR per month. This grant doesn’t cover any travel expenses, tuition, or insurance. The application can only be made by potential international researchers. The students are supposed to fund their studies by themselves or apply for other scholarships alongside this one.

7# CIMO Scholarships:

The Centre for International Mobility (CIMO) offers Doctoral and Double Doctoral Fellowships for international students. The amount of the fellowship is 1500 EUR per month for 3 to 12 months. It is open to students of all nationalities. The fellowship money is intended to support the students with their living expenses. The tuition and travel expenses are not covered by it.

The applicants are recommended to apply at least 5 months before their program is due to start. Applications are considered all year round and the applicants will hear from the fellowship committee within three months of submitting the application.

8# University of Turku Scholarships:

The University of Turku is a renowned, multidisciplinary research University in Finland that is offering Post-Doctoral Scholarships to five students every year. The duration of it is five years during the course of which the researchers will get a monthly salary of around 3000 EUR. The performance and progress of the researcher will be taken into account while deciding upon a salary.

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