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Fully Funded PhD Scholarships 2023 for International Students (WorldWide)

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Fully Funded Ph.D. Scholarships – Applicants are now requested to submit online applications for the 2023 Ph.D. (Doctoral) Degree Scholarships.

Billions of dollars globally are put together into research annually; in educational and research institutes where there is a need for research assistants and Ph.D. scholars to conduct studies. One of the major responsibilities of Ph.D. scholars is to design their research under the supervision of senior scientists and professors. At this level, educational and research institutes offer fully and partially funded scholarships to international students to get them enrolled in their Ph.D. degree programs.

A number of countries offer fully-funded scholarships to potential Ph.D. candidates. Some of these Ph.D. scholarships are fully and some are partially funded. A Ph.D. involves years of deep research in a major of your choice. It equips the researcher with learning, research capabilities, confidence, and expertise. Getting a scholarship to pursue doctoral studies can let the candidate study and research for 4 or 5 years without worrying about financial backing it.

List of Ph.D. (Doctorate) Scholarships in 2023-2024

Some of the fully-funded scholarships for doctoral degrees offer monthly stipends or salaries as well. Scroll down to explore some really amazing doctoral fellowships available all over the world.

#1 Ph.D. Scholarships in China

China is on top of the list of those countries that offer a large number of scholarships to students each year through their CSC scholarships, Confucious and other Chinese scholarships, Chinese provincial government scholarships, ANSO scholarships, and via further Chinese scholarship programs. Ph.D. scholarships in China are wide in number and are being offered in over 270 Chinese Universities in these majors.

#2 Ph.D. Scholarships in USA

There is the availability of a large number of Ph.D. Scholarships in US Universities each year via Full-ride scholarships, Fulbright scholarships, Humphrey scholarships, rotary peace scholarships, and other USA scholarship programs.

#3 Ph.D. Scholarships in UK

The UK is among the top nations that award the most number of scholarships to Ph.D. students each year via UK Ph.D. scholarship programs, Chevening scholarships, Plymouth University scholarships, University of Glasgow scholarships, welcome scholarships, and commonwealth scholarship programs.

#4 Ph.D. Scholarships in Turkey

Turkey is offering Turkiye Burslari Scholarships for Ph.D. programs each year and the application procedure for Turkish Scholarships is online.

#5 Ph.D. Scholarships in South Korea

South Korean scholarships for Ph.D. are open twice a year via UST Scholarships, KAIST scholarships, KGSP scholarships, and other South Korean scholarship programs.

#6 Ph.D. Scholarships in Australia

The Australian government and Australian Universities sponsor a large amount of Australian Award Scholarships, University of Melbourne scholarships, Gilbert scholarships, and other Australian Scholarships each year to international students where Ph.D. students are selected as well.

#7 Ph.D. Scholarships in Japan

Japan offers Ph.D. admission on fully and partially funded Japanese MEXT scholarships each year to international students and with that, there is a wide range of other Japanese scholarships available to international students as well.

#8 Ph.D. Scholarships in Hongkong

Hongkong is one of the most vibrant and open countries where students love to start their academic journeys and Hongkong scholarships help students to fulfill their wish to study there for free each year.

#9 Ph.D. Scholarships in Saudi Arabia

Ph.D. scholarships in Saudi Arabia are being offered by the Saudi government and Saudi Universities.

#10 Ph.D. Scholarships in Brunei

Brunei Darussalam scholarships for Ph.D. students alongside other Brunei scholarships are available to international students each year.

#11 Ph.D. Scholarships in Germany

Germany offers DAAD scholarships, and University level German scholarships to international students each year for doctoral programs with monthly stipends, free residence, and airfare.

#12 Ph.D. Scholarships in France

There is a wide range of subject offerings available in French Universities under France-sponsored scholarship fundings, Eiffel scholarships, and other French scholarships each year for all international students.

#13 Ph.D. Scholarships in Malaysia

Malaysian Government Scholarship fundings are also available to Ph.D. scholars each year.

#14 Ph.D. Scholarships in Russia

Doctoral degree scholarships in Russian Universities are also available to international students each year with free education, monthly living allowances, life insurance premiums, and conference and airfare tickets.

#15 Ph.D. Scholarships in Spain

Spanish government offers a large number of admissions to Ph.D. students into their universities each year on Spanish scholarships; where the educational and living expenses of scholars are fully sponsored.

#16 Ph.D. Scholarships in Singapore

Singapore is a famous study destination among international students due to its SINGA scholarship awards and Ph.D. students can also apply for this financial aid program sponsored by the Singaporean government.

#17 Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation Fellowships:

Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation fellowships are available to pursue Ph.D. studies and are offered to students from all across the world. The grant basically assists the students in completing their dissertation or thesis on the topics of violence, aggression, social change, group conflicts, terrorism, crime, war, etc. 

This scholarship does not support the whole Ph.D. research instead it is a one-time grant of 20,000 USD which will be used to complete the dissertations of those Ph.D. candidates who are in the final years of their research programs. The total number of awards is 10.

#18 University of Southern Denmark Ph.D. Scholarship awards:

The University of Southern Denmark is offering Ph.D. scholarships to its foreign students in the major of Public Administration and Management. Along with a tuition fee waiver, this scholarship offers a monthly salary for living expenses, equipment facilities, and travel allowances for attending conferences and research visits abroad. The monthly salary awarded varies from candidate to candidate.

#19 Canadian Government Scholarships for Ph.D.:

The Vanier Scholarships by the government of Canada are being awarded to outstanding doctoral candidates to enhance the research horizons of Canadian institutions. It is a pretty hefty scholarship with a value of 50,000 CAD per year. The number of awards is 166 and the award is given to students pursuing a doctorate in health sciences, engineering, humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. The program should contain a major research presentation at the end of it like a thesis, research project, research publication, etc. Ph.D. applicants can also consider applying for Canadian Scholarships without IELTS.

#20 Colt Foundation Ph.D. awards:

The Ph.D. scholarships by the Colt Foundation are awarded in the fields of occupational health and environmental health. The grant can be used for a period of three or fewer years (fewer years will be accepted if the candidate is already pursuing his/her Ph.D. for some time and is looking for resources to cover the cost of it).

The Colt foundation awards are for international and domestic students and the stipend allowed is 17,000 GBP. Other than that, the research fellowship offers a research grant of 5,000 GBP a year which will be accounted for by the candidate. The tuition fee is covered fully up to the amount that is payable by local students. But the international students have to pay for the fee difference themselves as they are supposed to pay more fees than the locals.

#21 Oxford University Rhodes Ph.D. Scholarship Awards:

The Rhodes scholarship is awarded to postgraduate candidates to pursue their degree programs at Oxford. These postgraduate programs are masters and Ph.D. It is awarded to around 95 students a year and students from selected nationalities are eligible to apply.

The value of the scholarship is a full tuition fee waiver, application fee reimbursement, a monthly stipend that will amount to around 15,000 GBP a year, and round-trip airfare to and from the country of origin. The scholarship is awarded for a maximum of two years after which the candidate should look for other opportunities if there is still some time left in the completion of the degree.

#22 One World Ph.D. Scholarships, Austria:

This scholarship program is partially funded and is designed for potential Ph.D. candidates coming from Africa, Latin America, and Asia. The award can be taken up at Afro Asiatisches Institut Salzburg in Austria. The field of study must be applied sciences and the research topics must be one of the following; reduction of poverty, mass-scale migrations, tourism, health, good governance, etc.

The scholarship value is 550 Euros a month for the entirety of the program plus a semester more in case the student gets delayed in submitting the thesis. The students applying must be from a listed developing country. Female candidates will be prioritized over males if they are competent enough.

#23 Friedrich Naumann Foundation Ph.D. Scholarship awards:

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation is awarding scholarships in the fields of master’s and Ph.D. to qualified international students to pursue their degrees in the higher educational institutions of Germany, Switzerland, or any other European State.

The award involves a value of 850 Euros a month, health insurance, support for projects, conferences, and initiatives, for master’s students, and a value of 1200 euros for doctoral candidates. The scholarship period is 2 semesters or a year which can be extended upon application and successful completion of the first year.

#24 Forestry Ph.D. Scholarships at the University of Canterbury:

The Owen Browning scholarships at the University of Canterbury are awarded to pursue master’s or PhDs in the field of forestry, environmental science, and forestry engineering. The period of scholarship for a master’s is, a year and for a Ph.D. is 2 years. It can be extended upon the program instructors’ endorsement. 

This award can be taken up in New Zealand and it is fully funded i.e. it covers all the educational and living expenses of its awardees.

#25 ANU Ph.D. scholarships:

The scholarships by the Australian National University are in the field of Environment and Society and are awarded to Ph.D. candidates. This is a heavily research-focused grant and is open to domestic and international candidates. The value of the award is a yearly stipend of 28,000 AUD which can be used to cover the tuition fee and living expenses. Other than that, the award also involves an allowance for dependent children, relocation, and thesis production. The number of scholarships being awarded is two.

#26 Knight-Hennessy Ph.D. Scholarship at Stanford University:

The scholars’ award of Knight-Hennessy is available at the seven schools of Stanford University at the master’s and Ph.D. levels. The scholarship is available to study any graduate program at the university for a period of a maximum of three years. If the degree program exceeds the scholarship tenure then the awardee’s respective department will cover him/her for one more year up to the value that was being awarded by Knight-Hennessy. The scholars in the three years of funding will get;

  • Coverage of tuition and other university fees.
  • A monthly stipend for covering educational and living expenses like accommodation, books, supplies, transportation costs, study materials, etc.
  • A round trip air ticket annually for traveling to and from Stanford University.
  • Conditional cost coverage for traveling for conferences or seminars.
  • A summer funding for students taking up a short research project during summers.

#27 Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Phd Scholarships:

Available to take up in Germany, these scholarships are for those international students who want to pursue a graduate program in Germany (master’s or Ph.D.) or want to stay in Germany for at least a year for research purposes.

The value of the scholarship varies with the level of study. The scholarship value for master’s or postgraduate students is 850 Euros monthly for up to two years. On the other hand, doctoral students get a monthly grant of 1200 Euros. The period of scholarship for Ph.D. recipients is a maximum of three years. The research stays are funded for a period of three semesters. The scholarship also offers a fee reimbursement of 1500 Euros a semester. The recipients can also request healthcare insurance, child, and family allowance.

#28 University of Flinders Ph.D. Scholarships:

The research training initiative by the Australian government allows international students to take up a higher learning degree program of research at Flinders University. This initiative will award scholarships to eligible candidates. The value of the scholarship is a tuition fee waiver, a stipend for living expenses worth 28,000 AUD, and a relocation and airfare allowance of 1500 AUD. The period of the scholarship is three years for a Ph.D. For master’s candidates, the period of the scholarship is two years. The number of scholarships being awarded is 10.

#29 Wellcome International Ph.D. Fellowships:

This Welcome scholarship is for those students who belong to a country of low income or an underdeveloped country. The scholarship can be taken up in any country and is offered for pursuing research studies in the field of public health. The research studies can be master’s, doctorate, or post-doctorate.  The award can be taken up in the candidate’s home country or any other country. The period of the fellowship is usually three years but it can be extended to four years upon request and proper justification. The value of the fellowship is 150,000 to 300,000 pounds which includes tuition fees, the researcher’s salary, and research expenses.

The scholarship benefits include; a basic salary for the researcher, a removal allowance of 1,000 GBP, an overhead allowance, coverage of research expenses, and a tuition fee for the program.

#30 University of Adelaide Ph.D. Scholarships:

The University of Adelaide’s Scholarships is available for master’s and Ph.D. for international students. This scholarship lets the students take up graduate research studies in the university in all subject areas. The scholarship offers full tuition fee coverage, a living allowance, an annual stipend of $28,000, healthcare coverage, relocation allowance, and publication allowance.

The scholarship is awarded for two years for master’s programs and three years for the Ph.D. program (can be extended to six more months).

#31 Sustainability Ph.D. Scholarship in Japan:

The Japan Foundation of United Nations University is offering scholarships to those international students who are enrolled in a Ph.D. program of Sustainability Science at the University. This scholarship is available on a financial need basis and its tenure is 36 months. During this time the recipients will be awarded a stipend of 120,000 JPY per month. The students are supposed to pay for their living expenses from this amount. Healthcare, travel costs, and visa expenses are supposed to be borne by the recipients themselves. 

The recipients also do not have to pay any tuition fee as it will be completely waived.

#32 Aga Khan Foundation Ph.D. Scholarships:

The scholarships by Aga Khan Foundation are offered to students from developing countries who want to pursue graduate programs like master’s or Ph.D. in any country. The scholarship offers 50% funding and the rest of the 50% is given in the form of a student loan.

The funding is only for paying tuition fees and covering living expenses. The students have to pay for their travel for themselves. The Ph.D. funding is only for two years after which the students are meant to look at other means for funding their studies. The interest on the loan is 5% per year.

#33 Research Excellence Ph.D. Scholarship at the University of Nottingham:

The Nottingham University research excellence grant by the Vice-Chancellor is offered at the Ph.D. and MPhil levels in all the subject areas (apart from engineering). It is solely for international students and awards a monthly stipend of 1,015 GBP a month along with a full tuition fee waiver. The award is for three years of research and is contingent upon the academic progress of the recipient.

#34 University College London Doctoral Scholarships:

The department of Education at University College London is offering Ph.D. scholarships in educational psychology, professional education, and adult and child psychology. The award contains free accommodation and study at the university. The travel expenses are not covered and the scholarship period is three years.

#35 GRIPS Ph.D. Scholarship in Japan:

The National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) in Japan is offering Ph.D. scholarships in a number of fields like public policy, finance, economics, maritime safety, macroeconomic policy, etc. This is a full scholarship i.e. it covers the educational and living expenses of its recipients like clothing, food, shelter, healthcare, transportation, insurance, application and admission fee, tuition fee, airfare for coming from, and returning to the home country, etc. It is only offered to students from developing countries and those public officials who belong to an eligible country.

#36 Ph.D. Research Scholarship Grants at Lancaster University:

There are three Ph.D. openings at Lancaster University that are fully funded. The scholarship is available in the fields of language, culture, law, and contemporary arts. Domestic and foreign candidates both are eligible to apply. The scholarship is meant to cover all the educational expenses of its recipients like tuition and registration fee etc. In addition to that, the scholars will be eligible for a yearly stipend of 15,000 GBP which will be enough to cover their living expenses.

#37 The University of Edinburgh Ph.D. Scholarship:

A total of 30 scholarships are offered at the University of Edinburgh at the Ph.D. level. These scholarships can be availed in all the subjects offered at the university. The targeted student group is international students. The scholarship is partially funded. It is only meant to cover the tuition fee difference between domestic and international students. The rest of the fee is supposed to be paid by the recipient himself or herself. The scholarship is for up to three years. No stipend or salary is offered to pay for living expenses.

#38 K.U. Leuven Ph.D. Scholarship grants (Belgium):

The largest university in Belgium, K.U. Leuven offers Ph.D. scholarships in the fields of development and cooperation. These scholarships are awarded to outstanding students belonging to developing countries. The Ph.D. is taught in a unique manner whereby the researcher is meant to do half of the research in Belgium and half in his/her home country. 

The scholarship is fully funded and covers tuition, accommodation, insurance, travel expenses, monthly stipend, and research allowance for its recipients.

#39 Chancellor’s Ph.D. scholarship at the University of Warwick:

30 Ph.D. scholarships are awarded every year at the University of Warwick in the name of Chancellor’s International Scholarships. These are awarded on the basis of a student’s performance in a research competition. The awards are open to international students and are available in all the disciplines taught at Warwick. 

The scholarship offers a full tuition fee waiver which is a maximum of 24,000 GBP and a yearly stipend of 15,000 GBP. The length of the award is a maximum of 3.5 years.

#40 Swiss Government Ph.D. Scholarships:

Every year the Swiss government awards Ph.D. scholarships to international students to promote research and international education in Switzerland. The scholarship is only available for research studies at the doctoral and post-doctoral levels. Over 180 countries are eligible for this scholarship.

The award involves an exemption from paying the tuition fee, a monthly allowance, healthcare insurance, airfare to and from the home country, accommodation, etc. The Swiss scholarship benefits vary from country to country. More than 10 Swiss higher education institutions are hosting this award. The applicants should at least have a master’s degree in the discipline they are applying to.

#41 Norway Scholarships for Ph.D. students

Norway is also among the top study destinations among international students and Norway scholarships for Ph.D. cover full education.

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