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Study in Korea: List of Scholarships in Korea

The fully-funded Korean Scholarships 2023-2024 are open for online applications for all international students. Korea has recently become a hotspot country for international students to pursue their academic dreams with the help of the Korean Government and the Korean University Sponsored scholarships.

The reason is, Korean universities are competent, reputable, highly ranked, and much more welcoming for international students as compared to some other countries’ universities.

2023 Scholarships in Korea

So, in this article, we have rounded up some top scholarships available in Korea. These include both government scholarships and university-sponsored ones. Be sure to check out the scholarships’ official websites to get comprehensive information about the scholarships you think you can apply for:

#1 Jeonbuk National University (Undergraduate Scholarship for International Students):

This particular scholarship is available for international students with outstanding academic records offering a 25% to 100% waiver on tuition fees. Students have to apply to an approved undergraduate program before applying to the Jeonbuk National University Scholarship. It is open to students all over the world. To apply for an undergraduate course one needs to have a high school diploma and an English language proficiency certificate. This University accepts IELTS, TOEFL, iBT, and TEPS. The deadline to apply for the Jeonbuk National University Scholarship is October 26, 2023.

Jeonbuk National University is one of the most reputed Universities in Korea with about 32,000 students enrolled in it, 3% of which are international students.

Scholarships at Jeonbuk National University can be availed each year.

#2 KNU International Graduate Scholarship:

Kyungpook National University is situated in Daegu, South Korea, and is immensely popular for providing affordable education to the students without compromising on the high standards. This scholarship is a graduate-level scholarship and is open to students of all nationalities. It offers a 100% waiver on tuition fees. It is offered on selected courses and the students do not have to apply for this scholarship separately. As soon as they get accepted into the approved program they are automatically considered for the scholarship. 

KNU Graduate Scholarship is Awarded only to 70 most outstanding students, this scholarship is open for master and doctoral programs.

#3 The Undergraduate and Graduate Korean Government Scholarship:

This Korean government-sponsored scholarship is offered to international students by the Korean government. It doesn’t only cover the tuition fee, but also covers all the expenses of the students that may incur during their time in Korea. This includes medical insurance, flight tickets, language training expense, and settlement allowance. The purpose of this scholarship is to attract highly intelligent individuals from all over the world so that they can serve Korean society efficiently and positively. 

There are several Korean universities affiliated with this KGSP scholarship program and upon acceptance, students have a chance to pick one of them for pursuing their undergraduate/graduate program. 

Prospective undergraduate students are supposed to apply in October-November every year and for graduate students, it is open from March to April. Students should prefer to apply via the embassy route instead of the university track as that may prove to be more feasible to them.

#4 Seoul National University of Science and Technology, South Korea International Awards:

Seoul National University of Science and Technology has always been the priority of students wanting to pursue technology, engineering, or design degrees. Currently, 11,500 students are studying in it and its international students are benefiting from the generous scholarships that the university offers.

This scholarship is open for prospective graduate students with a fine academic record and English Language proficiency score. The entry requirements are negligible as the students who will get an offer of admission will automatically be considered for the scholarship. The admission and language requirements vary for different courses. 

The selected students will get a 50% to 100% tuition fee waiver depending upon their skills and academic record. The scholarships are renewed every year so attending students need to maintain a CGPA of 3.5% or higher to regain it. The deadline to apply for the Seoul National University of Science and Technology Scholarship is September 1, 2023.

#5 Ewha Woman’s University (Scholarships for Students from Developing Countries):

This unconventional Women’s scholarship allows female students from developing countries to study for free. It is awarded to those students who show strong leadership skills and belong to a developing country.

It covers the full tuition fee along with the admission fee and the campus dormitory charges and offers a monthly stipend as well. It is for both graduate and undergraduate programs and can be applied for via ‘special admissions for international students. Like most scholarships, this one also has a list of courses to which you can apply for and after securing enrolment you can apply for the scholarship.

The admission and language proficiency requirements vary from one course to another. For that, we would suggest you take a thorough look at the university’s official Ewha women’s scholarship website.

#6 SUNY Korea Scholarship:

This SUNY Korean scholarship is a very nice opportunity for bright students who want to pursue their under graduation in Korea but the heavy cost of it isn’t allowing them to do so. SUNY Korea Shared Prosperity Award funds under graduation of outstanding students from developing countries covering their tuition (full or partial), room, board, and program fee.

Several programs are affiliated with this scholarship scheme and students must show their potential through excellent academic records, language scores, and high standing in standardized tests. Other than that they are also required to prove their skills by providing evidence of their leadership skills, voluntary work, special interests, co-curricular and extracurricular activities, etc.

#7 The Korea University of Technology and Education’s Funded Research Assistantship Positions for Graduate Programs:

Smart Microsystem and Advanced-materiaLs Lab (SMALL) in collaboration with Korea University of Technology and Education (KoreaTech) are offering Graduate Research Assistantship Positions at the School of Mechatronics Engineering. The Scholarship scheme covers half of the tuition fee and offers a handsome monthly salary which is usually enough to pay the rest of the tuition and living expenses.

Students may be required to attend conferences during the course of their studies the travel cost of that will also be covered by the scholarship scheme. The scholarship holders can pursue their masters or Ph.D. there but since the number of awards is less (2-3) Ph.D. candidates are preferred.

Students applying to this scholarship need to demonstrate their skills via academic records, publications, past work experience, English language skills, and communication skills.

#8 KAIST University Scholarship:

KAIST University is one of the most prestigious universities in the world for studying science and technology. It has the privilege to be the first research university in Korea. It is funded through the Korean government and several notable companies. It offers fully funded education to both local and international students and the programs are taught in English so the students can think and act from a global perspective.

#9 UST South Korean Scholarship for MS and PhD

UST South Korean Scholarship is one of the most highly paid and prestigious scholarships in Korea sponsored by the University of Science and Technology institutes. The UST Korea Scholarship is offered twice a year to all international students and the application procedure is totally online.

#10 Hankuk University Scholarship:

Hankuk University offers fully-funded scholarships to undergraduate international students. This university is best known for its international law, linguistics, and IR programs. But, it offers a diverse range of programs that are taught in English.

#11 Hanyang University Scholarship:

Situated in the heart of Korea, Seoul, Hanyang University is known for its competent faculty and diverse range of programs. There are several scholarships available that are awarded to meritorious students. The scholarship for undergraduate studies covers 70% of tuition whereas master’s and doctoral studies are fully funded.

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