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Aga Khan Foundation Scholarships 2023-2024 for International Students

The fully-funded Aga khan Scholarship 2023-2024 application round is now announced for receiving online applications. Aga khan university is one of the prestigious institutes that offers a quality education that focuses on students’ knowledge and career and their mannerisms and growth as an individual. A person’s growth can not be fulfilled unless one gets exposure to different sects, religions, languages, and nations.

For this purpose to nourish, Aga khan university supports the notion of pluralism. To fully acquaint their students with the idea of pluralism, Aga khan university offers a scholarship for its students to get exposure to different patterns of life and grow as human beings.

This time year 2023, the Aga Khan Scholarship provided by this prestigious organization is for a Masters’s degree for particular courses offered by the university. This page is specifically made for the convenience of interested students. They can apply here to get their hands on this scholarship.

Benefits of Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship 2023:

Aga Khan scholarship 2023 is mainly offered to the nationals of developing countries, most students belong to families that can not afford academic expenses to study in developed countries. Due to financial problems, many bright students that have all the capability to learn from fancy institutes of the world are unable to achieve their aspirations.

To make a difference, Aga khan university’s motto; is offering full funding scholarships to the deserving. This scholarship will provide Full funding, Tuition Fees, and Living expenses to the selected students of only eligible countries.

Eligibility Criteria of Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship:

Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Program 2023, is available for a master’s degree program. To ensure fairness of scholarship and maintain its standard up to the Institute’s level, there are a few eligibility criteria established by the Institute for applicants to follow. There is no head-to-fast rule for this eligibility criterion but a few things to be mindful of. These criteria are given below:

    • Only students from eligible countries can apply.
    • The age of interested students must be under 30
    • Applicants must have persistent bright academic records.
    • To scrutinize the fairness of scholarships, the financial status of applicants must be demonstrated in the application.
    • Applicants should be competent enough to get admission to highly reputable universities.
    • As for an individual’s growth, education is not only something to consider, but one also has bright records in extracurricular activities. To apply for this scholarship, interested students must have career aspirations and the courage to achieve their goals in a foreign, more developed academic environment.
    • A few years of experience in a particular field are also essential for applicants to apply for this scholarship.

Document Set Needed for Aga Khan Scholarship Application:

All the educational documents must be attached to the application. Along with academic criteria, some additional documents are also necessary for applicants to connect with their application. documents are required to be associated with the application given below:

Steps to Apply for the Aga Khan Foundation Scholarships:

Applications for the Aga Khan Foundation scholarship 2023 are provided at different Aga Khan university offices, and their education services/boards as this procedure are decentralized by the Institute itself. One can get an application from 1 January and return completed applications to the same departments.

Aga Khan Scholarship Application Deadline: 17 March 2023

The deadline for submission of applications for the Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship for the academic year of 2023-2024 is 17 March 2023.

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