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Hostel Allotment Application Sample, Template and Ultimate Writing Guide

Dormitory Allotment Application Letter Sample

Congratulations! You finally got admitted to a reputed international university. Nothing can stop you from pursuing your dream degree now. Hold on a second! Have you sorted out where you will be residing in that unaccustomed city? Renting a house is never an option due to two major reasons; first, you are merely a student with no regular source of income to pay out the rent. Secondly, you are completely unfamiliar with the new place, so it’s best that you stick around in a group. So renting a house is a complete no-go! 

What then you ask? Well, a simple solution to that one is residing in a hostel. You won’t be required to pay the heavy rent which you would otherwise have to in a separate house. Another great benefit is that it would save you on the food expenditures as hostels accommodate students with meals as well. So the expedient option for you is to sojourn in a hostel until the completion of your degree plan abroad.

What is a hostel or Dormitory?

Many of you may be unfamiliar with the term we used previously, that is, hostel. 

A hostel is a lodging accommodation, mostly provided by educational institutes themselves, where students can rent a shared dorm to dwell in for a specified time period. 

Most hostels provide a bunk bed to each student, with a study table underneath the actual bed at the top. Students also get access to a shared lounge along with a kitchen. The dormitories of a hostel are usually single-sex and have private or shared bathrooms.

Perks of living in a hostel or Dormitory

Residing in a hostel comes with many benefits over a separate rented house. Some of these advantages are:

    • Low cost
    • The short term shared lodge
    • Sociable environment
    • Food accommodation
    • Contemporarily equipped
    • Security

Application for Requesting Hostel Accommodation from a University

With the passage of time, an increasing number of international students from around the world are turning to stay at hostels. The reason for this familiarity with hostels is primarily their restricted budget. 

But how do you book a hostel dormitory? By writing an application to the concerned authorities, of course! And how to write the respective application? By taking a look at this article, of course! This article provides a complete guide on how to write an application to be allotted a hostel dorm for residing until the completion of your degree or for any other specified time period.

Hostel Allotment Application Letter Format

An effective application asking for hostel allotment has some essential components which are mentioned as under:

  • Date:-

The date is the first element of the application. The exact date on which the application is being sent should be mentioned herein.

  • Recipient’s address:-

Second in line is the recipient’s details. Its placement in the top left corner of the page, by leaving a line after the date. It contains the particulars as to the designation of the recipient, name of institute, name of the city.

  • Subject line:-

Then comes the subject line. It is a crucial element of the application and is located underneath the recipient’s address by leaving a line formerly. It contains the exact motif of your application in a precise manner, enabling it to be perceived at a quick glance.

  • Salutation:-

Next in line are the opening words of your main body. The salutation part contains the words ‘Respected,’ or ‘Honorable,’ following the words ‘Sir’ or ‘Madam.’

  • Main body:-

The body paragraph is the most essential part of the application. It contains the details as to why you need a hostel and your requirements regarding the dorm. It should comprise one to two paragraphs.

  • Words of gratitude:-

Then come thanks and regards. The lines of thankfulness come after the body paragraph without leaving any line in between.

  • Enclosure:-

Any documents attached with the application should be conscripted herein.

  • Sender’s address:-

The sender’s address is present on the right side of the page by leaving a line after the lines of gratitude. It contains the details of the sender; his name, signature, and registration number.

  • Contact information:-

The contact details of the student are the last element of the application. It is present right next to the margin, on the left, after leaving a line after the sender’s address. It should comprise a registered phone number along with a valid email address.

Hostel Allotment Application Letter Sample

Date: Dec 21, 2023

The Principal,
(name of university),
(name of the city).

Candidate’s Name,
Candidates, Information.

Subject: Request for allotment of room in university hostel.

Respected Sir/Madam,

This is to inform you that I, (name of student) have recently been admitted for the degree program (name of degree) in your reputed institution. This is also to be mentioned that I have been awarded a merit-based scholarship, and, as a foreigner, will have to join your university all the way from Pakistan. It is stated that I require a hostel for residing as I am completely unaware of the procedures of renting a house in Turkey. Furthermore, residing in your university hostel will be satisfactory in terms of security point of view as well. Being a Muslim, I would prefer to be allotted a girls-only dormitory.

Therefore, it is requested to kindly allot me a dorm in your university hostel so that I won’t have to undergo any issues in joining your institute. I shall be highly grateful for this gesture.

Attached with this application is a photocopy of my filled form of hostel allotment for your reference.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Enclosure: hostel allotment form.

Yours Obediently,

(name of student),
(registration number).
Contact info:
Phone number: xxxx-xxxxxxx,
Email address: [email protected].

Tips on Writing an effectuate Application for Hostel Allotment

Following are some of our expert tips on composing an application for hostel allotment to higher authorities:

  • Courtesy:-

Be courteous in your speech. Remember that you are requesting a hostel and the authorities have the right to reject your proposal so don’t give them any chance of having to think about turning your request down.

  • No typos:-

Avoid spelling mistakes and grammatical errors which may ruin the impression of your application.

  • Submit it beforehand:-

The most important thing is to request the hostel allotment a week or two before joining the university. Pending it to the last minute can prove to be a wrong decision.

  • Recheck:-

Recheck your application before submitting it to minimize any errors and to make any last-minute changes.

Final Verdict on Topic

Now that you have come this far, you must have had all the necessary information regarding an application for hostel allotment. Let us know in the comments section below how helpful you found this article.

With that said, this article has come to its conclusion. That’s a wrap!

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