Poland VISA

How to Apply for the Polish National Visa?

Poland National VISA application can be submitted online and even offline directly at Polish immigration offices nearby you. The application procedure for Polish National VISA for Work purposes is explained in this article.

5 Steps of Application for Poland National VISA:

You would be dwelling over how you can apply for the Polish National Visa. Just follow these simple steps for submitting your application:

  • Secure a job in Poland and obtain an appointment letter
  • Contact your employer in Poland
  • Discuss how they will apply for your work permit
  • After the approval of your work permit, visit the Polish Embassy or apply online
  • Submit your application for the preferred Poland work visa

How much does it cost to submit an application for Poland VISA?

If you submit an application for a Polish VISA then application fees of €80 will be charged.

But to apply for a work visa in Poland, you have to pay an amount ranging from €10 to €80 based on your geographic location. The amount can differ according to the type of visa you are willing to apply for. The Polish Work visa fee is divided into three tiers. People applying for a work visa for less than three months have to pay €11.05. People applying for a work visa for more than three months have to pay €22.10. People applying for type D permits have to pay up to €80. You may also not be required to pay this fee if your employer covers the visa costs.

Getting your Polish national visa issued can sometimes be a hassle because it can take a lot of time. It is a major concern for people looking to travel abroad through a work visa. The concern is also because an extension in the duration of visa processing can lead to the job opportunity slipping. However, one of the biggest upsides of the Polish National Visa is that it is usually issued within six weeks which is a considerably shorter period compared to other work destinations.

Documents Required for Poland National VISA Application

You would need certain documents to apply for the Polish National Visa or other work visas in Poland. These documents must be submitted so you are considered for the visa. A valid passport is a must if you want to travel abroad. You must also submit your colored photographs. These photographs must meet the Schengen guidelines that will direct you about the picture size, etc. The Visa application form must be adequately filled and submitted so you are considered for the visa.

The Embassy also reviews your health insurance. You must have health insurance worth of €30,000, the proof of which must be submitted. The proof of the flight ticket to Poland must also be submitted. Proof of accommodation is also mandatory. The employment letter given by your employer in Poland must also be submitted to prove that you have a job offer in the country. No criminal background is mandatory to be eligible for a work visa. You must submit proof of your clean criminal record. Other documents required for the Polish work visa are a CV, work experience certificate, copy of the work permit, etc.

A few applicants for Poland VISA may get an exemption from the interview program but most candidates would be required to appear for an interview at Poland embassy for VISA Interview. The DS-160 application form must also be filled and submitted alongside the application fees and required documents.

Extension of Polish National Visa:

The Polish National Visa may expire after three months if you have initially applied for a work visa for less than three months. However, that does not mean that your time is done in Poland. You can still apply for an extension.

The only condition in that regard is that you must secure a job in Poland that can be the basis of your visa extension. The extension depends upon your contract with your employer. The work visa would match the duration of your contractual setting with the employer. You can easily get a visa extension by registering at the local registration office.


This concludes our guide on the different types of work visas in Poland and how you can apply for them. Leave your questions below!

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