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A-Z about all Leave Application Letters and Templates

In writing a leave application letter, the intention is to make an official request to be given a break from your place of employment for a specified duration. For college students, there are certain rules that have to be adhered to in writing a letter for leave purposes. In doing, so, the reason behind which you are seeking the break should be clearly stated in the letter, which is why applicants are advised to write it in such a way that the institution definitely accepts it.

Providing a decent reason in your leave application letter will influence its acceptance by the organization without any justification whatsoever. Some of the reasons that will qualify include personal reasons like being ill, work that is urgent and even the intention to visit an ailing relative among other reasons.

In this letter, three things will go a long way; being brief, straight to the point and convincing them that you are genuine in your intention. You should also make your letter grammatically correct. The language should also be very formal, not having elements of the friendliness of being casual. As such, maximum levels of professionalism have to be maintained.

Writing a Leave Application Letter

There are multiple types of leave applications including but not limited to the following:

    • Leave for purposes of child care
    • Temporary disability leave
    • Leave for pregnancy purposes
    • Leave to attend a funeral
    • Leave to observe a religious occasion
    • Leave for court purposes or civil duty
    • Leave for unpaid reasons
    • Leave for Sabbath reasons
    • Leave as influenced by bad weather
    • Leave to take a vacation
    • Leave for purposes of visiting an ailing direct relative
    • Leave to take part in a community service engagement
    • Family support leave
    • Leave for study purposes
    • Annual leave application
    • Leave to engage in an urgent work
    • Maternity or paternity leave
    • Leave for marriage reasons
    • Leave for medical reasons

Format of a Leave Application Letter

Multiple things are concerned with the writing of a leave application letter regardless of whether it is for office, work, internship, or school purposes specifically due to the precision in terms of format requisite of a leave application letter. This will be instrumental in convincing the employer that you truly qualify for the leave. The following is a proposed format for an application letter.

Leave Application Sample Format

Your name:
Company name:
Date (on which you write the letter) 

Employer’s name
Name of the company
Sub: Reason for which you are applying

Part 1: Leave application letter body

The first section is where you ought to give the details of your letter including the need for an official break from work. The tone should be respectful and humble and addressing your employer. Among the details to be included, including the extent of the leave, the reason behind it, both of which should be stated in a brief and straight to the point manner.

Part 2: Leave application letter details

In this section, you are required to provide the details as well as the status of your present project and mention the handing over of pending tasks (if any), to capable colleagues and explain this thoroughly and clearly

Part 3: Thank you

This means that the employer should be thanked, a section that comes at the end of the letter. Here, you are thanking them for having considered and taken the time to go through your letter. You should also provide a number for a contact in the event that they will need to reach you for one reason or the other.

Yours faithfully

Sample Leave Application Letter

The following is a sample letter of leave application for office purposes:

Mary King,
Assistant Manager,
Kridge Castles Group, Korea,

Mr. Harvey Sultan,
General Manager,
Kridge Castles Group, Korea.

Sub: Leave application for an urgent piece of work

Dear Mrs. King

I hereby humbly bring to your kind notice my intention to visit my hometown for a period of four days. I have just purchased a piece of property and therefore needed it for the purposes of completing the final paperwork. I intend to leave tomorrow morning (date) and would return on (date)after the completion of all the paperwork.

Meanwhile, Mr. Erik will be handling my projects. He is a reliable individual who will be keeping you updated concerning the progress of the project during my absence.

I will be truly grateful if you consider this request and provide me leaves form (date). In the event of an emergency, you can reach me on (mobile number).

Thank you,
Yours sincerely,
Mary King.

Format of a Leave application Mail

In this era, organizations prefer to communicate through mails, an outcome that gives employees the option to send mail in seeking leave from work. While letters would serve the same purpose, mailing will ensure that it gets to the right hands, where the requisite steps can be taken right away. The following are a few insights concerning how to write an email seeking a leave of absence from work.

Tips in writing a leave application mail

    • Be very respectful and kind
    • Maintain a formal tone and choice of words
    • Clearly state the reason for seeking the break as well as your expected duration being away
    • Check for corrections before sending

Leave Application Template for Email

Mails take a similar format, as would a letter in applying for a leave. The following is the basic format.

Your mailing address,
Date (when you write the email).

Receiver’s mailing address,
Sub: Subject of the mail


The body part of the mail is supposed to provide a reason for seeking the leave, the duration as well as the status of assigned work after which you should offer gratitude to the employer for purposes of sanctioning the leave.

Thanks and regards,
Your name.

Universal Leave Letter Application Template and Sample

[email protected],
date: Month day, year

Sub: Funeral leave

Dear Kevin,

I am writing this mail to bring to your attention that my father has passed on last evening and my family needs me at this trying moment. I am not able to report to work today due to this sudden calamity. The funeral prayer will be held today, therefore, kindly grant me leave for a single day (date). I apologize for the inconvenience which will result in my absence from the office. I will handle the pending projects ad will complete them as soon as possible after joining the office. Meanwhile, Mr. Morgan will handle my duties.

Thank you for your kind consideration


Medical Leave Application Letter Sample

Dan Klaus,
Resident Doctor,
LLGH Construction, USA,

Bell Ken,
Resident Contractor,
LLGH Construction.

Sub: Medical leave

Dear Mr. Ken,

It is brought to your kind notice that I am having a minor arm surgery scheduled on (date). I am planning to resume work on (date). Upon having a successful surgery, I will get rid of the pain that has been limiting my performance at work for many years. All the necessary documentation is enclosed with the leave letter. I am working hard to clear all the pending tasks that were assigned to me. I am also coordinating with my colleagues to ascertain that they take care of my tasks in my absence without disturbing the natural balance of the system.

This surgery will really help me in performing better in my job and become more productive. Your consideration concerning this matter is highly appreciated. In the event of an emergency, kindly feel free to reach me on my phone.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully.
Dan klaus.

Sick Leave Application Letter

A sick leave application letter is one where you apply for a break for the reason of being sick and the free template of Sick Leave Letter is available below:

Dan Klaus,
Resident Doctor,
Chastain Hospital, USA,

Bell Ken,
Chief of Surgeons,
Chastain Hospital

Sub: Sick leave application format

Dear Mr. Ken,

I hereby write this letter applying for sick leave following my illness. I am experiencing extreme pain in my stomach and chest. The doctor has advised me to take complete rest for three days (date). The medical certificate is enclosed with the letter to confirm that I need the break from work for my recovery to be successful. I will strive to keep in touch from time to time for important notifications. On resuming work, I am committed to catching up and making up for the lost time.

Please inform me in case of any clarification needed. I am available full-time on my cellular device. Please feel free to contact me in case of any emergency. I am looking forward to your urgent response concerning this issue.

Best Regards,

Urgent Piece of Work Leave Application Letter Format and Sample

Dan Klaus,
Resident Doctor,
Chastain Hospital, USA,

Bell Ken,
Chief of Surgeons,
Chastain Hospital.

Sub: Urgent piece of Work Leave Application 

Dear Mr. Ken,

It is brought to your kind attention that I have been invited to a medical school for a motivational talk scheduled on (date). I am planning to rejoin the office on (date). Upon having a successful talk, I will resume work in my best form. All the necessary documentation is enclosed with the leave letter. I am working very hard not to leave any pending work before my break. I am also collaborating with my teammates to ascertain that they take care of my duties in my absence without inconveniencing the system.

This talk will really help generate the next line of medical experts. Your consideration concerning this issue is highly appreciated. In case of an emergency, please feel free to reach me on (phone)

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
Dan Klaus.

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