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Lester B.Pearson Scholarships 2023-2024 in Canada

Lester B.Pearson Scholarships for the 2023 session are brilliant offerings that fully fund the students during their study programs at the University of Toronto. Follow this article to learn more about Lester B. Pearson Scholarships, its eligibility criteria, application procedure, required documents, and the application deadline.

Studying in Canada has been a dream for many students. However, the skyrocketing tuition fees and living expenses put an end to this dream. But there is one thing that can keep your dream afloat. And guess what’s that? Scholarship initiatives covering full tuition fees and living expenses can significantly help students in pursuing their dreams of studying in Canada.

The University of Toronto is one the top-ranked universities in Canada offering high-quality education to students. The university serves as a target institution for many students. Therefore, the scholarship initiatives offered at the university are within the eye-line of many international students.

What are Lester B.Pearson Scholarships?

Lester B.Pearson Scholarships are prestige awards rolled out to international students. The primary aim of these awards is to attract talented individuals from across the globe. The institution aims to provide this young talent with a suitable and recognized platform to refine their skills, gain exposure, and nurture their talent to prepare them for setting out in their professional lives.

The Canadian Government scholarships at the University of Toronto are awarded based on merit and student needs basis. This Canadian scholarship is a fully-funded program solely initiated for international students recognizing the will of foreign students to undertake higher studies at the University of Toronto.

Funds and Benefits of Lester Pearson Scholarships 

Lester B.Pearson Scholarships for the 2023 session carry numerous benefits for international students to help them with their studies and stay in Canada. The students can be placed in various categories when we talk about tuition fee coverage. Some students will be awarded partial tuition fee coverage.

However, others may receive full tuition fee coverage. Some students will also receive tuition fee sponsorship under this scholarship scheme. The students will also receive the amount corresponding to the course books that they purchase. The students often find it difficult to afford books.

Hence, the scholarship ensures the provision of this book allowance. The students who may be indulged in any incident relating to their health or other factors will be awarded an incidental allowance to get out of the situation.

The residence is the most common struggle for international students in countries where they do not get access to free dorms. However, under this scholarship initiative, the students will receive residence support for four years during which their accommodation will be free. The students will also receive airfare funding for visits to and back from their home countries.

The number of times this airfare coverage will be awarded will be defined at a later date. The students may also be required to participate in conferences which will require them to travel or prepare certain materials. For this, a conference participation allowance is also set up.

Lester B. Pearson Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

The applicants will be required to meet the prescribed criteria to be eligible for the scholarship scheme. The scholarship initiative is aimed at international students. Therefore, Canadian residents, citizens, or dual-citizenship holders will not be considered for this scholarship. The submission of applications from people falling under this category will not be considered.

The students must also be in the final year of their secondary school to be eligible for the scholarship or have graduated. Only those students will be considered for the scholarship who are scheduled to start their studies at a Canadian university in 2023. Those students who are beginning their post-secondary studies in 2023 won’t be considered for the scholarship initiative.

Lester B Pearson Scholarships of Canada Process of Application 

Follow the steps below to apply for the Lester B.Pearson Scholarship:

  • Get a nomination from your high school (it should be contracted or verified under the program)
  • Apply for admission at the University of Toronto
  • Choose the first program which is your priority because you will only be considered for the scholarship if you are chosen for that program
  • Access the Lester B.Pearson online application form
  • Fill in the relevant details and attach the required documents
  • Submit the application

Required Documents:

The applicants will be required to submit a variety of documents to be eligible for the Lester B.Pearson Scholarships. The applicants will be required to submit the following documents to be considered for the scholarship:

Application Deadline for Lester Pearson Scholarship: 7 November 2023

The school scholarship deadline for Lester B.Pearson Scholarships is 7th November 2023. The deadline for submitting applications through OUAC is 14th December 2023. The students can individually submit applications for the scholarship before 30th November 2023.

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