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McGill University Acceptance Rate and Scholarships 2023-2024

Are you astounded by the idea of joining an accredited international institution to pursue your higher education? There are a number of international universities to choose from. In fact, what we get is a list that never ever ends for sure. How do you plan to choose one for yourself, then?

We’ve got a plan! How about you compare all the opportunities of potential universities and select one for yourself from those? And to make the process a bit easier for you, we have compiled all the necessary details about one of the top-ranked research institutes in Canada.

Which one, you ask?

The Mc Gill University of course!

Acceptance and rejection rate at the Mc Gill University:-

Located in Montreal, Quebec, the Mc Gill University is ranked topmost in Canada amongst the medical colleges by the Maclean’s Canadian University Rankings 2023. Amongst its latest international awards is the university’s 27th rank in the 2023 QS World University Rankings. 

With this much accreditation, it is obvious that McGill University is extremely selective in choosing students to give admissions to. In the year that passed, the Mc Gill University received over 35,000 applications for its undergraduate programs out of which only 6,800 students were enrolled.

The current acceptance and rejection rates at the Mc Gill University are listed below as follows:

Acceptance rate at the Mc Gill University 2023: 48.9%

The acceptance rate at the Mc Gill University as of 2023 is 48.9%.

Rejection rate at the Mc Gill University 2023: 51.1%

The rejection rate at the Mc Gill University is 51.1%. This implies that a little more than half of the applications received by the admissions panel at the Mc Gill University are turned down.

Admissions Waiting List System at the Mc Gill University:-

The waiting list system at the Mc Gill University is unlike any other. The Office of Admissions at the Mc Gill University maintains retains a specific number of positions on the waiting list for each degree program. Competent candidates whose applications had been rejected due to any reason are given an offer through ‘Minerva;’ an online portal managed by the administration at the Mc Gill University. 

After receiving the offer, applicants have the chance to either accept the offer or reject it by logging in to the portal. If the candidate accepts the offer and confirms a place on the waiting list, they will be notified if a seat is available to be occupied. 

The offers are made to the students on the waiting list until the beginning of an academic session. If not, then the enrollments would have been confirmed and no more students will be further admitted from the waiting list. 

Note: not every student on the waiting list gets a chance to get enrolled at Mc Gill University, so the management suggests that the students keep a backup plan prepared for unfavorable circumstances. 

Mc Gill University Scholarships 2023-2024:-

The Mc Gill University advances millions of dollars in scholarships every year for Canadian national and international students. Last year alone, the university offered scholarships of over $7 million and renewable entrance scholarships to more than 2200 international students. These McGill University scholarships are mostly fully funded, but the scholarships panel also offers partially funded and fixed funded scholarships in addition to student loans and emergency funding.

A few of the most prestigious scholarship awards offered by the Mc Gill University to its international students are as follows:

  • Funding by Dawson Bursary
  • Friends of Mc Gill University Inc. Students Fund
  • Mc Gill University Athletic Scholarship Awards
  • Mc Gill University Trust UK Scholarships
  • Mc Gill University Contingent Canadian Officers Training Corps Bursary Fund
  • Global College Scholarships for International Students
  • ICM Commonwealth MBA Scholarships 
  • International Students Global Contest Scholarships
  • Canadian George Strange and Pansy International Scholarships for Graduates
  • International Ph.D. Fellowships by Canadian UBC Affiliated institutes
  • KaS International Contest Scholarships 
  • Haywood Hunt and Associates Inc. Scholarships.

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