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METRO Internships 2023 – Metro Cash & Carry Student Interns Program

METRO Cash & Carry Internship 2023

Metro Cash & Carry is the world’s largest wholesale supermarket. Metro is operating more than 674 stores in 34 countries and serves more than 16 million customers.

METRO Cash & Carry is offering internship opportunities for graduates, working students, apprenticeships, and an international Internship program. You will have the opportunity to get an internship in your country or internationally. Metro Internship is more than just an internship. It pays its applicants well. This will give you the experience to start your career.

If you want to gain continuous success and experience then join the METRO wholesale segment.

If you want to join the Metro, you need to visit the Metro website in your local country. You will find information about the Metro internship programs and available positions. The Metro International Graduate Program is for applicants who wish to work in international countries. If you want to get a Metro Internship opportunity and need more information then please read this article completely.

Details about METRO Internships:

METRO is providing four types of Internship Programs. Names and details about each program and its application process are mentioned here.

  1. Graduate Programmes (University Students)
  2. Apprenticeship (Professional Career)
  3. Working Student (Early Career)
  4. Internship (University Students)
  5. Graduate Program (for University Students)

If you are a graduate student and want to get prepared for your future challenging career, you need to join the Metro internship. It will help you to make progress in your career and become a successful person.

Who can Apply for METRO Interns Program?

METRO POTENTIALS program is designed for ambitious college and university students. It will help them in starting their careers. METRO is providing an opportunity to graduates of all countries to join METRO and avail lifetime chances of development.

  1. Apprenticeship (Professional Career)

If you want to improve your career with an apprenticeship, Metro is offering various apprenticeship programs. If you want to start your practice, check the local webpage of the Metro in your country and join the Metro today.

  1. Working Student (Early Career)

If you are a university student and want to play an active role in the working world, you may work part-time with a flexible job at the Metro. Students can also apply at a local webpage of the Metro in their country. As a student, you can get experience with an internship during your studies.

  1. Internship (University Students)

METRO is also offering internships to get practical experience in work. It provides multiple choices to understand the wholesale sector. It not only helps to get the experience of work but also pays good wages to its interns. METRO is paying $20 per hour in the US to all its interns.

Areas and Fields Offered by METRO

Metro Cash & Carry is offering internship programs in various fields. You can choose any of the programs to work. Some available fields are mentioned here.

  • Business Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Brand Management
  • Corporate Security
  • Investment Controlling
  • Packaging Design
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Marketing

METRO Working Countries

Metro is working in almost 24 countries. A list of these countries is written below.

  1. METRO Austria
  2. METRO Belgium
  3. MAKRO Belgium
  4. METRO Bulgaria
  5. METRO China
  6. METRO Croatia
  7. MAKRO Czech Republic
  8. METRO France
  9. METRO Germany
  10. METRO Hungary
  11. METRO India
  12. METRO Italy
  13. METRO Kazakhstan
  14. METRO Moldova
  15. MAKRO Netherlands
  16. METRO Pakistan
  17. MAKRO Poland
  18. MAKRO Portugal
  19. METRO Romania
  20. METRO Russia
  21. METRO Serbia
  22. METRO Slovakia
  23. MAKRO Spain
  24. METRO Turkey
  25. METRO Ukraine

Application Process for the Metro Cash and Carry Internship Program?

The process to join the METRO Internship is very easy to follow. This process is mentioned here.

  • To apply for the Metro Cash & Carry Internship Program visit the following website
  • On this website, scroll down and you will find the METRO opportunities such as Internships, Graduate programs, etc.
  • After reading about the details of the program, if you want to apply visit the following website
  • On this website, you have to select a country to work in. This country will be your resident area.
  • Submit your application and wait for the response from the Metro team.

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