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Intermediate Education Selection Discussion 2022-2023

Choosing the right subject to study further after matriculation or high school will drive you towards a niche-specific career and it will become the first step towards your career buildup strategy. After the announcement of the 10th class results, students develop a great amount of interest and become so much conscious about looking into different subjects being offered in a variety of colleges. Four major college education categories are available at this stage of time for students to choose from and those are, arts and humanities group, pre-engineering group, pre-medical group, and intermedia of computer science (ICS). Currently, in Pakistan and India, ICS, Pre-medical, and Pre-engineering are the three most talked-about college courses among students.

Discussion on Pre-engineering, pre-medical, and ICS Selection:

Right through this guide, we will have a complete discussion about which one you should choose among ICS, Pre-medical, and Pre-engineering as follows:

#1 Pre-Medical Information:

In Pakistan, there are around 90% of students prefer to choose the field study of Pre-Medical to become an MBBS doctor. But just 8% of students are permitted to take admission in Government based medical colleges due to their quota. This field is all about moving into the medical and healthcare sector. A few of the subjects which are part of the Pre-medical field are:

      • Biology
      • Chemistry
      • Physics
      • Islamiyat
      • Pak Studies
      • Urdu
      • English

For the students, the most difficult subjects in pre-medical are Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. It has been recently surveyed that more than 70% of girls and 30% of boys do compete for MDCAT Entry Test each year.

MDCAT test is an examination that is specially designed for the students to appear in the medical field. For enrolling yourself in MBBS, the student must pass through the MDCAT test. MDCAT is the abbreviation of Medical & Dental College Admission Test.

Every year the percentage of MDCAT has been increasing where the merit always closed at 88.6%. This means that any student who has scored 88.55% will not be able to take admission in any of the government medical colleges.

What is the Aggregate System of MDCAT?

As you are entering the MDCAT, you should know about its aggregate as well. This includes:

      • 10% SSC Marks
      • 40% HSSC Marks
      • 50% MDCAT

Based on the above aggregate, you should score above 86-89%. This is the best score after which no one can stop you to enroll yourself in government medical colleges.

What If I Don’t Want to Become a Doctor?

In Pakistan or India, there have been countless universities and medical colleges that have been introduced on the private and government level for further studies, If you are considering doing your FSc in the fields of DVM or Biotechnology, then you should have an aggregate of 78% in your MDCAT.

No matter in whatsoever field of medicine is stepping you, it is mandatory to first of all pass the MDACT entry test. The field of medicine is also associated with animals which are known as veterinary. Different universities have been established for this field study which includes the University of Agriculture (Faisalabad) or the University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences (Lahore) and many others.

Every single field of medicine has its requirement and admission criteria to step into. You can pick the one based on money prospect, respect, and happiness in other fields. You should never opt for the subject if you are feeling enough interested in it to do so.

#2 Pre-Engineering Information:

Next, we will be discussing the field of pre-engineering! This field has been extremely popular among the boys of Pakistan if they failed to step into any other field.

If we talk about pre-medical, then it is mandatory to score a maximum of 86% marks for successful admission. But when it comes to pre-engineering, you should have a score of at least 80% above to get admission to one of the best engineering universities.

For the pre-engineering, you have to study the below-mentioned subjects:

      1. Chemistry
      2. Physics
      3. Math
      4. Islamiyat
      5. Pak Studies
      6. English
      7. Urdu

All the subjects are quite similar to the one which you will study in pre-medical except Mathematics. But at the same time, this field will also demand extra hard work to take admission in UET, PIEAS, and NUST. There have been so many universities in Pakistan and India that are offering the best educational services of engineering at a vast level.

In Pakistan and India, there are so many top and well-known universities offering the best services of engineering education. Some of the popular names are:

      • National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
      • Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences (PIEAS
      • AIR University Islamabad
      • FAST University
      • International Islamic University

To take admission in Top-level Universities like NUST in Pakistan and Indian Institute of Technology Madras in India, you should have an aggregate of:

      • NUST/Institute of Technology Madras Entry Test – 75 %
      • HSSC / A level / Equivalent / DAE or HSSC Part-I – 15 %
      • Matriculation / O Level* – 10 %

This normally means that you can easily take admission to the NUST or in Institute of Technology Madras if you have clear the NET successfully.

Different Category of Engineering Field in Pre-engineering

The whole category of pre-engineering is divided into different sectors which are based on:

      • Building Architectural Engineering
      • Civil Engineering
      • Computer Science
      • Computer Engineering
      • Electrical Engineering
      • Geological Engineering
      • Environmental Engineering
      • Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering
      • Mechanical Engineering
      • Mechatronics & Control Engineering
      • Mining Engineering
      • Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
      • Petroleum & Gas Engineering
      • Polymer Engineering
      • Transportation Engineering
      • Chemical Engineering
      • Electrical Technology
      • Chemical Technology
      • Mechanical Technology
      • Chemical Engineering

All the fields which we discussed right above for you are in the category of B.Sc (Hons) which you will study in 4 years.

#3 ICS – Intermediate of Computer Science Information:

The next field we are discussing is the Intermediate of Computer Science. ICS is the abbreviation of Intermediate of Computer Science. This ICS field is based on the study of various subjects which includes:

      1. Physics
      2. Maths
      3. English
      4. Urdu
      5. Pak Studies
      6. Islamiat
      7. Computer Science

If we talk about it from Pakistan’s, or India’s point of view, then the field of ICS is taken by the students interested to become computer or IT professionals.

According to us, ICS is much better as compared to Pre-Medical and Pre-Engineering. In short, the world of ICS is all about the world of technology and the internet which means it’s a 19 trillion dollar market. There have been so many universities in Pakistan and India that are offering the best educational services of computer-related fields at a vast level.

It is just the internet under which you are reading the information of this article for the benefit of all Pakistani and Indian students. ICS will help you to move into the sectors of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Deep Learning.

Globally, the job of web development is considered to be the 2nd best job. Businesses are also looking for new websites for which they hire a web developer and you can be a web developer if you have done ICS. In the same way, the fields of logo design and graphic designing are also associated with the subject of ICS.

If you are so much interested to learn about the internet and computer, then this is the right field for you. Once you step into the world of ICS, there is a 100% guarantee that you will never stay jobless. Pakistan is the third-largest country in the world which is high in the jobs of freelancers. Around 150,000 freelancers are earning more than 1000 million dollars. If you are having enough skills and experience, you better have choices to step into the platforms of Guru, Freelancer, Fiverr, or Upwork.  The field of ICS does not involve any subject of Biology and Chemistry.

This field is getting extremely demanding in the last 5 years and many expectations are being made over its popularity in the next few years. The same situation also exists in India where the demand for IT fields is getting immensely high. This field is further divided into 50 sub-fields out of which you can select the one which suits your requirements.

You can move into computer science if you are fond of it. This field will also increase your curiosity to learn about how the internetwork or how many transistors are in the Intel i9 and to know how a website works. You should study this field with interest and aim, so you never left with disappointment.

Different Category of Computer Field in ICS Study

You can choose ICS if you want to be a:

      • Software applications developer.
      • Computer systems analyst.
      • Computer systems engineer.
      • Network systems administrator. Daily
      • Database administrator.
      • Business intelligence analyst.
      • Web developer.
      • Computer programmer.
      • Game developer
      • App developer

Final take on above Discussion

This was an end of a discussion about how pre-medium, ICS, and pre-engineering are different from one another and which one of these subjects is best to study for the future. Every single field of medicine has its requirement and admission criteria to step into.

You can pick the one based on money prospect, respect, and happiness in other fields. You should never opt for the subject if you are feeling enough interested in it to do so. Each one of the field studies has its advantages and disadvantages out of which you need to choose the one which suits your requirements and open some doorways for you in future.

Which one of these subjects is your favorite one?

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