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Research Impact: Assuring the impact of your Research: Blueprint to Guarantee your Research Makes an impact

In the current academic world, normally no one is concerned with the quality of work an author has produced. The worth of an author’s work is determined by the impact it has created. Today, the only thing that matters is the research impact. The research is only appreciated if the author proves that it will make a significant impact. This article is planned to give you the blueprint that ensures your research makes a substantial impact. It gives you the ten most important techniques that you can use to guarantee your success.

  • Prepare a pre-publication version

Such a version of the manuscript is known as pre-print. While the journal is reviewing your paper, you can post your pre-print on any public server. This method is widely being used by the authors to introduce their research to the interested public. However, the author has to disclose all the details of the pre-prints during the submission to a journal.

  • Add your article to your E-mail signature

To let your contacts know about your article you can use your e-mail signature. Every E-mail you send carries a link to your research, making sure your contacts know about your article. Most of your contacts might belong to your field and be interested in reading your article. It is a very good method to tell them about your work.

  • Make use of social media

In the academic world today, everyone uses social media to interact with fellow scholars. Especially, Facebook and Twitter are the two most popular forums. By using social media, you can make your work have reasonable recognition. Social media is the hub that people use to discuss trends and developments happening in the world of research. So your work also has a chance. Hence, post the link to your article on social media, your work might be next to be discussed by the scholars.

  • Publish your paper in open-access journals

Open-access journals allow public free access to all papers. Open-access sources offer more visibility, hence ensuring sufficient impact. In the age of the internet, open-access journals have proved their worth. Before the internet it was necessary to pay subscription charges to get access to the latest research. But now open-access sources and the internet together have made knowledge easily accessible. Therefore, open-access journals are a great opportunity, especially for beginners.

  • Make use of free author e-prints

Free e-prints are links that you can give to a limited number of people, allowing them to read your article free of cost. An e-print takes people to the article and also allows them to download the paper. The downloads or citations are tracked to let you know the impact of your article. You can share your quota of e-prints in many ways. Send them through E-mail, or directly to your associates. You can also include the e-print link to your E-mail signature. People also use social media to advertise their article, so you can use your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat to make it happen.

  • Update your profiles on academic sites
      • Google Scholar: it allows public to search scholarly literature. It is the platform through which people can find your work. Make a Google Scholar profile and regularly update it. Mention in your profile all the work you have done and give links to your publications. For greater visibility, make your Google Scholar profile ‘Public.’
      • ResearchGate: it allows you to mention your scholarly work. ResearchGate is being used by a lot of academics and students all over the world to explore scholarly work and projects. You should not let this opportunity go away. Hence, make full use of it.
      • LinkedIn: this is an online platform that allows you to display your CV. Besides, you can also connect and communicate with other scholars and academics. On LinkedIn, you can also write posts to publicize your publications.
  • Team up with experts

Beginners should consider teaming up with seasoned professionals. Through this method you can get a chance to get published in a reputable journal. Experts can help you with enhancing the quality of the research. Besides, you can also get access to their state-of-the-art research facilities. In short, collaborating with experts can be enormously beneficial.

  • Make video abstract and share

In the present academic environment, scholars are making full use of the modern resources. Moreover, a video attracts more people than a written text. Therefore, you should also make a video to introduce your article to the people. The video should be succinct and not longer than three minutes.

  • Make it a part of the discussion group

You can be a member of many discussion groups. Use these groups to gather an audience for your paper. Let the people of the group know that the latest issue of the journal includes your article. Moreover, make your article part of the discussion and increase the interest of the members.

  • Use your blog to promote your research

Academic blogging is now being used by scholars to discuss ideas and the new developments happening in the world of research. Blogs can be the channel through which you can inform people about your latest works. It is an opportunity for beginners to be a brand.

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