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Amsterdam Merit Scholarships (AMS) 2023 for Students

Deadline March 15, 2023
Opening date February 4, 2023
Days Remaining Closed
Category Netherlands Scholarships
Type Fully Funded
Location Netherlands

Admission applications for the fully-funded Amsterdam (AMS) Merit Scholarships 2023-2024 academic year are being accepted by the University of Amsterdam under Amsterdam Merit Scholarships (AMS) program. To all the passionate and enthusiastic students out there, here is a chance to get yourself enrolled in the University of Amsterdam for Amsterdam Merit Scholarships (AMS).

They are eagerly waiting to welcome all the overseas students in their high-standard classrooms. Amsterdam Merit Scholarships 2023-2024 are now accepting applications online. So, it’s time to get the opportunity and prepare all your application documents and apply for the Amsterdam Merit Scholarships (AMS) in no time.

Funds Coverage of Amsterdam Merit Scholarships (AMS):

The coverage or benefits provided by the University of Amsterdam under Amsterdam Merit Scholarships to the recipients are the following:

  1. The scholarship can vary from €2,000 – €25,000, depending on the faculty.
  2. The Amsterdam Merit Scholarships may get supplemented with the Holland Government Scholarships.

Eligibility for Amsterdam Merit Scholarships (AMS):

Those who are willing to get Amsterdam Merit Scholarships must have the following eligibilities.

  • He must hold a-non EU/EEA passport.
  • The candidate should belong to the degree program at the Graduate School of Social Sciences. In case of changing the degree program, the scholarship will not continue.
  • The completion of the preparatory program before the Master’s is a must to get the AMS.
  • One should be able to comply with Dutch visa regulations.
  • The applicant must get enrolled in a master’s program at the Graduate School of Social Sciences.
  • The applicant needs to get enrolled in the University of Amsterdam as a full-time student for the academic year and as well as for the program for which the scholarship is given.
  • The scholarship continuation depends upon the study’s progress.

Simplified Process to Apply for Amsterdam Merit Scholarships (AMS):

All the applications need to get submitted to the Admission office of the graduate school. Submit your application for any program of your choice offered by the University of Amsterdam under AMS with the mentioned documents and language test score. 

Also, fill out your UvA student number with the complete set of documents to apply for the Amsterdam Merit Scholarship.


The below-listed documents are mandatory to apply for the Amsterdam Merit Scholarship (AMS).

  1. Photostat of your passport.
  2. Financial plan letter.
  3. Recommendation letter.
  4. Letter of motivation.
  5. Academic records.
  6. Proposed research plan.
  7. Academic excellence and a promise in the proposed field.

Application Deadline for the Amsterdam Merit Scholarship:

The Amsterdam Merit Scholarships (AMS) applications should not be submitted later than March 15, 2023.

Yousaf Saeed (Scholarship Winner)

It is our pleasure to have Yousaf Saeed on our Guest Authors list. He is a top educationist and renowned research with major publications in his field of interest. Yousaf won a total of 3 fully-funded scholarships to complete his academic career and also won numerous fundings for attending international academic conferences. He is known for his mentorship for helping students to find and apply for international academic opportunities.

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