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University of Bristol Acceptance Rate and Scholarships 2023-2024: Study for free in UK

The fully-funded scholarships at the University of Bristol for the 2023 academic session are open for applications but the question is how much is the acceptance rate of the University of Bristol to calculate your chances of selection there. This article will unveil these facts for you.

Do you want to gain international exposure in between your studies to grow, both personally and professionally? Then you should definitely consider applying to a foreign university! 

But finding one which is easier to get into and which offers some sort of financial assistance can be tedious. But fret not! As in the upcoming series of articles, we will be discussing many different international universities, their acceptance and rejection rate, and the scholarships they offer; and how better to begin this series, than by discussing one of the most prestigious universities in the United Kingdom? 

So, in this article, we will be discussing all that you need to know about the University of Bristol.

Admissions Acceptance Rate at the University of Bristol: 67.3%

The University of Bristol not only ranks amongst the most prestigious research centers in the United Kingdom but is also a member of the Russell’s Group research-oriented British universities. 

This makes it easy to understand why the University of Bristol is regarded as the 11th most competitive university to get into in the whole of the UK. As a matter of fact, in the year 2017, the university received 43,355 applications out of which only 5,790 students were enrolled, making the applicants enrolled ratio only 7.49%

Following are the acceptance and rejection rates at the University of Bristol as of 2023:

Acceptance rate at the University of Bristol 2023: 67.3%

The acceptance rate at the University of Bristol as of 2023 is 67.3%

Rejection rate at the University of Bristol 2023: 32.7%

The current rejection rate at the University of Bristol is 32.7%

Admissions Waiting List System at the University of Bristol:-

Since the acceptance rate at the University of Bristol is fairly high as compared to its rejection rate, there is practically a lower chance of students getting admitted to the university after the closing of the annual admissions.

Nonetheless, the university does have a waiting list system which gives those students, who either turned their applications in late or couldn’t compete for a seat for a particular degree program due to one reason or the other, the possibility to get a seat in their desired degree program. Yet, the waiting list applicants would only be given a second chance if an occupied seat is vacated by an enrolled student.

Note: If a student on the waiting list decides to give up his position, and then reapplies for the waiting seat, they will be given the last seat rather than being replaced to their previous one.

University of Bristol Scholarships 2023-2024:-

The University of Bristol has one motto, which is to uphold its students’ inborn potential. To encourage talent from across the globe to compete for a spot in one of its six academic faculties, the University of Bristol has launched a significant number of scholarship programs for students at all levels and nationalities.

The university advances millions of pounds in scholarships each year and has decided to invest a total of 2 Million Pounds in the brightest overseas students in the upcoming academic year 2023. 

Following are some of the scholarship programs initiated by the University of Bristol for its local and international applicants:

Funding from External Organizations:

  • Ahmad Tea Scholarships
  • Anne and Peggy Sleigh Bursaries
  • Blake Memorial Fund
  • Eileen Drummond and Sheila Anderson Law Bursary
  • Frank Knox Fellowship
  • Lady Ryder Medical Scholarships
  • Leverhulme Trade Charities Trust Undergraduate Bursary
  • Leverhulme Trade Charities Trust Postgraduate Bursary

Note: These were just a few of the multitude of funding options available for national and international applicants and students of the University of Bristol. In addition to these sources, the university also offers student loans and emergency and hardship funds to meet the financial emergencies of students.

Apply to the University of Bristol Today!

Now that you know all about admissions at the University of Bristol, there is nothing else to wait for! Apply for the University of Bristol today and get a golden opportunity of landing a fully-funded scholarship for yourself!

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