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South America Scholarships 2023-2024: Submit Online Applications!

Study in South America | List of Scholarships in South America:

South American Scholarships for the 2023-2024 batch are now open for applications in South American Colleges and Universities for all national and international students.

South America, a continent packed with lively city life, beautiful languages, and adventure is surely one of the best study destinations as well. There is so much diversity in every country of South America, be it the European touch in Argentina and Uruguay, Columbia’s parks and coasts, or Brazil’s diverse tradition and culture. 

Studying in South America requires research into what is the right place for you to begin your academic journey. The Times Higher Education Rankings tell us what are the most sought-after universities of this region. Some of them are the University of Sao Paolo, University of Campinas, University of Desarrollo, Diego Portales University, and Pontifical Javeriana University. The ranking is given on the basis of the quality of teaching and research, transfer of knowledge, and the international demand for the degrees earned at a particular university. There are Universities and colleges in South America that offer partial and fully funded scholarships as well to the students and in this article, we will throw light on this specific topic.

Language of Instruction in South American Educational Institutions:

The language of instruction varies from country to country and university to university. The students are advised to carefully look into the language requirements of their desired university. However, most universities use Latin as their primary medium of instruction. Foreign students usually choose those universities which offer programs in English.  

Living Costs in South American Cities:

The countries that are cheapest to live in are Bolivia, Columbia Peru, and Ecuador where you can survive easily and comfortably at $800. 

If you have a higher budget, say, of $1,000, you can live easily in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, or Brazil. But, a number of places in these countries are way more expensive as well like Buenos Aires or Rio de Janeiro.

Scholarships in South America & Brazil:

The tuition fee in South America is significantly lower than in North America. Getting a scholarship or a grant can make a big difference in your study expenses. Below is a list of scholarships available in the South American region where you can apply if you are thinking of going there for study purposes:

#1 Universidad de Buenos Aires Scholarship:

The University offers international scholarships to Chinese, Italian, and Mexican students. The Mexican and Italian students are given a chance to do specializations, study for a master’s degree, or engage in a research program (for a maximum of six months). The tuition for all this is negligible and the scholarship recipients will get a monthly stipend as well.

The Chinese students on the other hand can also do master’s or specializations as well as do research for two to six months. The scholarship benefits include a monthly stipend, health insurance, enrollment in the Spanish language course, tuition fee waiver for master’s, and specializations of up to 25,000 ARS (Argentinian Pesos).

#2 TWAS Scholarships in Brazil:

The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) in collaboration with the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) of Brazil is offering Ph.D. fellowships to students from developing countries to pursue doctoral studies in natural sciences. A number of Brazilian institutions are affiliated with this scholarship and the tenure of the scholarship is 12 months to four years. The scholarship recipients will be entitled to a monthly allowance that can be used to finance housing, transportation, food, and healthcare. The recipients can not convert the monthly allowance into any other currency.

#3 Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (UC) Scholarships:

A number of scholarships are available in UC Chile. 

  1. The teaching assistant scholarships are given to Ph.D. students whereby they are exempted from paying tuition fees and get a monthly allowance for their living expenses. 
  2. The residential scholarship is also for Ph.D. students and offers a full tuition fee waiver to those students who are registered for all of their credits for their doctoral programs.
  3. Among other small awards, one provides health insurance to those of its students who do not have one. The insurance is provided for up to 9 semesters.
  4. There is another award that finances the organization of seminars, workshops, and symposiums for researchers and Ph.D. candidates to increase their knowledge base.

#4 Kleinhans Fellowships in Brazil:

The fellowship is for conducting research in the field of forest management and preservation. This is practical research, the results of which will be implemented in society. It is open to students of all nationalities and provides funding of 20,000 USD a year for a period of two full years. The fellowship does not allow for a tuition fee subsidy. The applicants should have a master’s degree in one of the following subject areas, ecology, environmental science, botany, or any other relevant field.

#5 BRAS Scholarship in Brazil:

The BRASA institution in Brazil is awarding travel grants to eligible students. These awards are given to pursue a language course in Brazil or to conduct original exploratory research. The value of the award is 1500 USD and the targeted students are those students who are coming from the USA.

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