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Tesla Internships 2023: Send Application for Tesla Interns Program

Deadline Ongoing
Opening date June 11, 2022
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Category Internships in 2023
Type Fully Funded
Location United States (US)

Tesla Summer Internships of 2023 are now open for applications for all international students to gain first-hand experience of working at Tesla’s plant and operations headquarters. Tesla offers year-round internship opportunities, at Tesla office locations around the world. All interns receive compensation for their work.

Tesla Internship Programs in 2023:

Tesla is a culture-rich organization that is providing talented individuals with an opportunity to come work with them at all locations around the globe. Their internships for 2023 are now open for applications. International students can easily apply for the post and get the chance to experience working in an innovative, dynamic, zestful, and fast-paced organization having the passion to change the world. Tesla provides its interns with compensation for their work.

Positions at Tesla

Tesla offers “internship” and “co-op” in this program and refers to individuals as interns. One can also look for apprenticeships that center around specific skills and trades given.

Tesla Internships Schedule

Tesla is running different schedules for each term. 

Terms Application Post Announcement 
Spring/Winter Early Fall (previous year)
Summer Early or Mid-Fall (previous  year)
Fall Early Spring/Winter (same year)

You can apply when the registrations for positions are open. Tesla’s recruitment period is four months which can be delayed sometimes. It starts from the date the position is announced.

Responsibilities of Interns at Tesla

A variety of projects to promote the Tesla company’s mission are available for interns. The recruitment process places a student with a team and project which is compatible with their interests and experience. Tesla provides a hands-on experience and involves interns in crucial assignments in an attempt to make interns perform on the same level as any other employee while polishing their skills.

Tesla Internships Eligibility Criteria

Tesla internship program has the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Currently a student in a relevant program with good academic standing. 
  2. Non-student candidates can apply for full-time openings.
  3. For US roles, internships, and working opportunities are the same as discussed in the above two points for students and non-student applicants.
  4. Some countries in Europe also accept fresh graduates in accordance with their local laws and regulations.

Coverage Facilities for Tesla Interns

Relocation stipend: For most locations, if students are having 50 miles or more distance between academic institutes and work locations, Tesla provides them with a relocation stipend.

Intern Housing: In some cases, intern housing is provided for interns at Gigafactory Nevada.

Tesla Talent Pipeline Program

It is an opportunity for interns to return to a full-time role based on their work performance. So, Tesla also hires its interns. This is centered on its current hiring needs and intention to recruit talented candidates.

Yousaf Saeed (Scholarship Winner)

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