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University of Delhi Scholarships 2023-2024: Study for free in India

Delhi University Scholarships and Admissions 2022

Today’s academic news is about the application window opening for the fully-funded scholarships at the University of Delhi for the class of 2023-2024 for all students.

So are you willing to get enrolled at the University of Delhi, are you?

Well, a top-notch university in India can’t guarantee you admission on scholarship solely because you have good grades, can it?

While an exceptional academic record is one of the most basic requirements of getting enrolled in the University of Delhi, it is not the only factor! You also need the finances to support your higher education, which comes in costly regardless of the country your desired university is located.

Luckily enough, the University of Delhi is one of the many prestigious universities globally that offer scholarships to its students to fund their studies. So, if you want to know what the scholarship opportunities at the University of Delhi are, you are at the perfect place. Because in this post, I will be reviewing the various scholarship opportunities for students admitted to or willing to get admitted at the University of Delhi!

So, let’s get started.

Admissions Acceptance Rates at the University of Delhi: 64%

The University of Delhi has consecutively been ranked as 4th based on its academic reputation in India. Now, the first thought that comes to your mind must probably be that the university must accept a handful of students each year.

However, the reality is the contrary. You will be amazed to learn that the University of Delhi accepts more than half of the applications it receives on an annual basis. I have listed the current acceptance and rejection rates at the University of Delhi below. Take a look at these stats to get an idea of the chances you hold of getting admitted to this top-ranked Indian university:

Acceptance and Rejection Rates at the University of Delhi:

  • Acceptance rate: 64%
  • Rejection rate: 36%

How Many International Students are there at the University of Delhi?

The management at the University of Delhi maintains a proper system to make the processes easier for those international students willing to get admitted to the institute. The foreign student population at the University of Delhi has experienced a considerable boost in the past few years. The reason for this is the relaxed policies the university has formulated to assist international students.

As of 2023, the University of Delhi hosts a total of 261,196 students across its educational programs. The breakdown shows 258,831 students in undergraduate programs and 2,338 students enrolled in postgraduate degree programs.

Scholarships Available at the University of Delhi:

The University of Delhi advances hundreds of merit and need-based scholarships to its students on an annual basis. And so, I have listed some of the most prestigious ones from the plethora of scholarships offered by the institute as under:

#1 Undergraduate Scholarships

The university offers these fixed funded scholarships to students in their first years of an undergraduate degree program. However, if the student maintains their academic record, the management can renew these scholarships.

The management offers these scholarships to students enrolled in a Computer Science course, the BCA – B.Sc program. However, only those students qualify for these awards who secure the highest grade in their first years. These awards have a value of Rs.350 per month.

The university offers these scholarships to female students for three years. The worth of this scholarship is Rs.100 per month.

The university management offers these need-cum-merit based scholarships to students in the first years of their undergraduate degree programs. The time duration of this scholarship is for a minimum tenure of three years. Students can renew their scholarships after each academic year, provided that they show remarkable grades in their exams.

#2 Postgraduate Scholarships

Students enrolled in several postgraduate course programs are eligible for the Delhi University and All-India Postgraduate Scholarships, which offer a monthly tuition fee waiver of Rs.300.

Under this program, the management offers a monthly tuition fee waiver of Rs.150 to two students. The management provides these scholarships for a maximum of two years of postgraduate education.

#3 Departmental Scholarships

The university offers these scholarships to two students willing to pursue their Master’sMaster’s in Persian. The university will award them a monthly scholarship worth Rs.75 to fund their postgraduate degrees.

The university awards this scholarship to students continuing their Master’sMaster’s degrees in the faculty of Commerce. The amount of this scholarship is worth Rs.400 monthly. Furthermore, the number of scholarships offered under this program is twelve.

These are renewable scholarships that the university offers to students for at least ten months. Moreover, these scholarships have an accumulated value of Rs.14,000, divided into monthly endowments of Rs.150 each.

Students who secure at least 60% marks in their first semester examinations of B.Library. The Science course program will be eligible to receive this scholarship worth Rs.260 per month.

The University of Delhi offers hundreds of scholarships to its students each year. But the ones that I have mentioned above are the most valuable. So, which scholarships are you applying to?

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