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5 Easiest Graduation Schools to Get Into: Minimum Entry Requirement Colleges with Instant Admissions!

List of Colleges with Least Entry Requirements and Easy to get admission

Are you planning to upskill your potential by getting admission to grad school? But are petrified by the fact that these schools are hard to get into. Even though your facts are correct, and grad schools are a bit picky in selecting students for their postgraduate programs, a lesser-known fact is that there are still some grad schools that are a lot easier to get into.

So if you too get panic attacks thinking about the tedious admission procedures of grad schools, give yourself a break and relax as what you are about to read is a list of some of the most esteemed grad schools which are easier to get admitted into.

What are Grad Schools?

Grad schools are tertiary-level academic institutions that offer postgraduate degree programs to students. These programs include Master’s and Doctorate level (PhD.) degrees. 

Such schools are found all around the world, either affiliated with colleges and universities or operating independently as tertiary-level academic institutions. So, wherever you are right now or in whatever part of the world you want to go to earn a postgraduate degree, you are likely to find a number of grad schools that are easier to get into. 

So, if you too want to know the names of some of the most prestigious grad schools that are easy to get admitted to, keep reading.

Why do Students go to Grad Schools?

First thing’s first! A lot of people have the question as to why one should take admission in a grad school to get a postgraduate degree. 

There are several reasons why going to grad schools after getting a graduate degree is important.

The foremost reason is that postgraduate degree programs give students a chance to gain extensive knowledge about their particular field of study, in addition to polishing their skill set in relation to their field of specialization. 

Secondly, it gives students a chance of excelling in their respective careers, as postgraduate students acquire an in-depth understanding of the field that they select in their postgraduate programs. Getting a postgraduate degree is most beneficial in the fields of mathematics, technology, and/or engineering.

Even though people tend to specialize in the fields that they originally graduated from at a bachelor’s level, it is possible for people to try something different, but related to your initial degree program, at the postgraduate level. 

Entry Requirement of a Grad School

The grim requirements of getting admitted into grad schools are one of the many reasons why they are difficult to get into, at least some of them.

Even though these requirements vary from institute to institute, some of the requisites remain common regardless of the program you are applying to and the level of the grad school.

Some of the most common requisites include:

When getting into grad schools, the foremost requirement is the possession of an undergraduate degree. And to provide evidence to the admission panel to the school you are applying to, a transcript is required as a must. 

This is one document, which is demanded by all the grad schools as it states that the candidate has been awarded a graduate degree as well as the field in which the candidate graduated.

Then comes the recommendation letters. Generally, grad schools ask for recommendation letters signed by two professors. This acts as a detailed explanation of your transcript. In this document, the teacher mentions your qualification, your GPA, and your academic conduct during the degree program. This document highlights your professional experience and all the affiliations you had, which were related to your field of study.

Even though the recommendation letters highlight your qualities, both scholastic and professional, they are still prepared by your former teachers. So, if you want to add something extra to the list, you can do that in your Curriculum Vitae.

Moreover, if you have received any awards or scholarships in the past that you want to be acknowledged by the admission panel, do that herein as well; but, in a compact and comprehensible manner.

Plus, if you are an international student, you might want to turn in a transcript of your TOEFL test exams, which is a requisite in the preamble.

Likewise, if you are applying for a Ph.D. in the degree program, you might be required to turn in a study plan and a research proposal; which are used by the admission panels in shortlisting candidates.

Also, in case your GPA is on the brink of reaching the desired mark, you can get admission based on your sports record. Who knows those basketball practices would be this beneficial?

Are there any Grad Schools that are Easier to get into?

The answer is Yes! Despite the fact that the majority of the grad schools have very difficult admission procedures, there are still some schools that don’t compete with others in the level of stress they cause to students.

Such schools have a low GPA and test score, simple application procedures, and a high acceptance rate. And this ease in admission procedures does at all signal towards them, compromising their level of education and standardization of programs. Not only do these grad schools offer ease of mind operation, but also state-of-the-art educational services.

Even though such grad schools are less in number, their high rate of acceptance covers the gap.

Do Grad Schools Require the Results of Graduate School Entrance Exams?

Almost all grad schools conduct, or require the results of entrance exams, especially for their major postgraduate programs; and those schools that are easier to into, are no exception. Even though some schools neglect these exams, some demand a higher test score than others to make it easier for students to qualify.

Some of the Graduate School Entrance Exams, taken by students aiming to get admission in a grad school are as follows:

  • Graduate Record Exam (GRE):-

This is the most common graduate-level entry exam, required by every grad school, with only a few in exception.

  • Graduate Management Admission Test exam (GMAT):-

This admission test is mandatory for students getting enrolled in a postgraduate degree program in the business domain.

  • Medical College Admission Test exam (MCAT):-

If you are a medical college graduate and want to specialize in a related field, then you might want to pass this exam to get admission to a grad school.

  • Law School Admission Test exam (LSAT):-

The scores of this exam are required by those students, who want admission to law schools.

  • Miller Analogies Test exam (MAT):-

An alternate test exam to the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is the Miller Analogies Test exam. However, this alternative is not applicable for being eligible for the majority of grad schools.

  • The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL):-

For those international students aiming to attain higher education in a foreign country, the scores of the TOEFL exam are mandatory. The scores, however, may vary as per the requirements of different institutes.

How many Grad Schools should one apply to?

Because of the fact that different grad schools have different admission criteria, and each of them has to turn down some requests, it is advised to apply to more than one school; just to be on the safe side. If you possess an exceptional academic record and are confident that your request will surely be approved, even then it is recommended to apply to at least two grad schools.

And if your GPA is not on the outstanding list, it is suggested to send your application to at least six different grad schools. After all, making a few copies of the same documents and mailing them to different email addresses won’t cost a penny. 

Moreover, you would have the option to select different programs in different institutions, and then select which one you have to opt for after receiving their responses.


Factors Affecting the Difficulty Level of Getting into Grad School: 

The factors responsible for affecting the difficulty level of getting admission in grad schools are as follows:

  • GPA:-

The higher the GPA requirements of a grad school, the harder it will be to be eligible for that particular school and vice versa.

  • Acceptance rate:-

If the acceptance rate of a grad school is low, it will have to decline a greater number of applications, making it difficult to qualify for such schools. If the acceptance rate is high, more students can get the chance of being admitted.

  • Graduation rate:-

An indirect factor is the number of students that graduate each year. if this rate is high, it would result in a more saturated candidate faculty, declining the possibilities of admission for many students.

In addition to these factors, tuition fee, retention rate, and student-faculty. So while choosing which grad school is best for you, keep these factors into account.

List of the Easiest Grad Schools with minimum Entry Requirements to Get into in 2023:-

The list of the best grad schools across the globe which provide high-fi education and an extensive program base to their students exceeds over 100. But for your ease, we have compiled a list of the 5 best grad schools which not only have a global reputation, but also an easy admission procedure.

So take a look at this list of Easy admission Grad Schools with minimum entry requirements and select one of your preferences.

Quick navigation of the easiest grad schools to get into in 2023:

  • New England College
  • California State University – Bakersfield
  • Boston Architectural College
  • Walden University
  • Cameron University.

#1 New England College:-

Acceptance rate: 100%
Retention rate: 56%
Student-faculty ratio: 15:1

Awarding undergraduate and graduate degrees to meritorious students for over 70 years, the New England College has made its name among those higher educational institutions, which help students in building an exceptional career by equipping them with the ornament of knowledge. 

Whether you are an in-country resident or an international student, you can earn a degree quite easily in the domains of health care, business, management, marketing, accounting, and many more; either on-campus or online.

Admission requirements of New England College:-

  • Minimum GPA of 2.75
  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university
  • Transcript
  • Resume
  • 2 letters of recommendation
  • Personal statement.

Cost of the postgraduate degree program at New England College:-

Studying at New England College institute will cost you around $150 dollars as an initial fee, plus an additional $900 yearly on textbooks and supplies. The tuition fee varies as per the program selected.

#2 California State University – Bakersfield:-

Acceptance rate: 100%
Retention rate: 77%
Enrollments: 1,403

Another grad school that has the easiest admission procedures lies in the public sector by the name of California State University. In operation since 1965, this university offers a diverse range of programs, ranging from Business Administration, Social Sciences, Engineering, Mathematics, Arts and Humanities, and many more.

Admission requirements of California State University:-

  • Minimum GPA of 2.5
  • Minimum TOEFL exam score of 550
  • Basic documents (mentioned on the official website).

Cost of the postgraduate degree program at California State University:-

The tuition fee of the grad program at California State University varies with the programs being selected. The admission fee, however, remains the same, that is, $55.

#3 Boston Architectural College:-

Acceptance rate: 100%
Retention rate: 67%
Enrollments: 234

Another revered grad school with the easiest admission requirements is the Boston Architectural College.

Offering masters and Ph.D. Degrees to students in a wide range of domains, like architecture, interior designing, landscape architecture, and other design studies, this is the perfect graduate school to be considered by forthcoming architects.

Admission requirements of Boston Architectural College:-

  • No entry tests
  • Low TOEFL exam score requirements for international students
  • Transcript
  • Portfolio
  • Resume
  • Admission essays
  • 1 letter of recommendation.

Cost of the postgraduate degree program at Boston Architectural College:-

Studying at Boston Architectural college institute will loosen your pockets by $27,473; the cost includes tuition fees, residence, books, and extra fees.

#4 Walden University:-

Acceptance rate: 100%
Retention rate: not specified

If you want to pursue a Master’s Degree while sitting at your home, you can do that by affiliating with the Walden University in Minnesota.

Offering offline Master’s degrees in a diverse range of exclusive fields, like Criminal Justice, Human Resource Management, Business Administration, and the like, this university has rightfully made its place among the easiest grad schools to get into in 2023.

Admission requirements of Walden University:-

  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Official transcript
  • Resume
  • Employment history
  • Academic record.

Cost of the postgraduate degree program at Walden University:-

The tuition fee at the Walden University for grad programs estimates to around $12,882 per academic year.

#5 Cameron University:-

Acceptance rate: 100%
Retention rate: 68%
Enrollments: not specified.

Another easiest grad school to get into in the public sector is the Cameron University. Functioning in Lawton, this institute awards around 50 degrees each year, to give a dynamic student body a chance to attain higher education.

Offering two-year, four-year, and graduate programs to students in a wide variety of domains, these institutes contribute to making the learners of today, leaders of tomorrow.

The most popular degree programs offered by the Cameron University include Business Administration, Behavioral Sciences, Organizational Leadership, etc.

Admission requirements of Cameron University:-

  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Transcript
  • Resume
  • Minimum computer-based TOEFL exam score of 550 


  • Minimum IELTS band score of 6.5 

Cost of the postgraduate degree program at Cameron University:-

The tuition fee of the Cameron University grad program varies from program to program but is estimated at $6,450 per academic year.

Final Thought:-

Upon getting this far, you might have made up your mind as to which of these 5 easiest grad schools to take admission in are you going into. If not so, then hurry up and decide as to which one you would prefer to apply to in 2023.

With this said, this article has reached its conclusion. Do leave your valuable remarks in the comments section below. That was all for this transcript. Until next time, Tally Ho!

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