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Scholarship Essays: Writing a Killer Scholarship Essay to Win a Fully Funded Scholarship

Scholarship Essay Format, Outline, Sample The most effective plan to formulate a winning scholarship essay

Scholarship Essay Definition:

An essay written for the purpose to apply for a scholarship is known as Scholarship Essay. Most of the organizations that offer scholarships; demand candidates to submit Essays for scholarship application evaluation.

For most students, today, paying tuition fees is a huge challenge. Therefore, the majority applies to scholarship programs offered by the institution itself or any other organization. Fundamentally, the success of your scholarship application counts on the essay you attach to your application.

Usually, a big number of deserving students apply for the scholarship program, hence your scholarship essay needs to stand out in the crowd. It is the essay that helps the scholarship source panel with assessing the applicant’s merit for the program. Nevertheless, there is nothing to worry about. This article offers everything you need to know to write a winning scholarship essay.

Scholarship Essay Writing Guidelines, Format, and Outline

  • Carefully read the essay topic or statement

Spend time on understanding the crux of the topic. No matter how good your essay is, it is going to fail if the relevant topic is not addressed. For example, the statement can be ‘How do you use your leadership skills to overcome any challenge?’ Hence, you have to address the topic by emphasizing your leadership skills and stating the challenges you overcame by using your leadership skills.

  • Pack the essay with Keywords or synonyms of keywords used in the essay statement

Prepare a list of synonyms and use them throughout the scholarship essay. By doing so you can show your determination to address the essay statement. For the same example, the keywords are leadership and challenge. Hence, you can fill your essay with words like management, administration, direction, guidance, supervision, trouble, issue, dilemma, case, problem, etc.

  • Give your essay an appealing start

Most of the students do not have any idea about the start of the scholarship essay. The start of the essay is your chance to catch the reader’s eye. A regular start loses the reader’s attention, hence making your essay look boring. To make the start engaging, you can use an anecdote, relevant quotation, or a surprising fact. Also, show the readers that you have a vast knowledge base on the subject. Mention some relevant data, but explain it later in the body of the essay.

  • Comprehend the overall objective of the scholarship provider

Most of the scholarship providers look for students who meet a particular criterion. Mention in the essay for scholarship; your commitment to a certain cause or your interests that make you look fit for the provider’s criteria. In short, understand what the scholarship provider is looking for, and then prove your ties with the organization’s objective.

  • Be creative and a little unconventional

To make your scholarship essay unique, you need to be creative with your writing. The scholarship essay is not your high-school essay. Thus, it requires more creativity from you. You can make your writing interesting by adding facts, idioms, short stories, and using language skills.

  • Stay relevant

Your essay for scholarship application may get rejected if you go off the topic. If you are asked about your leadership skills, do not waste time on time on telling your academic and professional achievements. By doing so you do not get any benefit; instead, you manifest that either you failed to understand the essay statement or do not have the arguments to address it. In short, every sentence you write should address the essay statement.

  • Heed the given instructions

Many students do not pay attention to the given instructions. Consequently, their scholarship essays do not possess the required characteristics. Ensure that you formulate your essay on the basis of the given instructions. Remember, it is not a general essay. It is for a particular purpose, hence given instructions are to be followed.

  • Avoid typical conclusions

Instead of reshaping previously mentioned sentences, try making the conclusion of your scholarship essay more engaging. Make it interesting by highlighting the importance of your essay. Also, effectively answer the ‘So what?’ question. It gives your writing an edge and emphasizes your merit for the scholarship. Besides, you should succinctly mention the main arguments that have already been mentioned in the body. Finally, do not forget to re-state the thesis statement.

  • Look for experts’ advice

As a student, you may have limited language skills. Therefore, find an expert of the field and ask for assistance. You can ask your teachers for assistance or hire an expert online.  Once you are done with writing your essay, get it revised, and make changes accordingly.

  • Check your essay for grammatical and spelling errors

The reviewing panel has to read a lot of essays. For them, a single spelling or grammatical error would be enough to throw one essay away. You may consider your piece of writing perfectly. But as a matter of fact, students usually make basic grammatical or spelling errors. For example, just see how easy it is to use homophobes incorrectly- such as using ‘who’s instead of ‘whose.’ In addition, also pay attention to punctuation. A single comma can completely change the meaning of a sentence.

Final take on Writing an Essay for Scholarship Application

Finally, make sure that your scholarship essay manifests your character and integrity. Do not use a large number of words to just say ‘Thank you.’ Few words like ‘I am grateful to you for this opportunity and for giving your precious time to this essay’ would be sufficient. Scholarship essays are generally short. Thus, do not use a big portion of your essay to express gratitude.

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