Application for Bank Statement

Application for Bank Statement Request [Samples Included]

Letter of Application for Requesting Bank Account Statement

The application for a Bank statement is written to the bank branch manager where the bank account of the person is; in order to request the bank account transaction statement.

All those readers out there who do not know how to write a bank statement application, you are fortunate to reach the right place. We will help you to get a quick idea about how you can write a perfect and professional application to request a bank statement by following few simple steps. But first of all, let’s just guide you a bit related to what an application for a bank statement is all about.

Application to Request a Bank Statement from Bank Manager

An application for requesting the bank statement is a formal letter or document in which we address the bank manager of a specific banking branch; where you have opened your bank account, to request your bank account transaction statement. The bank statement carries the list of transactions a person carried out with timestamps, exact amounts, dates of transactions, and names of locations where transaction’s were carried out.

This application letter for a bank statement is written to request the manager to issue you a bank statement of your account for a certain duration. The manager will issue a statement related to accounting history, transactions, and details of the deposited amount, withdrawal amount information, account balance, and other details.

Due to the advancement of technology, the whole process is done through online banking. With this facility, you may consider login into the online banking system and then request your bank statement online without filing an application for a bank statement in the banking branch. You can easily view or even download your bank statement for a specific duration through online banking. For official purposes, you can also get a hardcopy of your bank statement upon request. But in case, if this facility is not available to you then consider visiting your banking branch with the application letter for bank statement request to get it.

What is the main purpose of a bank statement?

With the help of a bank statement, you can keep a complete track record of your expenses and income. It even let you know about your transaction details, account history, withdrawal amount if any, deposited amount, account balance, and much more.

Normally, banks have a policy that they issue a monthly bank account statement and send it to the registered email address of the account holder. You can even collect the bank statement through a request letter or collect it from a bank branch.

Format of the Application for Bank Statement Request

Before you plan to write an application for a bank statement, keep in mind the below-mentioned tips:

    • Write it like an official letter and sign it correctly. Write the name of the branch manager, name of the bank, bank address, and date of the application. Later on, you have to mention details about the account holder’s name, bank account number, and current address.
    • Do mention the “main subject” on the top to let the authority know for what purpose you have written the letter.
    • At the start of the letter, add salutation as well. Do not forget to mention the details about the account holder’s identity and the account number.
    • The letter has to be clear and concise. Do not include unnecessary information about the account.
    • Starting and ending dates of the requested bank statement should be mentioned.

Sample Application for Requesting the Bank Account Statement – [Free Template]

Check out the format below to have an idea about how to write a perfect bank statement request application.

The Branch Manager,
[Bank name],

Account Holder Name:
Bank Account Number:

Subject: Application for the Bank Statement

Respected Sir/Madam,

This is to be stated that I am associated with this bank branch for a long time. I am currently doing a job and I have applied for further studies abroad. For my visa processing, as a requirement, the embassy wants to check my bank account statement along with my documents without which my visa processing might stop. My account number and account title is mentioned below:

A/c Title: Account Holder Name

A/c Number: Account Number

I would be grateful if you can issue me the bank statement through my email-address which I have mentioned at the end of my application letter. Hope to get a quick response from you. For any query, you are free to contact me on my provided mobile number. I shall be highly gratified for this act.

Thanking you,

Account holder name,
Registered email-address,
Registered contact number.


To sum up, a bank statement is an issued document/paper related to your bank account details i.e. balance and transactions. Always request a bank statement from your bank manager in a written form and not on a phone call or visiting the bank. Follow the format pattern carefully which we have discussed in the blog for you.

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