Fee Concession Application

Application for Tuition Fee Concession Written to the Dean of College or University – Format, Samples, Templates and Examples

How to: Write an Application for a Tuition Fee concession from the Dean of University/College

Asking for a fee concession in an application letter can be a tricky task to tackle as it asks you to bring your guard down and keep your self-esteem on the side for a while. A well-thought-out and efficiently devised discount application can surely get the job done for you. But, writing one requires time and effort. Luckily we have come up with a quick guide on how to ask for fee concession from the management of your university or college. This guide also contains a free fee concession sample that you can use. Read on to know more about dos and don ts of writing a fee concession request. 

Things to Keep in Mind:

    • A fee concession application should be genuine
    • It should portray that you absolutely deserve the fee concession.
    • It should follow a humble tone throughout.
    • It should be written addressing the concerned party with respect.
    • It should be thorough, yet, to the point and straight forward.
    • It should state clearly how much of a fee discount you want and for how long do you want it.
    • The format of the fee concession letter should follow the general rules of the application. Don’t let the authorities wonder whether or not you are as brilliant as a student that you claim.
    • Don’t be clingy and don’t sound extremely desperate.

Sample for an Application requesting a fee concession from the Dean of University/College:

Tuition Fee Concession Template 1:

The Dean,
Department of Media Studies,
California State University,
Long Beach, California.

Subject: Application for fee concession

Respected Dean,

It is to state that I am a third-year student of Bachelor of Media Studies in the honored institution of yours. My past academic record shows that I have maintained a CGPA of more than 3 since the first semester. My teachers are extremely happy with my progress and they have praised me several times over my active participation in-class activities.

I belong to a middle-class family with countless financial tensions. My father was diagnosed with cancer two years ago that left him unable to work. Since then, my elder brother is working really hard and is doing overtime as well to support the family. All my other siblings are still quite young and it is impossible for them to find a job. I wait tables part-time in The Cheesecake Factory but still find it hard to feed my family. Paying my tuition fee is an added burden in our already troubled lives.

Being the hardworking student that I am, I don’t think that a thing like money should hinder my studies. Therefore, I, very humbly request you to please grant me a tuition fee concession of 50% for the next six months. I am hoping to get an on-campus job of teaching assistant after six months which will enable me to pay my tuition fee in full.

I will be forever grateful to you for your generosity.

Yours faithfully,
Bella Payne,
Enrollment No:

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