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Fully-funded Scholarships in Australia 2024: Apply for Admissions

Scholarships for International Students in Australia

I am happy to tell all of my scholarship seeking students that the new admissions batch of 2024-2025 is announced in Australian Universities for which selection of Australian Scholarships will be awarded to international students and this is why i wrote this article to provide you insights on how you can actually win a fully funded scholarship to study higher degree in Australia for free and i must also mention that a well-known Australian Award Scholarship is at top of this list.

Several Australian Scholarships are available for international students who wish to pursue academic degrees in Australia and some are funded by the Australian government, while others are provided directly by various universities so before you apply for graduate or undergraduate studies in Australia, make sure you do your research well and find out if there is a funding opportunity that you could apply for to ease the financial burden that comes with studying abroad.

Can You Study in Australia Without IELTS in 2024?

I think you may already know that native language in Australia is actually English which is why all degrees are taught in English language and henceforth all international students are required to be super proficient in English language.

International students interested to study in Australia are required to provide evidence of their English language proficiency but that does not mean IELTS is the only English language test accepted in Australia and applicants can opt for any IELTS alternative English language test as well to apply for Australian Scholarships.

List of Scholarships in Australia in 2024-2025

If you are considering applying for the Australian Scholarships sponsored by Authentic Government departments or institutes then the following 8 scholarships are of most important ones to start with. All of these Australian Scholarships are offered by Government owned departments or institutes.

To help you with that and save you the time that it would take you to conduct your research, we have compiled a list of the best scholarships in Australia that you can check out if you are considering applying to colleges and universities in Australia.

1- Australia Awards Scholarship (AAS Scholarship)

The Australia Awards Scholarships were previously called the Australian Development Scholarship, or ADS. This is funded by the Australian Foreign Affairs and Trade Department to individuals who belong to developing countries for undergraduate degrees and postgraduate degrees at various Australian universities.

2- Endeavor Scholarships for Postgraduate Degrees

This Australian endeavor scholarship award offers financial support to international students who wish to pursue postgraduate degrees, either Master’s degrees or PhDs, in Australia. The scholarship should cover the tuition fee and offers a monthly stipend. It is also enough to cover insurance policies and has a small travel allowance as well.

3- International Postgraduate Research Scholarship

This Australian postgraduate research scholarship program can be availed by international students who want to do postgraduate research in Australia. It could be done at either a Master’s or Ph.D. level, depending on what you are applying for. It provides funding for health insurance and tuition fee.

The list below contains several scholarships that are offered directly by universities to international students who wish to pursue higher studies in Australia.

4- International Research Scholarship by the University of Sydney

International students who want to pursue research-based Master’s or Ph.D. degrees in Australia at the University of Sydney can apply for this scholarship, which covers the tuition fee and provides a living allowance as well for a period of a maximum of 3 years.

5- International Scholarship by Macquarie University

This Macquarie University scholarship partially covers the tuition fee for students with excellent academic grades, who wish to enroll in graduate or undergraduate programs at the university.

6- Scholarship by University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne scholarship is given to research students who have excellent academic performance. This award covers the tuition fee, and relocation grant, and provides a living allowance as well.

7- Scholarship by University of Adelaide

On number 7 i recommend you to please check Adelaide University Scholarships and their international programs are offered by the University to postgraduate students from all over the world to come and conduct research at the University and University of Adelaide Scholarship provides tuition fees, living allowance, as well as health insurance.

8- Scholarship by Flinders University

You can apply for Flinders University Scholarships in Australia also. Students who wish to enroll for a research-based degree at Flinders University may be given the Flinders International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (FIPRS) and this particular scholarship in Australia by Flinders University actually covers tuition fees for international students, relocation costs, and air tickets, and also provides a living allowance.

Yousaf Saeed

I'm Dr. Engr. Yousaf Saeed, founder of the AScholarship Education Portal. My academic path includes 3 prestigious international scholarships — Australia Awards, CSC, and HKPFS — for my higher studies. I am also an IChemE affiliate whereas I've also worked for companies like Aramco and BYCO oil refinery as an production engineer at the start of my career. I completed MS, and PhD with major research publications in leading SCI journals (details on my Researchgate Profile). This reflects my commitment to educating and therefore i started it for the purpose to guide aspiring international students for find scholarships for their higher education dream. As an experienced educator and mentor, I specialize in navigating the intricacies of research and patent and write useful articles on these topics too.


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  3. Good morning , my name is Oumou and I live Senegal. So I want to continue my studies abroad that’s why I send you a message and hope get a scholarship.
    Thank you !

      1. Hello,
        My name is Francis Boakye. I am from a very poor town in Ghana, West Africa. My dream of pursuing my Course is shaky due to financial constraints. I have had admission to study at the University of New England starting from February. However, the tuition fee alone is huge for me to bear. I would therefore be pleased if you could assist me to get a scholarship that would pay for my tuition fee.
        Thank you.

  4. I am looking for MS and Phd schlorship in Australia.
    I belong from pakistan . Give me information how i can get Full funded Schlorship .

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  8. Am a Malawian by nationality and i obtained my bachelor’s degree in Community Development and i want a scholarship to further my studies in Masters’s degree in Developmental Studies or International Development Studies.

  9. I have completed my senior secondary school now and I want to apply for this scholarship for the next session.

  10. Hey and good Morning I just want to know which universities offers Nursing Course in Australia
    Im an interested applicant.
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  14. Hallo.. I’am Devinta.. could u give advice to me what which university is good for Immunology cancer major??…

    stay safe, stay healthy..

  15. Hi,
    I ‘am from Papua New Guinea and am a Nursing Officer. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in General Nursing at the Pacific Adventist University, School of Health Sciences. I have a very keen interest with a passion to further my career experiences and wish to become part of the scholarship program offered by your Foundation in any Health related fields, Particularly with Emergency Nurse, Critical Care Nurse, Medevac and Theater Nurse. Please Kindly consider my application and advice should there be any opportunities given the pursue my goal. Thank you.

  16. I am an A-level student from Zimbabwe and l would like to further my studies abroad particularly in the science field, i hope to win an Australian Scholarship.

  17. dear how are you? I am Temesgen from Ethiopian country as well as I am lecture @bule hora university . I want to learn my PhD degree on solid state physics /condensed matter physics/material science for your appropriate university.
    Good Day!

  18. I am a teacher for students with special educational needs. I have been working as a teacher and sign language interpreter for deaf community for past 14 years. I have been trying to get an opportunity to gear myself better with best practices from Australia for SEN. Could you please suggest me a path to reach for such a scholarship opportunity.
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    My name is Clotilda Claudia Harry from the Solomon Islands, eligible to study MBA at the University of South Pacific, Fiji, campus in the Solomon Islands. Please can I apply for a Pacific scholarship to meet my further studies?
    Secondly, a scholarship to do Bachelors in Queensland University in Bachelors of Marketing and sales, Environmental law at Any University in Australian or Pacific University at Australia National University/Catholic University in Australia, Melbourne University of Sydney University.


    Clotilda Claudia Harry

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