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Internship Report Conclusion Writing Explained: How to Conclude an Internship Report?

Writing an internship report is a fairly easy task to accomplish. You are mainly just supposed to discuss the firm, industry, or organization briefly and describe what you learned there as an intern. How do you think this internship changed your outlook about the job environment and what did you accomplish in terms of refining your professional skills. 

On the flip side, concluding the internship report can be a little tricky. As with all kinds of conclusions, you are not supposed to add anything out of the blue to the conclusion section, yet, you need to be talking about something worthwhile and not sound repetitive. Here is how you can achieve this task:

Conclude with what you are considering currently:

In the conclusion section of your internship report, you can talk about the whole internship experience. You can also include what kind of skills or qualities you would like to develop or work more on. What areas of the firm you would have loved to work with. 

For instance, you can discuss that you would have liked to work directly with the customers, or, you think you were more suited for the technical management of the firm. This will help you understand what you actually like to do the most within your professional horizon. On the other hand, it will help the firm devise better internship programs in the future. 

Keep a professional tone and don’t drag the conclusion. Your report can be read by your professors, the company’s upper management, and/or your future employers. You don’t want to leave a bad experience by sounding childish and unprofessional. 

Internship Report Conclusion Section Template, Sample and Example

In conclusion, this internship has been a very useful experience for me. I can safely say that my understanding of the job environment has increased greatly. However, I do think that there are some aspects of the job that I could have done better and that I need to work on. I need to build more confidence in applying accounting principles. I realized that I could have completed the work earlier than I did. Also, the technical parts of the job were a bit flawed and I was asked multiple times to correct it. 

The two main things that I learned after my experience in this firm are the importance of time management and being self-motivated.

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