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Internship Report Format, Outline and Template | How to Write an Internship Report?

Internship Report Sample, Example and Templates

An internship Report is a document that each internee must submit after his internship period in an organization. The internship report is drafted by an internee providing an explanatory summary on the internship learning experience and then it is submitted to the organization.

Here are some tips to formulate a professional internship report.

Internship Report Objective:

The objective of an internship report is to get your hands dirty in your particular field to acquire some professionalism via learning new things in an organization instead of a schooling environment.

An internship can be defined as a short-term job or as a volunteer service in an organization. It offers a preliminary experience to the talent coming directly from institutes.  An internship report is very important as it is the only document that depicts your experience as an internee. It strengthens the image of the candidate in the job market as an experienced individual.

Internship Report Format | Internship Report Template

The formatting of an internship report document conveys the first impression of the content to the reader. Keep the following points in mind while formatting an internship report:

    1. A cover page of an internship report must be created with a candidate’s basic info
    2. The first thing is to create a cover letter for an internship report
    3. Table of contents (TOC) must also be included in an internship report
    4. Add an abstract summarizing your internship experience in an easy to be read as a mid-length paragraph
    5. The rest of the internship report must stick to the topic and be neat
    6. Add acknowledgments sections to thank someone who helped you during your internship
    7. Outline what things you learned and how that organization can further improve its internship program
    8. Add bibliographic or references section at the end of internship report (if necessary)

Content Tips for Internship Essay

Internship Report is a key that can open a door to your field. So, make sure not to lose it. It depicts your experience, passion for the field, and skills that can be helpful to proceed further. The following points will help you to nail your internship report. Let’s have a look!

#1 Focus on Introduction

The starting sentence must captivate the reader’s sight and mind. A reader is a person who is dealing with a lot of such reports and will only be interested in a different one. So, try to catch his attention at the start and keep him with you throughout the document. The introduction must be related to your field experience, for example, introduce yourself as a pet foster if your field is veterinary-related.

#2 Thesis Statement

The first paragraph must end with a thesis statement. This statement will pave your way to the next content of the report. It could be for example as. “I worked as a volunteer with animals and it fortified me with kindness and enhanced my observation skills”.

#3 Describe Your Strengths

A golden rule of thumb is to show others what is in their benefit. Tell them what and how your skills can help the organization meet its goals. It will be a different perspective as everyone is describing his gains from the opportunity. Dig the best in yourself and prove it throughout the document with the past examples. The length of the essay can be specified, or it can be of your choice if not mentioned.

#4 Mention Your Experience

You can ask yourself that it will be repetition as you already mentioned your experience in your resume or CV. We can say so, but the format will be different, and you can include all types of job experiences from baby sitter to the cricket team’s captain. The essay format will be good to elaborate on the skills that prove you a good candidate.

#5 Mention Your Work Ethics

Mention that the internship is as important as a job for you. No matter you are getting paid for it or not, it is a job and you will do it professionally. A professional tone will depict your passion and work ethics in this part of the essay.

#6 Don’t Tell Them What They Know

Avoiding repetition and obvious things is key to stick with the topic. For example, mentioning your objective to gain experience is something typical. Instead of using the typical wording try to explain what will you learn? More specifically and how it will help you in your career?

#7 The Guidelines

Guidelines to write an internship report are important. They may include word limit, font type, and size, or any specific information. So, providing less or more from that proves you less professional. Stick to guidelines and try to keep it concise and an interesting read.

#8 Personalize Your Essay

Your internship report essay must be relevant to you and the organization you are applying to. it must not be a generalized version that can easily make it unattractive to read. After completing the essay proofread it and get a second opinion from a professional or a friend so that you do not miss any mistakes.

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