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Submit an Application for Summer Internship 2023

Are you too looking for an internship to complete that one last requirement of your degree completion? Although internships are not compulsory for all degrees, reports have shown that students who seize internships are more likely to land full-time high-paying jobs in the future.

That explains the reason for the multiplying number of students aiming to land internships. But more interns mean more internship opportunities. This is where companies play their roles. 70% of the companies offer full-time internships to potential students. These lucrative internship programs being launched by companies act as a talent pool for their hiring activities, hence profiting both parties. 

But ever wondered the difference between that 80% of students who apply for internships and those few who get their hands on one? An impressive cover letter of course! And how to ace a cover letter for internships? Dive deeper into this article to find out. It must be noted to submit a covering letter as well alongside your internship application.

Internship Applications

“An application for internships, otherwise known as a cover letter for internships is a formal response to an internship vacancy. It is addressed to the company having a vacancy for an intern.”

A cover letter for an internship works a tad bit different than a conventional cover letter. The reason for this is that students applying for internships lack experience in the ‘real world. This is the reason why they apply for internships anyways right? To gain experience on professional grounds. And how better stand out from the rest of the candidates than to put up an impactful cover letter? And how exactly to do that? By giving this article a read of course.

What does an application for an internship contain? 

An application for an internship draws a line between worthy students and those students with a non-serious attitude. It differs from a traditional cover letter in a way that it emphasizes the goals of the applicant and not his achievements. This does not at all mean that one should refrain from incorporating his/her skill set of course. Any extracurricular activities and previous work will add to the worthiness of the applicant as long as it is related to the internship being applied to. Nevertheless, aiming at your goals and objectives and encouraging the target firm to take a leap in you should be the main theme of the application.

Format of an Effectuate Application for internship

A cover letter for an internship is a great way to enter that foot of yours inside the door of a reputed company, subsequently building solid career connections and increasing your links. It can also earn you a permanent spot in the company as 56% of the interns get permanent employment by the same companies. But how to write a purposeful application for your internship so as to launch your career? Take a look at this format and get a clear vision of how to compose a cover letter for internships.

  • Date:-

The date is the foremost component of an application for an internship. It is placed on the top left corner of the page.

  • Recipient’s address:-

Then comes the recipient’s details after the date by leaving a line in between. It contains the particulars as to the designation of the recipient, the name of the company, and the name of the city.

  • Subject line:-

Next in line is the subject line. It contains the message of your application in a precise manner.

  • Salutation:-

The greeting words, such as ‘Respected Sir/ Madam’ or ‘Honorable Sir/ Madam’ come next in the application.

  • Main body:-

Then comes the real deal of the letter. The body paragraph includes the basic information of the applicant and is generally divided into three to four paras.

      1. The first para: It contains the details of the applicant. Some basic information along with a background on the reason for applying is stated herein.
      1. The second para: In this paragraph, the skill set of the applicant is enlisted. Any scholastic and professional achievements are to be incorporated in this subsection.
      2. The third para: Contains motivating factors for the applicant to be granted a spot in the list of interns. Reasons as to why the particular candidate stands out from the crowd and how he can prove a profitable investment to the firm as well as to the society are envisaged. A bit of research can help in this regard.   
  • Call to action:-

The body is ended with a call to action note leaving behind a hint in the mind of the employer.

  • Enclosure:-

A list of all the documents attached for reference is mentioned in a separate column.

  • Sender’s address:-

The details of the applicant are mentioned next. It contains details like the name and signature of the applicant.

  • Contact details:-

Lastly, the contact details of the applicant are integrated. It consists of a registered phone number and a valid email address of the candidate under consideration.

Sample Application of Summer Internship

For a bit more guidance on the compilation of an internship cover letter, take a look at this sample below:

Date: July 15, 2023

(designation of Receiver),
(name of company),
(name of the city).

(Candidate’s Name),
(Candidate’s details).

Subject: Application for an internship

Respected Sir/ Madam,

This letter is composed as a response to the opening that you advertised in the local newspaper. The vacancy was for a salesperson and I was delighted to discern that my academic achievements meet the criteria. I, myself, have been looking for a challenging yet gratifying opportunity which is the major reason why I was inclined towards the advertisement.

As a marketing student at the XYZ University, I have acquired astounding skills in PR, advertising, market analysis, and research studies. I am currently in my final semester and had secured an overall GPA of 3.9 in the last semester. During my previous semesters, I have prudently focused on the following areas of my course work:

  • Marketing management
  • Market analysis
  • Internet marketing
  • Integrated marketing communications
  • Media trends.

Putting the above-mentioned skills to the test, I had designed a marketing campaign as an assignment in my previous semester which was a huge success in terms of the highest return on investment on the basis of the allotted budget and was also acknowledged by the university. A booklet of the strategies we adopted in the campaign has been published and placed in the library. I have enclosed it, alongside my resume with this letter for your reference.

I would be honored to hold an interview with you and further discuss how I can prove a profitable investment to your firm. If you are interested in giving me a chance, please contact either of the sources given below.

Your time and consideration are highly appreciated.

Enclosure: list of documents.

Contact info:
Phone number: xxxx-xxxxxxx
Email address: [email protected]

Yours Sincerely,
(name of applicant),
(signature of applicant).

Tips for Acing an Application for internship:-

  • Depiction of eagerness:-

Since the majority of the students applying for internships are inexperienced, it is best that you picture yourself as an enthused individual.

  • Back your facts:-

Refrain from incorporating those details which cannot be backed by proof. Including relevant documents increases the credibility of the candidate.

  • Highlight your attributes:-

Make sure to advertise yourself as a worthy candidate by detailing your unique experiences and fundamental traits.

  • Revise and recheck:-

Double-check your application before turning it in to eliminate any grammatical errors, which might otherwise ruin the charm of your letter.


Landing an internship is not that tedious as it seems, especially when you know how to construct a compelling application. Use this article as a guide and keep in mind the tips and tricks to craft a persuasive cover letter for your internship. At the end of your internship duration, you may be asked to produce an internship report or you may need to submit weekly progress of your internship work, so please make sure to read these articles too. And here is the article that will help you to find the latest internship opportunities.

This brings the end of this article. Give us your valuable remarks in the comments section below. Until next time, Adios!

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