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MS Leading to Ph.D. Scholarships in 2023 | Fully-funded

List of MS Leading to Doctorate Scholarships of 2022-2023

The fully-funded MS leading to Ph.D. Scholarships 2023-2024 academic sessions in different countries are now enrolling international students in various disciplines. So, take your chances, get ready to apply for the MS leading to doctorate scholarships in 2023.

So have you been thinking to apply for MS leading to a Ph.D. scholarship in 2023?

Do you want to know which Ph.D. scholarships are excellent to sponsor full funding and the best services for further research work?

Well as you will search around, you will probably find numerous top international universities that are providing some great scholarship programs for the students to apply to. Never miss the golden opportunity to apply for those scholarships in which students from all nationalities and countries are free to get the amenities.

Why are Scholarships Important?
Important Benefits of Scholarships

According to a recent survey, 0.4% of students in the US are awarded a full-ride scholarship. Due to lower odds, it might confuse the student that whether applying for the scholarship is worth enough or not.

Well, it is because the benefits of scholarships are extremely huge and they make applying well worth your time.

  • Students winning the scholarship amount will be able to easily access the education at an extensive level under support.
  • They initially help the student to build a powerful network around them under which they don’t need to stress about doing some employment.
  • The reason why scholarships become a major pillar for your future growth is that it gives your resume a versatile boost.

List of MS Leading to Ph.D. Scholarships in 2023-2024

  1. Gates Cambridge Scholarships (UK)

First, on our list, we have the name Gates Cambridge Scholarships (UK) which is known to be a popular international scholarship for Ph.D. students. This scholarship is awarded to students from countries that are outside the UK for pursuing a full-time postgraduate degree in one subject which is available at the University of Cambridge.

With this awarded Gates Cambridge scholarship, the student will be able to cover the entire cost of their education at Cambridge and also provide some discretionary or additional funding.

  1. Clarendon Scholarships at University of Oxford (UK)

The Clarendon Fund works as a major graduate scholarship scheme which is introduced by the University of Oxford. Under this scholarship, 140 new scholarships are offered to the students every year. Students from all over the world are free to apply for this scholarship which is awarded on the criteria of previous academic excellence and potential of study at the graduate level at the University of Oxford. Awarded scholarship amount will cover college fees and tuition fees for the living expenses.

  1. Warwick Chancellor’s International Scholarships (UK)

Coming to the next, let’s describe “The Warwick Graduate School scholarships” in which almost 25 Chancellor’s International Scholarships are awarded to deserving students. A student from any nationality is free to apply for this scholarship in any discipline which is offered at Warwick. Awarded amount of the scholarship will cover overseas tuition fees as well as maintenance allowance.

  1. Nottingham Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship for Research Excellence (UK)

The University of Nottingham gives out an opportunity to the international students where they can pursue MPhil and Ph.D. research-based programs at the university. Awarded scholarship amount will cover the entire tuition fee.

  1. Sussex Chancellor’s International Research Scholarships (UK)

The University of Sussex is looking forward to seeking the attention of international research scholars for full-time doctoral studies. Students can apply for the eligible fields to study at this University.  Awarded scholarship amount will cover the stipend and full international fees.

  1. Adelaide Scholarships International (Australia)

Next, we have Adelaide International (Australian) Scholarships which are offered by The University of Adelaide. The main aim of this scholarship program is to seek the attention of some excellent international students of postgraduate to perform powerful research under the support of the University of Adelaide. Awarded scholarship amount will cover the annual living allowances, tuition fees, and the student’s health insurance.

  1. University of Sydney International Research Scholarships (Australia)

University of Sydney International Research Scholarships is offered by The University of Sydney. Through this scholarship, candidates are invited are study a postgraduate research degree program under the support of this University. Awarded scholarship amount will cover the whole tuition fees and the living allowances for at least three years.

  1. Melbourne Research Scholarships (Australia)

The Melbourne Research Scholarship (MRS) has been introduced by the University of Melbourne. This scholarship is awarded to all international and domestic research students. Comprising benefits of this scholarship program will vary based on student circumstances. This includes a fortnightly living allowance, or the relocation allowance, as well as paid sick and parental leave.

  1. University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships (Canada)

The University Of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships (UMGF) has been introduced by the University of Manitoba which is a merit-based scholarship award. It is considered one of the best Canadian Scholarships. A student from any nationality can apply for this scholarship under which they will register themselves as full-time Ph.D. students under the support of the University of Manitoba. Awarded amount in this scholarship program is $18,000 given for at least 12 months.

  1. IRO Doctoral Scholarship Programme at K.U. Leuven (Belgium)

K.U.Leuven is the next on our list which is one of the best among all Belgium scholarships! This institution offer IRO scholarships to all deserving and talented students from different developing countries for their Ph.D. education. With this awarded scholarship, the student will be able to cover the entire cost of their education. Awarded scholarship funding will include a full waived tuition fee, housing allowance, monthly allowance, health insurance, installation allowance, accident allowance as well as return flight tickets.

  1. ANU Ph.D. Scholarships

This scholarship has been introduced by Australian National University for the fields of Society and Environment where an award is granted to select Ph.D. students. Students from all international and domestic levels are free to apply for this heavily research-focused scholarship grant. Awarded amount of this scholarship is a yearly stipend of almost 28,000 AUD. Awarded scholarship amount will cover the annual living allowances and tuition fees. The total number of scholarships awarded is two.


So these have been a few of the major and excellent scholarship programs 2023-2024 for the program of MS leading to Ph.D. Every scholarship has its criteria and eligibility scenario which you can define by visiting the official sites of the specific university.

Apply for the best one and give your future a brighter career growth!

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