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Canada Can Be Your New Home in 2024 – Canadian NOMAD VISA Announced

Immigrate to Canada for 6 Months to Settle in Canada Forever as Digital NOMAD

Canada can now be your new home if you are interested to move abroad and start your life because just recently this news surfaced that Canadian immigration department created new immigration policy to capture international digital nomads to let them work remotely from Canada.

These days everyone is watching all these developed countries battling hard to capture international digital NOMAD workers by providing attractive digital NOMAD friendly benefits such as high speed internet, low to free broadband fee, subsidized commercial/residential rentals, and no income tax promises and in all these aspects as per circleloop Canada is taking lead for now followed compared to UK, Romania, Sweden and Denmark.

I know everyone is nowadays is talking about new digital NOMAD tech talent policy of Canada which is going to be open for applications anytime soon for global digital NOMADS such as software engineers, bloggers, vloggers, freelancers, and various other digital NOMADS who are working remotely to earn money from global online monetization programs or IT companies.

Why Countries are making NOMAD friendly Immigration Policies?

Recently another report of US citizen digital NOMAD’s was surfaced which initially got published by MBOpartners projecting steep growth of digital NOMADS all across the globe. In 2019 this report mentions around 7.3 million NOMADS which in 2020 cross 10.9 million digital NOMADS then later in 2021 with 42% growth percentage 15.5 million digital NOMADS were reported in this report.

So, basically this is huge and the revenue these digital NOMADS are generating is also a big number that can actually become a solid income stream for the economies of countries and this is why every other country is making new digital NOMAD friendly policies to capture them into their country.

When can you apply for Canadian digital NOMAD VISA?

As per recent news verified by travellinglifestyle; you will be able to submit your application to obatin Canadian digital NOMAD VISA in later months of 2023 whereas you can expect your visa in early 2024.

Similarly, Canada recently is in process of making adjustments to their labor market impact assessment process for creating space for digital nomads via their tech talent strategy as indicated by fraser’s agency and Nicole cieslicki (Senior director @ MBO partners).

With this if you are a digital NOMAD and looking at Canada as your new NOMAD home then let me give you a good news which in few days will be more and more for sure. So, your income generated globally by your remote work will actually be exempted from taxation in Canada under US/Canada income tax treaty as per 183 days rule.

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