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Canadian Atlantic Immigration Program 2024 to Settle in Canada

AIP 2024 Canadian PR Applications

You can move to Canada via Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) 2024, whereas, approved Canadian employers are allowed to hire international talent through this Canadian immigration program.

The Atlantic Immigration Program of Canada opens up a new door for skilled international workers and foreign graduates to obtain permanent residency in any of the 4 Atlantic provinces of Canada. Those Atlantic provinces are Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick. AIP Canada is an immigration program that facilitates employers from Atlantic provinces to recruit staff for the jobs they find unable to recruit locally. The applicant must obtain a job offer from an approved Atlantic employer to participate in AIP 2023.

Aiming to meet the demands of Atlantic Canada’s businesses and communities, the Atlantic Immigration Program actively seeks to increase the number of international residents in the area. This initiative helps to participate local businesses attract and retain international talent. Other desired outcomes of the initiative include facilitating population expansion, training local workers, and boosting regional employment.

What is Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP)?

Skilled foreign employees and international graduates from an accredited post-secondary institution in Atlantic Canada can apply for permanent residency in New Brunswick through the Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP).

Employers in the province of New Brunswick can use this program to find and hire skilled individuals to fill positions they have not been able to fill locally.

To participate in the Atlantic Immigration program, approved employers must first extend a job offer to a qualified applicant who fits both the organization’s needs and the program’s eligibility requirements. Employers are exempt from obtaining a Labour Market Impact Analysis (LMIA). After a candidate has accepted a position, the company will put them in touch with a settlement service provider to conduct a requirements assessment and formulate a settlement plan.

If you accept a job offer from an approved employer under Atlantic Canada Immigration Program, the company will connect you with a settlement service provider to conduct a requirements assessment and formulate a settlement plan. Upon arrival in Canada, employers will help you and your family become fully integrated into society and achieve the goals outlined in their settlement plan. Required qualifications for this employment authorization include:

  • A provincial letter of support,
  • An official job offer,
  • A guarantee to apply for permanent residence within 90 days of filing for a temporary work permit.

Documents Required for Canada Atlantic Immigration Program

Your application is not complete without the additional materials. Check that you have submitted all required materials by using the checklist provided in the application handbook.

  1. A language proficiency test is required, and the results must be included in your application. Even if you attended school in Canada, you are still required to complete this.
  2. If you completed any part of your education outside of Canada, an ECA report will be required. Read this report to see how your education stacks up against those in Canada.
  3. You need documented proof of funds.
  4. You must obtain a settlement plan once you have accepted a position with a specified employer. If you and your family have moved recently to Atlantic Canada, a settlement plan can ease the transition. It will connect you with people and services that can make you feel at home in your new location.
  5. Applicants for the AIP immigration program would need a letter of endorsement upon receiving a plan of settlement. The job offer given by the employer must be endorsed by the designated Atlantic province. This procedure is taken care of by the applicant’s employer.
  6. Police clearance certificate.
  7. An authentic passport is required.
  8. Medical certificate.

Application Fees for Canada Atlantic Immigration Program

CAD$1365 is the amount of fee you have to pay for the Atlantic immigration program including the permanent residence fee.

Who Can Apply Through Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP)?

1# Work experience:

To apply for the Canadian Atlantic immigration program you must have worked a minimum of 1,560 hours (30 hours a week) throughout the past five years.

  • It must be a paid job.
  • Involved in a job other than self-employment
  • Can be an international candidate or Canadian.
  • If in Canada, have been granted work authorization as a temporary resident.
  • Work experience must be in accordance with your work permit or NOC specifications.

2# Educational Eligibility:

To apply for AIP you must have a graduation degree from one of Atlantic Canada’s 24 accredited colleges or universities. If you get a job offer letter at NOC type0 (management) or level A(professional) at least one year of post-secondary education from Canada or equivalent education from abroad is required to apply.

If you get a job offer letter at NOC level B (technical) or level C (intermediate) high school diploma from Canada or equivalent education from abroad is essential. If you are from outside Canada you must have an additional educational credential assessment (ECA). It is required that your ECA report be no more than 5 years old on the date your application is received.

3# Language Proficiency Requirements for Canada AIP:

  • Language requirements are based on the type of skill NOC.
  • The minimum language requirements for each NOC category are
  • CLB/NCLC 4 for TEER 4
  • CLB/NCLC 5 for TEER 0, 1, 2 or 3
  • CELPIP-General and IELTS are the tests required for the English language.
  • For the French language, TEF Canada and CEF Canada are required.

Your application won’t be complete without the results of a language test conducted by an approved testing agency. The application cannot be based on results older than 2 years.

4# Funds Requirement:

  • If you want to settle in Canada, you will need to prove that you can support yourself and your family financially.
  • The number of funds you will need to prove to vary based on the number of people in your family, including those who won’t be moving to Canada with you.
  • If you are working on a legal work permit in Canada then you are not required to show funds.

How to Apply for the Atlantic Immigration Program of Canada?

  • The employer introduces you to a settlement plan provider. The specified company will now carry out a needs assessment service and propose the best possible settlement plan for you and your family.
  • Both the employer and you will receive copies of the selected settlement plan.
  • After the selection of the settlement plan, the employer completes the endorsement application and chooses a program that is appropriate for the employee’s job experience. The settlement plan and job offers are submitted to the province.
  • If you get the provincial endorsement letter you can submit a finished application for permanent residency to the IRCC. It is submitted along with the necessary paperwork and an endorsement letter.
  • There are certain steps involved in the submission of a PR application; you need to fill out online forms and fill out all the digital forms whether they are signed digitally or manually, now you have to pay the biometric fee and submit your application.
  • The application is successfully submitted, and if accepted, you and other family members in question are now free to settle in Atlantic Canada.


If you want to permanently settle in Canada, it is a golden opportunity for you. Avail of this offer and submit your application here.

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