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New Zealand Scholarships Without IELTS in 2023: Study for free in New Zealand

List of Scholarships in New Zealand Universities

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Admissions in New Zealand Universities are now open for online New Zealand Scholarships applications in 2023 and the good thing is the exemption of IELTS to apply for New Zealand-based grants.

Today’s hot educational story is the announcement of the fully-funded New Zealand Scholarships for the class of 2023-2024 academic year for various subject offerings under all degree level admissions. These New Zealander scholarships cover full tuition fees, accommodation facilities, flight ticket funding, student health insurance, and another academic funding package.

So are you an international student considering applying to universities in New Zealand?

Would you prefer to get a world-class education for free?

Well, you are in luck. New Zealand offers a wide range of scholarships to international students.

Funding Plans of New Zealand Scholarships

When it comes to studying in New Zealand, then one must note that the New Zealand government and its public sector Universities are doing their best to attract talented students from every corner of the world by providing them with fully-funded New Zealand scholarships with many other perks.

These perks include free or low fee education facility and monthly stipend allocation with the residential facility where utilities are mostly sponsored as well. As an international student in New Zealand, you can use their state-of-the-art and well-equipped laboratories for your research experimentation under the supervision of highly trained and experienced faculty members.

So you no longer have to worry about the huge strain that it could have caused on your bank account.

IELTS Exempted New Zealand Scholarships

The degree programs in New Zealand are Universities are taught mostly in the English language which is why admissions departments of Universities in New Zealand check the English language proficiency of applicants. To verify the required level of English ability, candidates are given options by New Zealand Universities to submit IELTS or any IELTS alternative exams scores such as TOEFL, Cambridge English Tests, DET, PTE, or similar.

So technically speaking, IELTS is not a mandatory admission application requirement at New Zealand Universities.

We know it takes a lot of time and effort to hunt for scholarships that you might be eligible for, so we have done all that work on your behalf and compiled a list of the best scholarships available for students from overseas in New Zealand.

New Zealand Government Scholarships Without IELTS in 2023

We have broken down this list into scholarships offered by the government of New Zealand and those that are directly offered by various universities.

Following is the complete list of Scholarships offered by New Zealand to international students for the class of 2023-2024:

#1 New Zealand International Scholarships

This New Zealand scholarship offers a full ride to students from several parts of the world, including some countries from Latin America, the Commonwealth, Africa, the Pacific, and Asia. It covers the tuition fee and provides a living allowance as well. In addition, this scholarship can also pay for your health insurance and your travel expenditures to and from your home country to New Zealand.

#2 International First-Year Scholarships by University of Canterbury

The University of Canterbury scholarship is given to students with excellent academic standing who wish to pursue undergraduate programs at the University of Canterbury. Several development courses may be covered with the scholarship, such as the Bachelor in Forestry Science.

#3 ADB Scholarships by University of Auckland

This ADB Auckland scholarship is funded by the Asian Development Bank and provides funding opportunities to eligible students who are from the Bank’s member countries. The ADB-Japan Scholarship is offered for postgraduate degrees at various participating institutions within the Pacific and Asian region, and this also includes the University of Auckland. This scholarship also provides complete financial coverage, from the tuition fee to living expenditures and insurance.

You can also check out the Master’s scholarships offered by the Faculty of Arts.

#4 International Research Master’s Award by the University of Otago

The University of Otago scholarship offers funding opportunities to international students pursuing thesis-based Master’s programs at the University.

The University of Otago also offers several doctoral scholarships.

#5 International Scholarships by Victoria University

The Victoria University Scholarship has been started in an attempt to encourage research at the postgraduate level at VU. The scholarship is offered to students who are enrolled as full-time students in research-oriented Master’s programs. It is hoped that these students will add to the level of research during their time at Victoria University.

The university also offers several scholarships for doctoral programs.

#6 International Excellence Award by University of Waikato

The University of Waikato scholarship award is reserved for international students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels with outstanding academic performance. The students must also possess the potential and leadership qualities to represent the University as its global ambassador.

The University of Waikato also offers several scholarships for doctoral programs.


  1. Plz tell me is there any fully funded scholarship for MBBS if yes kindly let me know I’ve searched many websites but no such program is available plz inform me if you find one

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    WE are looking for to have shance to fix some students for your education Institution!

  3. I live in Sri Lanka. And 18 years old. 2020 August it-self I will be siting for my examination of Advanced Levels . Since really for a long time before I would like to get my ststudies in New Zealand . But I like to apply in New Zealand Degree.

  4. I would like to be considered for a fully -funded scholarship in the field of Human Resource Development: PHD in Training,Education and Learning.

  5. Hello Dear
    I am from Afghanistan, I graduated form economic faculty on Kabul University, may I can apply?
    Is Afganistan on your list or no?
    Thank you

  6. I am kemal from Ethiopia looking for Undergraduated scholarship. Pls kindly inform me if you have place for me. I am first year Ethiopian university students.thank you.

  7. I am a Nurse, holding Master degree ( Nursing Administration and Management). Now I am working in Nursing Training School as a Tutor Sister, Loikaw; Myanmar.
    I would like to apply Phd in NewZealand. Please give me a way how to apply. I will be very happy if I get the chance to study in Newzealand.
    With regards,

  8. I’m Jason Tude from Papua New Guinea and I’m currently doing my year 2 in the Medical Imaging Science bachelor program. I’m very much interested in the this New Zealand scholarship.

    1. We appreciate your passion to apply for a New Zealand scholarship; and I suggest you to please submit your application directly on the University website to start off with the New Zealand Scholarship application.

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