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New Zealand Government Scholarship 2024-2025 for Undergrad, Postgrad and Ph.d. Programs for International Students

New Zealand Scholarship 2024 Open for international Students

The New Zealand Government Scholarships 2024-2025 are now open for online applications for students for all degree levels and disciplines. New Zealand Scholarships will change and enrich your life with wonderful academic and living experiences. The entire New Zealand scholarship experience from developing your mind and your career, to enjoying the relaxed Kiwi lifestyle and culture, has the potential to shape your life in the most enriching ways.

Securing a New Zealand Scholarship and studying in New Zealand will be one of the best things you ever do.

Reviews from Previous New Zealand Scholarship Winners

New Zealand Government Scholarship winners tell us they love studying and living in New Zealand. Come and join them, and experience these benefits:

  • You will gain a world-class education and better career prospects: All New Zealand universities are in the top 3% of universities worldwide by QS World University Ranking.
  • You will gain leadership skills and practical skills to share with your country: Your study programme will relate to your country’s human resource and development needs. After your study, you will return home to make a positive difference in your home country.
  • You will feel welcome in New Zealand’s multicultural society that proudly celebrates its bicultural heritage. Around 15% of Kiwis are indigenous Māori, 12% are Asian and 7.5% are Pacific Islanders.
  • You will make friends and strong connections in life. New Zealanders are known for their friendly, honest, and open nature. On scholarship, you will get to know lots of Kiwis, but also you will become part of our global community of talented scholars.
  • You will enjoy a relaxed and peaceful lifestyle in a country with high levels of government transparency and security. New Zealand is one of the most peaceful and least corrupt countries in the world.
  • You will study in English: Learning and living abroad in an English-speaking country will reinforce your English language skills. English is the most commonly spoken language and Te Reo Māori and New Zealand Sign Language are the official languages of New Zealand.
  • You will enjoy a good work-life balance. New Zealand is small and uncrowded so getting around and getting things done is relatively easy. New Zealanders value work-life balance. You will have time for fun and relaxation, as well as conscientious study.
  • You can travel around our country with relative ease to experience New Zealand’s diverse landscapes from beautiful coastlines, snowy mountains, green native bush, and quiet countryside to dynamic cosmopolitan cities.
  • You will experience a progressive and inclusive society, that actively promotes equal opportunities and gender equality: New Zealand is world-leading with its nuclear-free policy, granting female voting rights and the rights of the LGBTQI+ community.
  • You can learn from innovative experts in high-demand subjects. New Zealand has experts in climate change and adaptation, environmental management, renewable energy, disaster risk management, food security, agribusiness, public sector management, indigenous development, and innovative business.
  • You will study in modern high-tech, learning environments, supported by approachable lecturers and expert educators, who focus on critical and innovative thinking.
  • You will get good pastoral care: New Zealand educators have a duty of care to international students under the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students. This Code sets minimum standards to ensure international students are well-informed, safe, and properly cared for by their educational institution.

New Zealand Government Scholarships Cover the following benefits for Undergrad, Master, and PhD

The winners of the New Zealand Government Scholarship 2024-2025 will receive the following benefits:

    • New Zealand will sponsor their full tuition fees
    • living allowance (a stipend) of NZ$491 per week. This will help with a scholar’s basic living expenses, but it is not enough to cover the living costs of any family members
    • an establishment allowance of NZ$3000. This is to help with set-up costs in New Zealand. For example, you can use it for accommodation expenses, textbooks, or other study materials
    • and medical insurance when you are in New Zealand
    • traveling to and from your own country. This is for travel from your own country at the start of the scholarship, and for return travel at the end of your NZ scholarship
    • travel insurance
    • travel home during your scholarship (We allow for one or two trips home, depending on the length of your scholarship)
    • help with research and thesis costs for many postgraduate students

Your education institution will organize your travel and look after you on arrival:

The International Students Office at your university or education institution will organize travel to your study location and your accommodation. They will also look after you on arrival in your study location. They can answer any questions you may have about your courses, financial allowances, or payments.

Your study starts the year after you apply:

Each year, we conduct one round of scholarship applications for each country. If you are successful, you will start your study in semester one in February or March of the following year. (The exception is when your study programme is only available from semester two.) Check the website of your educational institution for the exact start dates for your courses. You must be available to start your study on time.

The international student office at your preferred education institution will make sure you arrive at your study location before your courses start. You will have time for orientation and to settle into your new accommodation.

You must complete your study in New Zealand on time:

You must complete your study within the time period allocated by your education institution for your chosen academic programme.

New Zealand scholarship winners must comply with these conditions:

Scholars must meet all the conditions of a scholarship. Scholars could lose their academic scholarships if they fail to meet these conditions.

For example, all scholars must attend classes, complete compulsory assignments, and sit all exams. All scholars must meet all the course requirements of their educational institution on time. Your educational institution offers extra academic and personal support if a scholar asks for it.

Academic Requirements for the New Zealand Government Scholarship

Scholars agree to meet all of the academic requirements outlined in the Letter of Scholarship Offer and in the New Zealand Scholarships Policy Handbook. This includes attending all classes, completing all assessments that are compulsory course requirements, and sitting all exams. You are required to achieve satisfactory academic progress in accordance with the continuation criteria set by both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the academic institution.

Eligibility Requirements to apply for the New Zealand Government Scholarship:

To apply for a New Zealand Scholarship, you must meet all of the eligibility criteria and you can complete the online questionnaire below to confirm whether you can apply. The Eligibility questionnaire will check in detail if you meet all of the eligibility criteria. The Eligibility questionnaire will check things such as;

#1 Age Requirement:

To apply for a full New Zealand Scholarship, you must be 18 years old or older when you start your scholarship. This means if you are 17 years of age when you apply, you must have your 18th birthday before you start your scholarship in semester one.

Exception for Samoa: Applicants applying for the Samoa Foundation intake can be 17 years of age when they commence their scholarship.

There is no upper age limit for applicants. This means if you are 18 and over, you can apply. However, we do prefer applicants who are under 40 years of age for New Zealand Scholarships for university or tertiary students.

#2 Academic Requirement:

Successful scholarship applicants must meet both the academic entry requirements and the English language requirements determined by each educational institution. Check you meet academic entry requirements and English language requirements

As part of the New Zealand Scholarships application process, you need to choose your preferred education institution and preferred courses. Scholarship applicants don’t need to apply for admission to their preferred education institutions and courses.

But scholarship applicants do need to check that they are likely to meet the minimum academic requirements and the minimum level of English required for their courses.

Course entry requirements are set by your chosen education institution so you must check the minimum entry requirements on their website before you apply for a New Zealand Scholarship.

Ph.D. applicants should look for a supervisor as soon as possible

From an early stage, Ph.D. scholarship applicants should look for an email suitable Ph.D. supervisors at New Zealand universities. Ph.D. scholarship applicants who make it to the interview stage will need to provide evidence at the interview that they have either secured a supervisor or are in active discussions with a potential supervisor.

#3 English Language Requirement:

You do not need to sit an English language test or provide English language test scores when you apply for a New Zealand Scholarship. If they select you for the applicant shortlist during our scholarship selection process, then you will need to provide your English language test scores.

New Zealand Government Scholarship Council accepts test scores from these four English competency testing systems:

      1. IELTS (the International English Language Testing System) OR
      2. TOEFL (the Test of English as a Foreign Language) OR
      3. PTE Academic (the Pearson Test of English Academic) OR
      4. Cambridge Academic English (advanced).

If you have passed an IELTS, TOEFL, PTE Academic, or Cambridge Academic English (advanced) test to the required level during the last 12 months, then your university or education institution may accept these test scores.

If you do not have IELTS, TOEFL, PTE Academic, or Cambridge Academic English (advanced) test scores from the last 12 months, we will tell applicants on the shortlist, if and when they need to sit one of these English competency tests.

Exemption from English language test requirement: If you have already completed some of your previous qualifications in English, your preferred education institution may not require any IELTS, TOEFL, PTE Academic, or Cambridge Academic English (advanced) scores from you. This is the decision of your preferred university or education institution only. You should contact your preferred education institution for a final decision about whether you need to provide English test results.

Generally, to study for a postgraduate qualification, you must have at least:

    • an overall IELTS score of 6.5 and no band less than 6.0
    • a TOEFL score of 90 on the internet-based test with a writing score of 21
    • an overall PTE Academic score of 58 with no communicative skills score of less than 50
    • a Cambridge Academic English (advanced) overall score of 176 with no bands less than 169.

Generally, to study for an undergraduate qualification, you must have at least:

    • an overall IELTS score of 6.0 and no band less than 5.5
    • a TOEFL score of 80 on the internet-based test with a writing score of 21
    • an overall PTE Academic score of 50, with no communication skills, a score of less than 42
    • a Cambridge Academic English (advanced) overall score of 169 with no bands less than 162.

#4 Work Experience Requirement:

Postgraduate scholarship applicants or applicants, who finished high school a few years ago, must have relevant work experience. When assessing New Zealand scholarship applications, they prefer applicants who want to study courses that align strongly with their current work experience. We prefer applicants who will continue working in their current job sector after they finish their scholarship.

On their New Zealand Scholarships application form, applicants must describe how their previous work experience relates to their proposed courses or career. Postgraduate applicants or applicants who finished high school a few years ago must have the following work experience:

      • One year of full-time work experience (i.e. 30 hours or more per week), OR
      • Two years of part-time work experience (i.e. up to 29 hours per week).

Work experience can be either paid, unpaid, or voluntary.

Exception for school leavers and first-year undergraduate students: These two types of scholarship applicants do not need work experience:

      1. Applicants who are in their final year of Secondary School, OR
      2. Applicants who are in their first year of tertiary study that was started in the academic year immediately after completing Secondary School.

New Zealand Government Scholarship Council Sponsors your English Language Test Fee

English language testing takes place during the final stages of our scholarship selection process. Only applicants on our scholarship shortlist, need current IELTS, TOEFL, PTE Academic, or Cambridge Academic English (advanced) test scores.

In most cases, shortlisted applicants will need to organize and pay for their own IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE Academic tests. Shortlisted applicants will need to book a test with a company that does English language testing close to their location.

If you are on our applicants’ shortlist, you will need to book your IELTS or TOEFL testing as soon as possible. This is because the testing process can take several weeks.

You may lose the chance to get a New Zealand Scholarship if your English language testing application form is late or incomplete or inaccurate. They will organize and pay for the IELTS test for shortlisted applicants from these countries:

    • Cambodia
    • Tonga
    • Fiji
    • Timor-Leste
    • Lao PDR
    • Myanmar
    • Nauru
    • Kiribati
    • Vanuatu
    • Solomon Islands
    • Samoa (except Samoa Foundation applicants)
    • Indonesia
    • Papua New Guinea
    • Tuvalu

Documents Required for New Zealand Government Scholarship Application Submission online

The following are the documents and answers to the questions that are required and asked by the online portal of the New Zealand Government Scholarship online application submission website (Link available in end of this article).

What do you need for application submission on the online application website of the New Zealand Government Scholarship?

Please make sure to prepare answers to the following questions before starting your online application for the New Zealand Government Scholarship:

    • provide an email address: a current email address that you use regularly
    • describe a situation when you had a problem and solved it
    • provide your name, birth date, physical address, and phone number
    • list your preferred courses and the educational institution for your scholarship

Note: Your preferred courses must progress from the highest qualification that you have previously completed.

    • describe how your preferred courses relate to one of our recommended study subjects for your country
    • describe the skills and knowledge you want to gain from your preferred courses
    • provide convincing reasons why you want to study in New Zealand
    • list any awards or prizes you have won or articles you have published
    • list the qualifications you have already completed
    • provide the details of previous jobs or work experience
    • describe how your work experience relates to your preferred courses or career (Note: School leavers and first-year undergraduate applicants do not need work experience.)
    • describe a situation when you had to work very hard to achieve your goals
    • describe how these skills and knowledge are important to your country’s social and economic development
    • describe what challenges you could find as a new scholar in New Zealand and how you would deal with these challenges.
    • describe a situation when you created a successful relationship at work or with someone in a community group

Make sure to have the following documents for the New Zealand Scholarship application submission:

With your application form, you need to provide:

    1. A copy of your academic records or transcripts, showing your grades
    2. Study Plan
    3. The grading scale of your educational institution
    4. Motivation Letter
    5. Statement of purpose
    6. Study Plan Essay
    7. Research Proposal from Ph.d. applicants
    8. Recommendation Letters
    9. Translations of these documents into English.

At this stage, your academic records don’t need to be verified by an official. Verified records are stamped and signed by a solicitor, a notary public, or a Justice of the Peace. Their signature confirms that your academic record is genuine.

Applying for a Ph.D. Study Sponsored by New Zealand Scholarships

Scholarship applicants may apply to undertake doctoral studies in any of the identified sectors.  You must, however, be able to show that there are employment opportunities on your return that require you to undertake unsupervised post-doctoral research or to teach at the degree level.  You must also be able to show how your proposed research proposal will benefit your country. Ph.D. scholarship applicants who make it to the interview stage will need to provide evidence at the interview that they have either secured a supervisor or are in active discussions with a potential supervisor.

Ph.D. and Master’s by Thesis applicants must describe their proposed research

If you apply for a Ph.D. scholarship or a Master’s scholarship (by thesis), on your application form you need to describe:

    • Your proposed Ph.D. or Master’s research plan and research design
    • Your proposed approach to your research
    • For Ph.D. applicants: the employment opportunities on your return that will require you to undertake unsupervised post-doctoral research, or to teach at degree level
    • For Ph.D. applicants: how your proposed research proposal will benefit your country.

The following documents are not required at the time of application for Ph.D.:

You don’t need to provide these things with your application form:

    • verified copies of your academic records or transcripts for completed qualifications
    • English language test scores
    • verified copies of your birth certificate, passport, and government ID
    • a student visa
    • a Letter of Place from a university or education institution
    • confirmation of a Ph.D. supervisor (Ph.D. scholarship applicants)

No need to have a Ph.D. supervisor when you apply

As a Ph.D. scholarship applicant, you do not need to prove that you already have a Ph.D. supervisor, when you apply for a New Zealand Scholarship.

But later in the Ph.D. process, if we select you for an interview, then you must prove that you have a Ph.D. supervisor, or you are close to confirming a Ph.D. supervisor.

In the interview, we will want to see emails between you and a suitable Ph.D. supervisor, confirming that:

    1. your Ph.D. research topic is viable, and
    2. they are willing to be your Ph.D. supervisor.

For this reason, we strongly recommend that you look for an email suitable for Ph.D. supervisors as soon as possible.

How to Apply for a New Zealand Student VISA in 2024?

You only need to apply for a student visa, if we offer you a New Zealand Scholarship 2024-2025 and you accept that offer. But before you apply for a New Zealand Scholarship, we strongly recommend that you check the student visa requirements on the relevant immigration website, listed below. This is because you can only study abroad on a New Zealand scholarship if you successfully get a student visa to study in New Zealand.

As soon as a scholar accepts a New Zealand Scholarship, they must apply for a student visa on the relevant immigration website below. Once you accept the New Zealand Scholarship we recommend you start your visa application immediately. The visa application process can take two to three months and it involves medical tests.

If a scholarship recipient does not get a student visa, we will have to withdraw the scholarship.

New Zealand Study VISA Requirements in 2024:

If your scholarship application is for study in New Zealand, then you must meet these visa requirements:

Student visa requirements and application form for New Zealand

Scholars can bring their families to New Zealand, but we do not cover the costs. Each family member will need to apply for the relevant New Zealand visa:

Bringing family with you to New Zealand

New Zealand will reimburse some visa and medical costs

Most scholars have to pay for the cost of a visa application and any medical tests before they come to New Zealand. When you arrive in New Zealand, your chosen university or education institution will pay you back for the cost of a visa, and any medical tests. Please keep all payment receipts, as you will need to show these to your university or education institution to get your money back.

Exception for some Pacific countries:

In some Pacific countries, your local New Zealand High Commission will pay for the cost of your visa application and any medical tests.

Subjects offered by the New Zealand Government Scholarships

You can study any of the following courses at any New Zealand University on a New Zealand Government-sponsored Scholarship:

    1. Choice of Course-based programs
    2. Choice of Research-based programs

Conduct Requirements of New Zealand Scholars

Scholars agree to maintain an acceptable standard of conduct while on scholarship, as specified by the Scholarship Conditions in the Letter of Scholarship Offer. The Conditions apply to the scholar from the date of departure from their home country for their country of study, until the date of arrival in their home country on completion of the scholarship.

Acceptable scholar conduct includes:

    • abiding by the laws of the study country
    • treating others with respect
    • behaving with honesty and integrity
    • acting in a manner that reflects your role as a representative of your home country

Scholars should be aware that it is a criminal offense to use violence of any kind against another person, which includes physical, sexual, or psychological violence against family members such as partners or children. It is also a crime to neglect or exploit children in your care, or to use the physical discipline of any kind.

Dr. Engr. Yousaf Saeed (Scholarship Winner)

I'm Dr. Engr. Yousaf Saeed, founder of the AScholarship Education Portal. My academic path includes 3 prestigious international scholarships — Australia Awards, CSC, and HKPFS — for my higher studies. I am also an IChemE affiliate whereas I've also worked for companies like Aramco and BYCO oil refinery as an production engineer at the start of my career. I completed MS, and PhD with major research publications in leading SCI journals (details on my Researchgate Profile). This reflects my commitment to educating and therefore i started it for the purpose to guide aspiring international students for find scholarships for their higher education dream. As an experienced educator and mentor, I specialize in navigating the intricacies of research and patent and write useful articles on these topics too.


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  35. Hello.
    Am from uganda and would like to know whether mybi qualify to apply for this scholarship.

  36. Can u plz intimate i m just in the final year of my Undergraduate degree..Am i able to join this scholarship opprtunity?? its going to be complete in June 2020 and if yes than i have to apply with my last smister result that i have attempted??

  37. Thanks for the info,

    I am the second year full time PhD student in NZ, can I still have a chance to apply for the scholarship?

  38. Thanks for the comprehensive information about this scholarship.
    is this scholarship available for Afghanistan? I am from Afghanistan I want to pursue my Master Degree.


  39. I am a single mum of one from Nigeria and I would love to apply for a scholarship for my Master’s program. I will expect a reply, Thank you

  40. Respected sir/mam
    I am mohammad alfarkh of 32 years old. I have completed my master degrees from jordan University of Science and Technology in Adult Health Nursing care. I am working as a registered nurse in King Abdullah University hospital , since 7 years. I am interested to do Phd. I need scholarship. So, I would like to request you to grant me scholarship.
    Thank you.
    Rekha Thapaliya

  41. Respected sir/mam
    I am mohammad alfarkh of 32 years old. I have completed my master degrees from jordan University of Science and Technology in Adult Health Nursing care. I am working as a registered nurse in King Abdullah University hospital , since 7 years. I am interested to do Phd. I need scholarship. So, I would like to request you to grant me scholarship.
    Thank you.

  42. Hello i am an undergraduate student from Zimbabwe in my final year . Are there any programmes available for me to apply for?.

  43. Apply for engineering course in your institutioi completed my year 12 so i want to apply for electrical engineering so need help..

  44. I’m Ubaidullah age 21 from Afghanistan, can I apply for yhe scholarship for undergraduate degree. I have all above documents and I accept all your requirements.

  45. How can I get the application forms for undergraduate studies? please send me the application form. Thank you

  46. I am interested to apply for New Zealand Government Scholarship to study Bachelor in Accounting at the Queensland University of Technology.
    I am also interested to study International Business Studies.
    Am I eligible?
    I am from Bougainville in Papua New Guinea.

    Many Thanks

  47. Hi lm from Zimbabwe and would like to do masters in architecture. Do l quality for the bursary.

  48. Can you apply for honors? This year I’m doing my final year in my undergraduate degree. So can I apply for the 2021 to study honors? And also can South Africans apply?
    Thanks in advance

  49. I’m Chinedu Ekeja from Nigeria.

    Please, is there a course for journalism or mass communication ?
    I would live to pursue a masters degree in this field or something related if available on your scholarship scheme. I will be glad to hear from you.

  50. Hello from Bangladesh. I could not find if Bangldeshi citizens are eligible for this scholarship. Can you tell me?
    Also can you give me this official link from where to apply?

    This is a great article! Thanks for all the help!

  51. I am from pakistan , I recently done my MVA(3.5years) without thesis , I like go there for higher study , well you help me please to elegilbe for Ph.D ? or if I did do not thesis in my MBA (3.5 years) so what would be the criteria to go there as a student (scholership) visa ?

  52. Hello,
    I am from Serbia, although it is in Europe my country is not in the European Union, I was wondering if I am eligible to apply for this scholarship?

  53. Sir/Mam, is France eligible for this scholarship? And is the environmental science is one of your scholarship programs?

    Thank you

  54. Hi, I am Felicia from Ghana, I have a diploma in nursing and am practicing, can I also apply for the scholarship program to do BSC in nursing ?

  55. Can Caribbean students apply for this scholarship? For example a student from St.Vincent and the Grenadines.

  56. Hi,
    Thanks for the details.
    Could you please clarify one confusion ?
    Is the students of Bangladesh eligible for this scholarship program?

  57. Hello,
    I am a conservative officer in my country, I am however, interested in pursuing Msc. in wildlife management. but, is South Sudan legible to apply for this scholarship? Thanks you.

  58. Hi,
    Is there any option for the students of Bangladesh who want to pursue their masters in IT/Computer science related subjects under this scholarship program?
    I couldn’t find any. Please give me a reliable info.

  59. Hi, I am interested to do a PhD Program either in Economics or Public Policy. Can you advice which Universities offer such program and are those universities covered under this scholarship?

  60. Hello
    I am from Papua New Guinea.
    I have completed Bachelor Degree in Accounting at University of Papua New Guinea. Currently in working industry for 1 and half years.
    I have read your scholarship article and I am interested to pursue master degree in accounting.

    Could I be eligible to apply for master degree in Accounting (Business) under this scholarship program?

  61. Hello,
    I have a few questions to ask you.
    1. Are Indonesian citizens eligible to apply?
    2. I come from a bad financial family. I can’t afford to pay the price of taking IELTS Academic Test. I am in real need of scholarship to continue my studies. So what should I do? Can I still have a chance to apply?
    3. Do you offer Communication or Journalism as a study programmes?
    Thank you for your time and attention. Hope to hear a reply from you soon.

  62. Hie I’m from Zimbabwe and I want to apply for a master’s program in New Zeland, is the scholarship available for Zimbabweans

  63. Hello. Im doing my final year of high school, A level, I’ll be writing in November. I have my O Level and I did quite well. I don’t have an English test but I’d like to apply for undergrad, maybe for next year. I’m from Zimbabwe.
    Am I eligible?

  64. I am a diploma holder in business administration from Kenya and a I would to secure the scholarship to advance my education in New Zealand. Am I eligible?

  65. As I have read your scholarship article with great interest and I am really interested.
    I would like to know if burundian citizens can apply for this scholarship.
    Thanks To New Zeland Government

  66. Good afternoon.
    Dear Sir/Madam.
    I am from Tajikistan and does this Scholarship available for Tajikistan, if I will attend to this scholarship on environment science?

  67. My name is William Obiri-Nyarko. I’m a Ghanaian. I studied bachelor of arts in African Studies. Am I eligible to apply for this scholarship.

  68. Hi there
    I have done my Bachelors of physiotherapy from India only,and now I wanted to pursue Master course via this scholarship scheme…
    Am I eligible to do the same? Kindly suggest me.

  69. Hi,
    I have received a firm offer for a Masters (research based) in English in the University of Auckland , but didn’t receive the coveted funding or scholarship. Can I apply for this scholarship? If yes, May I know about the process?



  72. Hi!
    I am from Ukraine, and wanted to ask if I can apply either? Also, could you advise on a program related to the music educatuon?

    Thanks in advance)

  73. Hi, I am from the U.K and am interested in studying the landscape architecture Bachelors degree at Lincoln University. Would I be eligible for a scholarship?

  74. Hi
    I’m Raghda elbaz from EGYPT
    I have a diploma in clinical bio chemistry and I have been working in a research lab
    Can I apply for a Master’s scholarship

  75. I’m from Zimbabwe I want to study for a postgraduate .Do I qualify. I’m a holder of Diploma in Education and Bachelor of Commerce in Law. Currently resides in South Africa.

  76. Hello. I’m from Fiji .
    I’ve recently completed my foundational studies at our local University and am interested in majoring in Environmental Studies. Does this scholarship cover undergrad programmes as well?

    Thank you in advance

  77. Hie I have done my matrix iam a Zimbabwean residing in South Africa…I have jus started my diploma in Public relations and would love to reside in New Zealand and furthur my studies there.

  78. Hie,I am a young man aged 31 from Zimbabwe,who envisage to apply for masters program in accountancy/finance/business administration.It is my dream to persue my carrier by exploring more in the Finance field,with the view of meeting more challenges and solving them

  79. Hello,
    I am from Kazakhstan. May I ask some questions?
    1. Citizens are from Kazakhstan has chances to apply for it?
    We are planning to apply with my little sister (Me-second master degree, my sister – bachelor degree) but now she is in high school. And she 16 years old. She will graduate in July.
    3. Is it possible to apply for bachelor to her in this age if I will have documentation of trusteeship from my country?
    Thank you

  80. Hi, so i want to ask about the work experience. The article said that there is an exception for school leavers and first-year undergraduate students, but when i want to check my eligible code there is a question about work experience. If i’m on my final year of secondary school right now. What should i choose? Yes or no? Thank you!!

  81. I have read through the scholarship advertisement and am very interest to pursue a Post Gradute Degree. I have completed my Bachleor degree in Surveying and currently working as a underground mine Surveyor Barrick at Porgera Gold Mine PNG.
    Would it be possible to pursue a Post graduate degree in infrastructure constnctution?

  82. Hi, I did not see Pakistan listed in eligible countries in the bar given for eligibility test. However, Pakistan is mention among eligible countries given in list separately. Please guide on this.

  83. Good day,
    firstly, I want to know whether I should have an acceptance from one of your host universities or not before applying for your scholarship. If not, kindly tell me the procedure and send me the link to apply for your postgraduate scholarships
    Secondly, I want to know whether TOEFL or other required English Language test is mandatory for your scholarship application since I do not have one.
    Thank you

  84. Are Iraqi citizens eligible to apply to this scholarship? I have MA in English Literature. Can I do the PhD in this field of study?

  85. Hello
    I am from india
    I have completed my undergraduate course in microbiology n i m pursing post graduate diploma course in clinical research and i want to Pursue masters degree so am i eliglible for this new zealand scholorship

  86. I am in the military who has been authorized 2 years study leave…am I eligible to apply for a scholarship?

  87. Hi dear
    I am civil engineer from afghanistan and have completed my whole education in pakistan where medium of instruction was in english, so do i have to clear the IELTS test and please let me know the eligibality of Afghanistan in NZ scholarships.
    Thanks in advance

  88. Dear Scholarship Officer,
    I have read your online scholarship information with great admiration, and wish to apply for it.
    How about English Tests for countries whose education system is taught in English, like in Papua New Guinea.
    I am grateful for your reply.
    Thank you.

  89. To whom it may concern,

    I am a Filipino teacher who is currently working in Thailand. I checked my eligibility and could not pass because I’ve been living outside my home country for the past 3 years (because of work).

    Is there a way that I can be eligible in the scholarship?
    Thank you in advance for your help.

  90. Hi, I am from Indonesia. I currently study Mater degree in the US and I will finish by May 2020. Am I eligible to enroll Phd?

  91. Good day im looking to find scholarships for my son for next year we are from Zimbabwe, is our country on the list

  92. From Nigeria ???????? and I really appreciate your good intention in helping the young ones and shaping their future., and i will like to apply.

  93. Please help, I’m kindly looking for an undergraduate fully funded scholarship,I am a girl and have just finished my A level high school ,I want to study economics in New Zealand I believe it’s a good country interms of education

  94. Hello
    I’d like to know if Medical subjects or maeter of medical education are offered for students from Sudan, and if i am eligable to apply for the scholarship. If so then please let me know.
    Thanks in advance

  95. Very Important scholarship for developing countries. Researchers like me and academicials can be benefited. I will apply but i could not seen courses specially for PhD propgrams. If the program contains Rural Development And Agricultural Extension I am Lucky to study in New Zealand. Is There?

  96. I’very completed MD (Haematology) from Bangladesh. May I have any Fellowship in Bone Marrow Transplantation? Thank you.

  97. Hi,
    I am a LLB graduate of the University of Papua New Guinea and a lawyer having been admitted to the Bar on March, 2019.

    I am interest to pursue my LLM preferably in Commercial Law and I am enquiring as to whether this scholarship can cater for my interest?

  98. Hello my name is hilma, from PNG, I’ve completed my diploma course in General Nursing, and have worked for almost 5years now on the field, I’d like to know if there is any scholarships of Bachelor in surgical nursing.

  99. Hello
    I have a query on how can we get in touch with professors for PhD in language and linguistics which is a basic criteria for applying in this scholarship , I think, . so please could you help getting in link with professors?
    Thank you.

  100. Hello. I’m from Fiji and Iam interested in applying for this scolarship. I am a second year student at the University of the South Pacific doing bachelor in science majoring in biology and chemistry and is it possible that I apply for this scolarship even if I am already a second year?

  101. Hello admin! Thanks for the good works you are doing
    Please I’m interested in applying for a PhD in Biochemistry since I already have my Masters degree.
    My question is….
    Does this type of Scholarship mandates the return of student to their home country at the end of their schooling?

  102. I am Eyassu Gachira from Ethiopia. I pursued by BSc in agricultural economics , now i doing my MSc by collaborated masters in agricultural and applied economics (CMAAE), Which is given by the Collaboration of Haramaya university, Ethiopia, and University of Pretoria(UP) , south Africa. currently i am submitted my MSc thesis and waiting for defence. can i apply for master of science in agricultural policy or economics related fields.

  103. i am fozia from Pakistan. i have done my m.phil in education recently. i want to apply for the scholarship.. kindly guide me in this regard…

  104. Hi
    I just want to know can a person from Zimbabwe apply for this scholarship program and if I did my undergraduate already would do it all over again or I will be exempted

  105. Hi.
    I have been working as Callcenter Supervisor for 7 years with 12 Years Customer Service Experience.
    I Am interested for masters program in customer services or something related to the same.
    Is there any such course available under this program?
    Also am from India working in Saudi Arabia.
    Can I apply for this Program?

  106. Hi there,

    Is there any private email that I can email to discuss the details?? I have a rather unique situation 🙂

  107. Dear Sir,
    I am from Papua New Guinea and I have completed my Bachelors Degree in one of the Universities here and I would like to pursue my studies through the post graduate programmes. Am I eligible to apply for this scholarship?

  108. Dear,

    Please let e know if Iraqi nationality can apply for this Scholarship program.
    Also, as mentioned preferred age is below 40. I am 42 years old, so do I still have chance to apply.
    Thank you

  109. Can a student of Class 12 who is going to appear in the final examination in the month of April this year. The result is expected by end of May. Is there any chance for this student to apply for the undergraduate Engineering course ?
    Ratna Kaji Tuladhar

  110. Thank you for the post.
    I have a few questions.

    1- I am Egyptian and I have an Australian Permanent Residency, can I apply?
    2- How to submit an application?

  111. Hi
    I’m from Ghana, I would like to pursue a Masters in Economics and Finance under your scholarship programme.
    Please, is this programme part of the recommended programmes for applicants from Ghana?

  112. Is Guyana Eligible for this Scholarship? Are English speaking nations required all this English test for entry?

  113. Hallo,
    I am from Russian Federation. Can I apply for New Zealand Scholarship? I am epidemiologist and I would happy to improve my qualifications by studying in New Zealand!

  114. Dear Sir or Madam,
    I am from Iraq and I completed my master’s degree in South wales /UK . Can I apply for the New Zealand Scholarship please.?

    Many thanks,

  115. I’m from Egypt (in Africa), studied engineering, working in telecommunications sector.
    The recommended subjects to study for Africa are not suitable to my past study or my current work experience, so I am thinking to study something related to me or something like business, does that will affect my application badly?
    Also, if I applied to a less famous institute, does this strengthen my application? or the name of the university or the institute doesn’t differ?

  116. Dear Administrator,
    I wish to apply for my Master’s degree program. I recently had my IELTS results out. I scored 6.5 overall and each band score being 7.5 in listening and 6 in speaking and writing but 5.5 in reading. Will there be any issue with this score of mine ?

  117. Hi
    I would like to know how many Scholarships will be allocated for Sri Lankan applicants who are interested in Post Graduate Courses under this scheme?

  118. I want to apply butI did not know how and i have been scrolling down looking for the application form .

  119. Good day
    i would like to know if students from Botswana can apply for the schorlarship and if they need to provide english proficiency test results if their degree is taught in english and is a UK standard degree: i.e in collaboration with a UK university and obtained under a UK university.

  120. I am interested to apply for the 2020 New Zealand Scholarship Next year after finishing my year 12 examination. Please fill me in the eligable requirement gradings for me to enroll.

  121. Hi, am interested in pursuing a post graduate program in anatomy. I have obtained a Bsc in anatomy from the University of Benin, Nigeria in 2019, but I don’t have any work experience. Am I still eligible to apply for this scholarship?

  122. Dear Sir/Madam

    My name is Elisa. I am from Timor-Leste. I know that New Zealand Government has helping Timor-Leste a lot. I just want to ask do you have an scholarship for government official to studying in New Zealand?

    what is the requirement to get this scholarship


  123. I would like to carry on my PhD in Health Science especially in Parasitology or oncology. Thank you Government of New Zealand

  124. Is there a reason why no contries in Europe are eligible or is it just another scholarship that i need to look into. I am from Denmark and I would love to study in New Zealand.

  125. 1. Is Mongolia available for this scholarship?
    2. How can I see master degree major lists? and Is there master degree for Aviation side?

  126. I am Wisdom Akakpo from Ghana. I am 46 years. I have B.Ed in teaching FLE. I want to pursue a masters programme in labour related studies. Am I qualified per my age?

  127. Hi, please I want to know if Nigeria is among the eligible countries for the New Zealand government scholarship? Thanks.

  128. Hi..this is great.
    Your criteria stated above 18 years, starting from 18years and up to what age is the eligibility.
    Thank you.

  129. Hi!
    Jim here from Indonesia.
    I am a graduate of BS in Secondary Education major in English. Do they have Teaching Programs?
    Just to make sure also, this is free scholarship also for those who’d like to obtain Master’s Degree, right?
    Terima kasih!

  130. Dear Sir/Madam
    I am from Zimbabwe and I would like to know if I can also apply for this scholarship.

  131. Hello. I am a registered medical technologist residing in the Philippines but I wasn’t able to practice my profession, instead I am currently a public servant in our City. Is there any chance I could apply for the scholarship program? Thank you!

  132. Hi my name is Fanwell makura from Zimbabwe can l apply for this scholarship and can l get help to apply for it

  133. AoA.
    This is Farwa from Pakistan. This seems to be a very enterprising opportunity to study on a scholarship program in NewZealand.
    I want to know if there are diploma courses or post MSC Psychology courses .

  134. Hi, I’m just enquiring if I can study the course Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery at one of the universities in New Zealand on this Scholarship program.

  135. Hello i would like to ask whether this scholarship is offered for pharmacy course?
    And i am already in sophomore year
    Can i continue my undergraduate study there or i should start over from first year?
    Im from Malaysia
    Thanks in advance
    Have a nice day

  136. My name Joni lopes , from Timor Leste I want to countinou my study master degree if any application still have please consider my reguest
    My field international relation

  137. Tow enquirers:
    1- Is it eligible for Palestinians who hold a Jordanian Passport (Travel document) and lives in the West Bank?
    2- and is it eligible for Palestinians who hold the Palestinian Authority passport?

  138. Good day,I’m interested to apply for scholarship. I’m living in Cebu, Philippines. If you give me a chance or opportunity to be part of this organisation. I will give my best. Thank you and Godbless

  139. Hi…am interested in the scholarship program, I have completed by degree program in 2008 and have worked for 11 years. Please advise me what category of scholarship should I apply for is it Post graduate or shall I apply for the master programs.

  140. Hi NZL Scholarship,

    I have done my Master’s degree in the US and I am looking for a Ph.D program in your country. Do I need to retake an IELTS test to apply for this scholarship?

    Much thanks

  141. Hi, I am from Kiribati Can I also apply for this please? And if I can, can I see the application form please?

  142. Hi, Can I learn from you if there is any right for me from Burundi holding a bachelor degree in Education but aged above 40 with a working exprience of 17 years to apply for this New Zealand scholarship? Kindly let me know.

  143. Hi Dear,

    I am from PNG and wish to apply for this scholarship. Please advice the opening and closing dates for 2021 intake.

    Thank you

  144. Hi Dear Sir/Madam,
    I have read your scholarship article with great interest and so much interested to apply.
    Before i apply for a scholarship, I have a question to ask. And it is, After successfully completed my grade 12 i was accepted to further my studies at PACIFIC ADVENTIST UNIVERSITY in Papua New Guinea in 2016. I did completed two years successfully but withdrew in year 3 because of financial problem as my sponsor did not pay my tuition fees.
    Will it possible for me to apply for a scholarship? Am interested in Undergraduate program in Accounting and Computing because i took double majors at Pacific Adventist University here in PNG.

    Thank you and await to hear from you.

    Ose John
    Interested Student

  145. iam from Zimbabwe my daughter got 14point A level results can she qualify on this scholarship please help

  146. Hi. May I ask whether the scholarship is eligible for self-sponsored students who are currently studying in New Zealand? I’ve just finished the first year of my degree at Victoria University of Wellington last year, and I’m wondering if I can apply for the second and third year of my degree.

  147. Hello
    I just took the eligibility test and found out that Pakistan is not in the list.Can Pakistani students eligible to apply or notnot?

  148. I am a Bangladeshi Veterinarian. I have 4.5 years job experiences and two research publications. I completed MS ( Master of Science) in Physiology. My IELTS score is 6.0 with individual 6.0. For which position I can apply? If I apply for Master’s may I have the opportunity to give quick test IELTS exam? Please explain…

    1. I am a Bangladeshi Veterinarian. I have 4.5 years job experiences and two research publications. I completed MS ( Master of Science) in Physiology. My IELTS score is 6.0 with individual 6.0. For which position I can apply? If I apply for Master’s may I have the opportunity to give quick test IELTS exam? Please explain…

    1. This is great! I would like to take masters degree in construction management in New Zealand.Which institution can best suit me?

  149. Hello hie thank you, is my country Zimbabwe also listed on the acceptable countries for the scholarship.

  150. Good day
    I recently finished my Bachelors in Accounting Sciences in Zimbabwe.Am l eligble to apply for this Scholarship to do my postgraduate programme?

  151. Hi
    I would like to apply for the scholarship and I wonder if as an Iranian, I am eligible or not? The website does not mention the name of my country.
    So I’ll appreciate if you can clarify

  152. Bula

    My son is currently in Year 13. He passed his Year 12 national exam last year with very good grades.
    Can he apply for the scholarship to do Aviation studies in New Zealnd.


  153. hello greetings i am from Rwanda
    a) are student from Rwanda illegible to apply?
    b) what about the opening date for African citizens?

  154. I am frim Bangladesh.
    Am I eligible to apply for New Zealand Government Scholarship??
    And when is the deadline??

  155. Hello. I would like to know if Pakistan is available for the scholarships(Masters)?
    the external link provided is not working.

  156. Is Republic of South Sudan eligible for this scholarship? I will be grateful to hear from you for this matter.

  157. I am 32 years old and currently working as a teacher trainer in govt institute in pakistan.i have done MS in leadership and management.niw I want to do phd in education through this scholarship.kindly guide me that from where I can get form? And what is applying procedure?

  158. Hi, I would like to apply for the scholarship and I wonder if as an Iranian, I am eligible or not? The website does not mention the name of my country,So I’ll appreciate if you can clarify.

  159. Hi, I would like to clarify one point. I have a BA and MPhil degrees from my country (Armenia). After receiving an MPhil degree, I have done another BA degree in the UK. In order to be eligible for the scholarship, shall I look for PhD degrees only, or I can consider Master’s degrees too?
    Thank you!

  160. I am from tunisia and i want to study either philosophy or english is that available for my country and is that kind of studies available , also i already proceeded in my studies here i am at ny first year in college?

  161. I saw this online ..I’ve always been dreaming of pursing my Master’s degree and been looking scholarships and sponsors..this is an aswered prayer..where can I download the application form? Do u have courses related to my current job as an elementary teacher?thank you

  162. hello , I completed a master’s degree in Anglo-Saxon studies. I’m willing to apply for a PhD in new Zealand. Is there any similar PhD program ?

  163. I am from SL and just now I have completed my A/L exams in SL.Can I get a scholarship to study Horticulture in NZ????

  164. Are Scholarships in Renewable Energy and Disaster Risk MAnagement being made available to Trinidad & Tobago Nationals?

  165. I am a Maldivian and I am very much interested to apply for the New Zealand Scholarship.
    But I could not find my country name in the eligibility test. So, I would like to know if this scholarships are available to Maldivians or not?

    Thank You

  166. I would like to know if there is any chance for someone to have this scholarship from my country The Gambia?

  167. Are pakistani students eligible?
    Are fresh graduate bs.c electrical engineers eleigible?
    I mean are there slots for electrical engineer

  168. Hi

    I’m from the solomon Islands am currently working,
    I just want to ask do New Zealand Government offer scholarship
    for Telecommunication course mainly on Optical fiber?
    am really interest to Know more

  169. Talofa lava,
    My name is Merieni Malaetoa I am attending American Samoa Community College for the second year. I was recently brought up and raised in New Zealand and attending Rangitikei College and complete my year 11 in Marton.
    I want to apply for this scholarship opportunity. In a purpose to presude my dreams in the Law Field.
    All I need to know is how I can apply and if thier any particular requirements for this scholarship….. because I’m not a post gratuate student yet, however, I will be gratuate next year fall (Hopefully) with an A.A degree in Pre-Law
    So is their any chance I can keep track or apply for this scholarship.

  170. Dear Sir,
    Thank you very much for your very useful information.
    I have the same question with another person that: I have had a Master degree obtained in a university of Vietnam. Can I apply for this scholarship for another Master degree? As I read a Note you wrote that “Note: Your preferred course must be a progress on your highest qualifications you have had previously”.
    Thank you

  171. Hi there
    I am currently an immigrant who immigrated from South Africa as a refugee from Zimbabwe. I’ve been in New Zealand since February 2019 and completed NCEA level 3, and currently in year 14 in a New Zealand school as well. Am I still eligible for this scholarship and is this the type of scholarship where you get to study in New Zealand but have to later return back to your country?

      1. Please are the results out? I can not wait to hear the result since it has been my dream to study in New Zealand.

  172. I pursued a bachelor’s degree in science technology physics from Uganda and I want to pursue a Master’s in renewable energy but with no working experience.can I apply?

  173. Dear concern
    Please confirm ..whether scholership available for data science AI etc. Masters degrees ? For a person having finance background and want to persue data science in finance field.


    1. You can check with specialization of the degree program in participated universities of this New Zealand Scholarship.

  174. Good day
    I’m very interested in this scholarship and would like to apply for PhD but I do not know if my nationality is eligible for such scholarships. I’m from Libya and have a master degree in Chemical Engineering from Stellenbosch University in South Africa.

  175. Dear scholarship member
    Greetings from Alpha.
    I have Masters in Nursing with speciality Advanced midwife. I would like to ask if you can offer me a scholarship to persue Criticare and trauma

  176. Currently I am doing Medical Foundation Studies in Malaysia. Check thru this scholarship didn’t find any medical course for Degree level available or is there any possibilities to apply

  177. I am pursuing Master of Economics in China and graduation is due mid 2020. Can I apply for Phd?

  178. I am Hagos Abraham (Assistant Professor of Animal Breeding and Genetics, PhD) Adigrat University. I am seeking for postdoc. Is there any possibilities in this regard? Regards

  179. hi. I am from Mauritius and would like to know if the scholarship is applicable to Mauritian students.I would like to do my post graduation in medical field and already hold my mbbs

  180. Hi there,
    I’m from Papua New Guinea. Is there a scholarship program for an instrumentation course?
    Very much interested and wanna advance my career as I’m currently working as an electronics trades person and also involved in instrumentation in mining industries.

  181. It is clear that New Zealand is one of the most hardworking and peaceful country. It is so great to admire your effort to support developing countries in education. I want to know if I can pursue my PhD in language teaching fields like journalism and communication, applied linguistics and so forth.

    Best Regards

  182. hi.. I have completed my aircraft maintainers engineering diploma with 3.57 GPA and i would like to carry on my studies in aviation and do u have any of degree program ?

  183. I wanted to apply for the scholarship. I intended to do Clinical Psychology but its says that I need work experience relevant to study I intended. I graduated last november with Bachelor of Psyschology with Hons. I was not able to find a job related to psychology. Am i eligible to apply?

  184. I am a Papua New Guinean and I am very interested in this scholarship. Can I still apply to study in 2022?
    Is that possible?

  185. Hi,
    I’m from Solomon Islands, will peruse MBA at University of South pacific , Fiji in year 2022, campus in Solomon Islands, can you meet my tuition fess and allowances for materials in form of a scholarship .


    Clotilda Claudia Harry

  186. Hello, when will international students be able to apply for studying in NZ for the year 2022?
    Your response will be highly appreciated.

  187. I’m from Pakistan.. Currently studying DPT last semester… can I apply!? And Please tell me the last date to apply!!
    Thank you and waiting…

  188. hello, my name is Mamita and I’m from Fiji. I would like to apply for an NZ scholarship, I would like you to help me out to apply, thank you

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