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North Carolina State (NC) University Scholarships 2023 – Acceptance Rate 45%

All You Need to Know About Admissions in the Nc State University

North Carolina (NC) State University Opened fully funded scholarships for the 2023-2024 academic session but it is not so easy to get admission at NC State University as the acceptance rates of NC State University are quite competitive every year. Let’s read this article to find out what options applicants will have in order to apply for admission at NC State University.

Have you chosen the career path that you want to excel in your upcoming professional life?

There are dozens of fields one can choose for themselves; Engineering, Science, Medicine, Business, Fashion Designing, Psychology, Social Services, and whatnot. Whether you have chosen for yourself, psychology or business studies, what’s more, important is to choose the right institute to earn that degree. Have you shortlisted the names of universities that you are willing to apply to?

If not yet, then allow us to introduce a world-class international university to add to your list. Yes, we are talking about none other than North Carolina State University.

Regardless of the degree program, one is applying to, the North Carolina (NC) State University is the best option if one wants to grow both professionally and personally. The university provides its students with a multicultural environment to network and creates PRs with students from around the world. Not only this, but the dedicated teaching staff also makes it a pleasure to study at North Carolina (NC) State University.

Keeping all these positive factors aside, let’s face the real scenario as well, that is, getting admission at North Carolina State University. There are many things to keep in mind when searching for admissions at NC State University, including the acceptance and rejection rates and the waiting list system at the institute. Luckily for you, we have compiled all these necessary details and more in this very article. So, keep on reading to get to know all about admissions at North Carolina State University.

Acceptance and Rejection Rate at the North Carolina State University:-

Admissions at North Carolina State University are reasonably selective, mainly because of the fact that it has various accreditations, both national and international. In order to maintain its reputation as the ‘most innovative and ‘best value public university in the US, NC State University accepts less than half of the students who have applied for a seat in their desired degree programs.

Last year alone, North Carolina State University received over 21,000 applications from undergraduate students out of which 10,500 students were accepted and merely 4,200 were enrolled. And the acceptance rate at the university has declined even further.

The acceptance and rejection rates at the North Carolina State University at present are as follows:

The acceptance rate at the North Carolina (NC) State University 2022:

The acceptance rate at North Carolina State University as of 2022 was 45.1%, which implies that less than half of the applicants are admitted to NC State University.

Rejection rate at the North Carolina (NC) State University 2022:

The rejection rate at North Carolina State University was observed to be 54.9%.

Admissions Waiting List System at the North Carolina (NC) State University:-

As stated earlier, admissions at North Carolina State University are highly selective. In the academic semester that passed, the university received more than 31,000 applications from both local and international students competing for only 4,775 seats. Due to the large volume of qualified students competing for a handful of seats, the university is bound to reject the applications of even the brightest of students. 

However, when the university realizes that a rejected student is well qualified and can do wonders if admitted to NC State University, the management puts their name on the waiting list. If a student decides to drop out of a course program and leaves their seat vacant, the university will contact the waiting list student to occupy the seat, if they wish of course.

Can a student appeal be placed on the NC State University waiting list?

Unlike many other universities of the world, the waiting list system at North Carolina State University neither works on self-service functionality nor does it apply the rule of first-come, first get.

Placements on the waiting list are made by the university management only and there is no way of appealing to be placed on the waiting list, other than possessing exceptional results.

NC State University Scholarships 2023:

Since you have come this far, we would like to give you a little bonus, by presenting to you the list of financial assistance programs at North Carolina State University. And why is that necessary, you ask?

Well, mainly because even though local students may find the USD$9,000 annual tuition fee within their budgets, not every international student can afford to pay $29,000 as their annual tuition, can they?

So, if you too are an international student looking for fee funding options to study at the North Carolina State University, take a look at this concise list given below and find one of your suitability:

Freshmen Distinctive NC State University Scholarships:

  • Park Scholarships
  • General Hugh Shelton Leadership Initiative Scholarships
  • Chancellor’s Leadership Scholarships
  • Goodnight Scholars Program
  • Project Lead The Way (PLTW) Scholarships
  • Benjamin Franklin Scholars (for engineering students)
  • CALS Scholarships (for students of agriculture and life sciences)

Current Students Distinctive NC State University Scholarships:

  • Caldwell Fellows Award

Scholarships from Private Organizations:

  • Balfour Beatty Construction Scholarships
  • Carrier/ Bryant Dependent Scholarships
  • City of Raleigh Dependent Scholarships
  • Cross and Chalice J. Smith Chapel Scholarships
  • Finance and Administration Scholarships
  • George and Reba Worsley Scholarships
  • NC State Employee Dependent’s Tuition Scholarships
  • News and Observer Scholarships
  • Smithfield Foundation Scholarships
  • Southeastern Gas Association Dependent Scholarships
  • Student Action for Farmworkers Scholarships
  • Tom Glover Memorial Scholarships

Get your documents ready to apply to the North Carolina State University today!

Found a suitable NC State University scholarships program? Now time to apply for admission at the North Carolina State University so that you will need a long list of documents to be submitted with your application.

Then make sure you avail this opportunity by preparing your documents in the best possible manner. Start working on your documents now and you might be done just in time to be to timely submit them with your admissions and scholarship applications for the NC State University. Good luck!

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