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Science VS Arts: Guidance to Choose Between Arts & Science Subject in 2023

It’s always been a basic and long debate to differentiate the pros and cons of Science VS Arts academic fields. In order to figure out which one of these fields is best for future studies and the availability of career opportunities; you need to make a self-evaluation, research, and then try to explore your interest and capabilities towards specific subject.

Choosing between Arts and Science as per your Interest

It would not be wrong to say that that the science or arts; any of these two are far distant different poles; where science is all scientific, mathematical, and factual. On the contrary, arts subjects are based on historical stories, debates, drama, art, and fiction. If the subject of Science is related to delving into the world then Arts is all about searching within. Now, this point makes the whole debate even much more interesting!

Some of the students are aspiring to become scientists, engineers, pilots, mathematicians, or being a doctor. Whereas other students have an artistic mindset which is why they opt for arts-related subjects to become an actor, fashion designer, painter, film director, history teacher, and so on. Every single field has its own beauty and each one of them drives a student towards a promising career option.

If you are a problem solver, consider yourself as an explorer, or find interest in exploring ‘how to stuff’; then in this case i will suggest you go for the science field. Few students choose to be part of science voluntarily, whereas, most of them have the thrust to move into the Arts section. Arts subjects are considerably easier to learn and do not require experimentation in most cases.

What are the Advantages of Studying Science?

    • Studying the course of science will equip the student with some essential skills which make them employable.
    • Students have the choice to opt for some professional streams such as engineering or medicine after the +2 level
    • Having a sound foundation in Science at such a level will help the student to crack some competitive exams such as civil services, banking, or some MBA entrance exams.
    • Students will also have an advantage where they can invent or discover things that are beneficial in society.
    • Few common subjects of Science such as Biology will enable the students to learn about how a human being lives. Physics is also a main branch of Science for enlightening the knowledge about the universe. Chemistry is helpful to gain some insight knowledge about different chemical processes and how you can utilize them.

On the contrary, Arts or Humanities are known to be the cousins of Science branch. There are quite a few students who step ahead and voluntarily participate to choose Humanities as the stream after their Class 12 examination.

Many of them might face some discouragement from their peers or parents and it may be because arts or humanities graduates do not have much high paying career options as compared to science graduates. But in case you got low grades then due to higher competition in science subjects; you may need to opt for arts subjects.

What are the Advantages of Studying Arts?

Humanities or Arts students are very creative and considered as critical thinkers, have a sense of organizing things up, and are able to develop self-expression skills.

Following are some of the benefits that may compel you to opt for an arts or humanities subject:

    • The study of Arts subjects may not make you directly employable, but it will prepare you to become an artist. And to become a renowned artist, you may need to develop good communication skills, great logical thinking capability, or analytical ability.
    • Some of the employers opt for people with a Humanities background because they do have the ability to work on their own due to their fine sense of assessing situations, subjects, and objects. They are critical thinkers and have good analytical abilities to work and react coherently.
    • If you plan to study Humanities subjects, then you will get an opportunity to select a handful of subjects under the arts category. This includes Sociology, Geography, History, painting, fashion designing, cooking, Political Science, and so on.

Comparison Table of Science VS Arts: Which One to Choose?

SCIENCE Subjects Pros and Cons ARTS Subjects Pros and Cons
Includes scientific subjects just like Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, and Biology, computer, etc. Include a vast array of subjects such as Sociology, Geography, History, and Political Science.
You should have good grades in 10 exams and equal scores in the Mathematics subject to earn your seat in the science group due to high competition. By acquiring average marks in the 10th standard; will help you to have a seat in the Humanities group.
Get a chance to pass a competitive examination and make your career stronger in the fields of medicine and engineering. Does not open various options for a career where you have to study some vocational courses to enhance your skills.
You can easily make a shift to a few other streams such as Commerce or the Arts after Class 12 You cannot easily make a shift to some other streams like Science or the Commerce after Class 12

Why you should choose the right Study Group?

You should be extremely careful to opt for the right study stream because your entire selection will design your career and future success. The subject selection between science or arts; will be equal to an investment of your 2-4 years of life towards the undergraduate degree course. So make sure you pick the best and right one.

Both the niches of arts and science have their pros and cons towards your future. All the streams are responsible to build your career stronger if you are careful about your selection and are dedicated to the learning process.

We have already given you a detailed explanation related to the advantages of arts and science which can help you to pick the right one. Opt for the one in which you can feel you can achieve a successful future.

All the Best!

Yousaf Saeed (Scholarship Winner)

It is our pleasure to have Yousaf Saeed on our Guest Authors list. He is a top educationist and renowned research with major publications in his field of interest. Yousaf won a total of 3 fully-funded scholarships to complete his academic career and also won numerous fundings for attending international academic conferences. He is known for his mentorship for helping students to find and apply for international academic opportunities.

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