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Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships 2024-2025 to Study free in Switzerland

Switzerland Government Scholarship 2024-2025

Deadline December 31, 2023
Opening date August 1, 2023
Days Remaining 92 Days
Category Scholarships in Switzerland
Type Fully Funded
Location Switzerland

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships 2024-2025 will be open for admission applications for all international students from August 1, 2023 and deadline to submit the Swiss Excellence Scholarship application will be December 1, 2023, so this will be a great chance to avail in order to study for free in Switzerland.

I think this must be noted that the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships 2024 is a fully funded sponsorship that covers full tuition fees, monthly stipend payments, room, health insurance, and other student expenses.

Each year the Swiss Confederation awards Government Excellence Scholarships to promote international exchange and research cooperation between Switzerland and over 180 other countries. Recipients are selected by the awarding body, the Federal Commission for Scholarships for Foreign Students (FCS).

The Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships 2024-2025 are aimed at young researchers from abroad who have completed a master’s degree or Ph.D. and at foreign artists holding a bachelor’s degree.

Swiss Scholarships Funds Coverage and Allowances

The Swiss Excellence Scholarship 2024 covers the following for all international students:

    1. Sponsored Research Fund
    2. Free Airfare Tickets
    3. Sponsorship for Monthly Stipend (CHF 1,920)
    4. Free Accommodation (CHF 300 housing allowance)
    5. Paid Health Insurance
    6. Full Tuition Fees Waiver
    7. Housing Allowance Disbursements

Types of Swiss Excellence Scholarships 2024

  • Art scholarships are open to art students wishing to pursue an initial master’s degree in Switzerland.
    Art scholarships are awarded for study at any Swiss conservatory or university of the arts. This Swiss scholarship is available to students from a limited number of countries only.
  • The Research Scholarship is available to post-graduate researchers in any discipline (who hold a master’s degree as a minimum) who are planning to come to Switzerland to pursue research or further studies at the doctoral or post-doctoral level. Research scholarships are awarded for research or study at all Swiss cantonal universities, universities of applied sciences, and the two federal institutes of technology. Only candidates nominated by an academic mentor at one of these higher education institutions will be considered.

Swiss Government Scholarship Selection criteria

The FCS assesses Swiss Excellence scholarship applications according to three criteria:

a) Candidate profile
b) Quality of the research project or artistic work
c) Synergies and potential for future research cooperation

Eligibility Criteria for Swiss Excellence Scholarships

  1. Applicants who have been in Switzerland for more than one year at the beginning of the scholarship in September are not eligible.
  2. Applicants must provide a letter from an academic host professor (including her/his short CV) at the chosen Swiss university confirming why she/he is willing to supervise and support the research. Without such support, the application will be rejected.
  3. Applicants must have a research proposal including a timeframe. This is the centerpiece of the application.
  4. The applicant must devote all required attention to it.
  5. Applicants must be in command of the necessary language skills required for the research/studies.
  6. Applicants who have already benefited from a Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship are not eligible to apply for a second scholarship.
  7. Scholarship holders are expected to move to Switzerland during their grant period.

How to Apply for Switerzland Government Scholarships?

Candidates are required to send the above-listed documents to their local Swiss country Embassies prior to their country-specific deadlines. You can check the country-specific Swiss Scholarship application and deadline information from the links available at the end of this article.

  1. Swiss Scholarship Country Specific List 1
  2. Swiss Scholarship Country Specific List 1

List of Documents Required to Apply for the Swiss Excellence Scholarship:

  1. Signed FCS application form (typed and printed) with photos.
  2. A full CV with a list of academic publications, awards, etc.
  3. A motivation letter (max. 2 pages).
  4. A complete research proposal (max. 5 pages, signed), using exclusively the FCS research proposal form.
  5. A copy of the letter from an academic host professor (including her/his short CV) at the chosen Swiss university confirming why she/he is willing to supervise and support the research.
  6. A short CV of the academic mentor at the home institution.
  7. Two confidential letters of recommendation from two different professors in the applicant’s field (use exclusively the FCS reference form – originals in sealed envelopes only for the 1st set). No copies of 2nd set.
  8. Photocopies of certificates and grade sheets from previously attended universities/colleges and diplomas with grades, starting with the most recent. If not in English, French, Italian, or German with attested certified translations in English. Do not submit the original certificates.
  9. Signed medical certificate (use only the FCS health certificate form).
  10. Two copies of the applicant’s passport (main page with personal data). Dual nationals add copies of both passports. Applicants already in Switzerland during the application procedure add a copy of the residence permit for Switzerland.

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship Deadline: Dec 31, 2023

The last date to submit an application for Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships 2024-2025 will be 31 December 2023.

Yousaf Saeed (Scholarship Winner)

It is our pleasure to have Yousaf Saeed on our Guest Authors list. He is a top educationist and renowned research with major publications in his field of interest. Yousaf won a total of 3 fully-funded scholarships to complete his academic career and also won numerous fundings for attending international academic conferences. He is known for his mentorship for helping students to find and apply for international academic opportunities.


  1. I want to learn Business Management in PhD program in the country. Because the country has more experience in the field of study related to my country. In addition to this, the country is politically stable and safe. I myself want to learn eagerly and to serve my country by my profession after completion of my PhD degree.

  2. Hi I am gone graduate soon in applied science. and I am interested in learning Computer Science and I was wondering If you have a scholarship I like to take that chance. Thank you

  3. Hi! Sir/ Madam my name is Emily Montgomery from Liberia.
    I’m very interested in pursuing higher education to enable me reach my destination as am individual, and a young girl coming up.
    I hope in hearing a positive response and to make a mark in helping my country and other countries at large.

  4. I did my BS English (4-years) from UOM in 2017. Currently, my B.Ed(1.5 years) from AIOU Islamabad. I’m keenly interested in my higher studies at Swiss universities. I need a scholarship for MPhil leading to Ph.D. in English Literature & Linguistics. Plz, help me in this regard. I will be very thankful for this act of kindness.
    Your obediently!
    Murad Ali.

  5. Hi. Is there any bond associated with this scholarship that one has to return to their home country after the completion of their studies?

  6. I have a bachelor’s degree in chemistry since 1996 and worked as a secondary school teacher for fourteen years …. in my country, Yemen, and now I am looking for a scholarship in organic chemistry
    I am currently residing in Turkey since 2012
    …. Can I find the opportunity for you to complete my master’s studies?

    Thank you very much
    If you would like to help me

  7. am Hussien Sirag from Ethiopia . I have master degree in animal breeding and genetics, so I am looking for PhD program in animal science especially in animal breeding and genetics or dairy science in switzerland. please help me in this regard. I will be very thankful for this act of kindness.
    Your sincerly
    Hussien Sirag

  8. Hi sir, i am from Pakistan and i did my bachelors degree in software i want to persue further education under this scholarship.can I apply for MS leading to Phd in Software Engineering..??

  9. Assalam-o-alaikum, I have done Masters ( M.A English Literature and Linguistics) from Numl Islamabad and have PUBLISHED MY THESIS as well. I do not know whether I should apply for MS or PhD. Someone td me one must have 18 years of education to apply for PhD. I have 16 years of education… Can I apply for both- Mphil and phd. How can I find professors I.d?? Where to search email of professors of switzerland? I am more than willing to pursue this scholarship but there is no one to proper guide me!
    Can u give me your email and guide me on how to really make a cv; I have made cv but for jobs… when to make research proposal n how to make it?

    1. Best of luck, u find out concerned university professor in case applying for PhD, in MS no need supervisor

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