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University of Manchester Acceptance Rate 56.3% in 2023

Acceptance Rates of Manchester University in 2022-2023

If you want to be a part of the University of Manchester, then knowing about their admission requirements and acceptance rate should be your main concern. No doubt, the University of Manchester is among the best and most well-known universities in the UK. Thousands of students apply every year to make themselves a proud part of their education system.

The admissions acceptance rate at the University of Manchester is 56.3%.

Before you apply for admissions, make sure you have complete knowledge about their acceptance rate. As Manchester University is among the most selective universities in the UK, its acceptance rate is equally high enough as well as competitive.

The University of Manchester was established to develop reinvention and innovation passion among students. They are setting a strong pace in the fields of arts, sports, and industry.  In short, the University of Manchester prepares you to start a powerful future. The University of Manchester is known as the top leading university in the UK.

The average tuition fee at the University of Manchester is around $33,624.

Right through this article, you will get to know about the acceptance rate and admission criteria to apply to the University of Manchester.

Acceptance Rate of Pharmacy at Manchester University

The pharmacy department has an acceptance rate of 28% at the University of Manchester. Manchester University offers undergrad to postgrad degrees including the Doctor of Pharmacy Program. You can apply for the Pharmacy program with an application fee of $175. Both local and international students can apply.

For the doctoral degree, a student should have a CGPA of at least 2.6 and must have a minimum C grade in all the prerequisite courses. In the documentation, the applicant has to submit a letter of recommendation (3), with the supplemental application, as well as evidence of U.S. citizenship or permanent residency.

Acceptance Rate for the Ph.D. Degree at Manchester University

The acceptance rate for Ph.D. programs at the University of Manchester is 53%.

International Student Acceptance Rate at Manchester University 59%

The University of Manchester accepts just 59% of international students based on certain criteria. No doubt, for international students studying at Manchester University is a doorway toward a successful career. They have a strong name in the world when it comes to teaching and research methods. So make sure, you have good high-grade scores to make your way into the University of Manchester.

A student can apply if they have a CGPA of at least 3.36 and must have a minimum B+ grade in all the prerequisite courses. Hence, Manchester University has a strict policy when it comes to its admission procedure.

Acceptance Rate for a UK Student at Manchester University

For UK graduates, the acceptance rate is around 53% at the University of Manchester. In the UK, the total duration for a bachelor’s degree is 3-4 years. For every bachelor’s program, the procedure of admission is a bit different. There are a few generalized conditions that you have to fulfill.

For starters, they should have a score of 1300 on their SAT examination. Having 27 scores in the ACT would be equally enough. All such scores will depend on the acceptance rate of Manchester University.

Acceptance Rate of Medicine Program at Manchester University

When we talk about the medicine program, Manchester University has set a competitive acceptance rate of around 12.3%. Only the selective or we would say lucky students will get admission.

In a medicine degree, students will gain some knowledge about clinics and medicine. Their medicine program has been so much advanced that they promise to train you for your future doctorate profession.

Admission Requirements for Postgraduate & Graduate School

In the UK, a postgraduate degree has a duration of 1 year. For every postgraduate program, the procedure of admission is a bit different. There are a few generalized conditions that you have to fulfill.  A few basic requirements are:

    • Undergraduate degree
    • Minimum GPA of around 3.0 or 3.3

For a few of the postgraduate programs, the content or major of your undergraduate courses might be taken into consideration.

Manchester University only accepts direct applications or the one which is submitted online. The majority of the postgraduate degree programs do not have an application fee. Once you have submitted it, you will get a response in just 1-2 weeks.

The UK has a system of both condition and unconditional offers. If you have not yet graduated, and still you have submitted an application, they will give you a conditional offer subject to achieving that score of GPA. You are allowed to submit the GPA document later on. This is quite a common practice which is performed in the UK.

Admission Requirements for Undergraduate Degree

In the UK, a graduate and bachelor’s degree have a duration of 4 years. You will be selecting a subject area of your own choice from the beginning. Entry criteria are quite simple and will be depending on the standardized test scores.

An applicant should provide documents of their high-school grades as well as graded tests. Plus, details about the credits taken at the Community College or Four-Year College should be also provided.

Students with having 3.0 GPA can apply right now. Extra preference will be given to the students having a 3.3 or above GPA. You can submit your application for the bachelor or undergraduate program through UCAS. It works as the UK’s centralized application system portal. UCAS will allow you to apply for at least five applications to UK universities or various courses.

The majority of the undergraduate and bachelor’s degree programs have an application fee. Once you have submitted, you will get a response in just 1-2 weeks.

Admission Application Process at University Of Manchester

You can apply to Manchester University, through their Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). Below are few important guidelines which you should consider at the time of the application process:

    • You have to submit your application forms before the deadline after which no application form of any local or international student will be entertained.
    • Dentistry and medicine programs will have a separate application submission date which you can know by visiting the official website.
    • Before submitting the UCAS form, get in touch with the admission team to know the in-depth criteria of successful selection.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs

  1. How you can apply to Manchester University?

You can apply for Manchester University, through their Universities and Colleges Admissions Service center (UCAS).

  1. At what minimum GPA you can get admission to Manchester University?

For taking admission to Manchester University, a student should have a minimum GPA of 3.41. You should have an average grade score of A’s, and B’s in all courses. If any student has a lower GPA, the university will compensate it with some harder courses including IB or AP classes.

  1. What is the approximate acceptance rate for the University of Manchester?

The University of Manchester has an acceptance rate of around 59% due to which they merely select few students.


We hope that through this guide, you must have gained enough information about the acceptance rate and admission requirements of Manchester University. Being the most popular and competitive university in the UK, it’s a dream of every student to be a part of this university. Make sure you fulfill all their requirements and make-up to the 59% of acceptance rate.

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