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York University Toronto Admissions Open 2023 – Acceptance Rate 89%

A Quick Guide on York University Toronto Acceptance Rate for 2022 | Admission Policy and FAQs

Are you looking forward to taking admission toYork University Toronto? If yes, then be a part of this guide to get complete information about admission requirements and the acceptance rate of York University Toronto.

York University is located in Toronto and is known to be the third-largest university in Canada. This university has a strong community of more than 7,000 faculty, 55,000 students, and 300,000 alumni. More than 8600 international students are enrolled in this university from 178 countries.

If you are planning to take admission to York University, you need to be serious enough because the acceptance rate of YU is exceptionally high. Both Canadian and international students can apply for admission. Now without wasting any time, let’s discuss the admission requirements of York University Toronto.

York University Acceptance Rate Figures

York University receives over fifty thousand applications for admissions each year. The average acceptance rate last year for York University on an overall basis was just over 27% with a total of applicants on record 206,297, out of which 55,700 got admitted; with a ratio of 43% male, and 57% female applicants.

York University Undergrad Acceptance Rate was 89%:

The average acceptance rate of 89% for undergrad courses at York University was recorded with a total number of applicants of 55,843; out of which 49,700 were admitted.

York University Graduate Acceptance Rate was 11%:

The average acceptance rate of 11% for graduate courses at York University was recorded with a total number of applicants 54,546; out of which 6000 were admitted.

But on the other end, York believes everyone should get a chance to study and this is why it was giving admissions to a maximum number of applicants each year. Based on such records the average acceptance rate for 150+ degree programmes offered by York University was floating between 70-85% each year.

Why should you study at York University Toronto?

York University Toronto was established in 1959 and is a public research university located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. If you want to study at the highest-ranked university in Canada, applying to York University is a golden opportunity for you. This university is popular for developing research excellence. York University is based on 25 research centers and 11 faculties in partnership with more than 200 top leading universities worldwide.

They aim to develop their students into powerful personalities for empowering a solid community and pressing social challenges. York University assures you to get a job soon after the completion of school.

Campuses of York University Toronto

Besides, York University Toronto is having two campuses located at Keele and second in Glendon. Keele Campus is the primary campus which is located on the Northside of Toronto city. This campus is currently the largest campus in Canada, which is built at 457 acres. The majority of the university’s faculty is residing here.

Glendon College is the second campus which is based on bilingual liberal arts faculty. It is located near Lawrence Park, Toronto. The Glendon campus is extremely popular among the York faculties because it possesses autonomy over both recruitment and admission.

Apart from it, this university is having some other satellite campuses as well.  Keele Campus is offering the majority of the programs related to business and law.

What is the Average Acceptance Rate of York University Toronto?

There is no such specific acceptance rate for York University. But according to an average, the acceptance of this university is almost 27%. For instance, if 206,297 applicants enrolled themselves, then just 55,700 of them will be selected, 43% males and 57% females. In 2018, the undergraduate acceptance rate of York University was around 89% which was extremely high. Compared to the rest of the universities in Toronto, York University has the highest acceptance rate.

Canadian Study Visa Procedure for the International Students

All those international students who got Canadian scholarships or admission into any Canadian University need to apply for a Canadian Student VISA. It is mandatory to submit their visa documents to seek further enrollment. Besides a visa, the student has to apply for a study permit as well.

You can apply for a Canadian study permit and visa by getting in touch with Canadian Embassy to avoid any last-minute complications. To apply for the study visa, you have to attach the following documents:

    • Acceptance letter proof given by the university
    • Valid passport with two fresh passport-size photographs
    • Financial evidence

Admission Criteria to Apply to York University Toronto

Before you plan to apply for admission toYork University, make sure that you know the deadlines to submit it beforehand. Make sure you meet the admission criteria and prerequisites of the subject for which you are applying. Submitting a personal statement is also mandatory. The process of application will vary for local and all international students.

A few important documents that need to be attached to the admission form are:

    • Official scanned copies of all Transcripts
    • Letter of Course Descriptions

Requirements for English Language Proficiency at York University

Programs in the Keele Campus are taught in English, whereas Glendon Campus offers programs both in French and English languages. Hence, before you take admission, you should know about the language used as a medium of the specific degree program.

You need to follow a few basic requirements when providing a proficiency letter in the English Language. The letter should highlight your first language and the number of years you studied in the English language.

York’s Admission Requirements for the Canadian Students

Being a graduate of a Canadian High School, a student will be selected for admission based on their Grade 11 finals or the result of Grade 12 finals if asked.

York’s Admission Requirements for the International Students

International students from almost 178 countries apply to York University every year. The best thing about York University is that they accept applications from different educational backgrounds. To secure your admission, you must provide a Canadian study visa and a Secondary School and High School Diploma.

How to apply for admission at York University Toronto?

To apply for admission, you have to visit the official website of York University to see all the requirements of the program to which you are going to apply. Submit all your official academic transcripts along with the scores of TOEFL.

Plus, it is also mandatory that the applicant should submit their immigration and citizenship documents. Above the age of 20, students should also provide a resume, post-secondary transcripts, and personal letters of two pages.

How is the Student Life at York University Toronto?

As York University is a combination of local and international students, so it is expected that you will enjoy a lavish lifestyle while studying on campus. You can involve yourself in different activities to stay active physically and mentally. Plus, students can also participate in various organizations, clubs, community support, or some student-run events.

Presently, there are around 300 student clubs and more than 34 governing groups for student entertainment in York. You will enjoy attending on-campus theatre programs, student-run events, and much more. In short, student life at YU is extremely happening and electrifying. You will get many options to take part in wellness, cultural, social, and recreational activities.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs

  1. What is the acceptance rate of York University?

York University has an acceptance rate of 89% for undergrad, an 11% acceptance rate for graduate programs. Whereas, the overall average acceptance rate of York University is just above 27%.

  1. What is the acceptance rate of graduate students at York University?

For graduate students, the acceptance rate is around 11%

  1. How can you apply to York University?

You can apply easily by visiting the official website, where all the details about the application submission and requirements are mentioned clearly. See the program to which you want to apply and read about the criteria for application submission. Submit all the official academic transcripts along with the TOEFL test score. Your form is incomplete without the attachment of immigration and citizenship documents.


To sum up the whole discussion, it is clear that getting admission toYork University is not an easy job at all. You have to meet their acceptance rate, which is89%. It is no doubt; YU is one of the top leading and sought-after universities in Canada to get an excellent education. Grab the opportunity to study at York University by applying for their upcoming admissions.

All the Best!

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