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Vilnius University Scholarships 2023-2024: Study for Free in Lithuania

Vilnius University Scholarships for the batch of 2023-2024 are open for applications. This Lithuania-based University is providing a golden chance for international students to study for free in Lithuania.

Vilnius University is the oldest and largest Lithuanian higher education institution. Since its establishment in the 16th century, Vilnius University, as an integral part of European science and culture has embodied the concept­ of a classical university and the unity of studies and research.

Vilnius University is an active participant in international scientific and academic activities and boasts many prominent scientists, professors, and graduates. Scientific development and the expanding relations with global research centers have contributed to the variety of research and studies at Vilnius University.

With the support of social partners, the university educates globally-minded specialists who successfully integrate into the modern European community.

Reasons to Study at Vilnius University

Vilnius University is a classical university with over 430 years of academic traditions and the widest range of study programmes in Lithuania. The university offers an academic environment focused on excellence in research and teaching.

Vilnius University is 1st in Lithuania according to national ranking. It is the most popular and most acknowledged higher education establishment among Lithuani­an secondary school graduates. Vilnius University is Lithuania’s leading academic institution, ranked among the top 500 universities worldwide (QS).

Scholarships at Vilnius University in 2023

The following types of financial support are provided to students by the University: incentive scholarship, one-time social grant, one-time target scholarship, nominal scholarship, foreign student scholarship, doctoral (Ph.D.) student scholarship, and resident doctor scholarship.

Undergraduate and graduate students, including integrated studies, may simultaneously receive incentive scholarship, nominal scholarship, one-time social grant, onetime target scholarships and targeted research scholarships unless otherwise provided by nominal scholarship regulations or other legislation. Students of professional-pedagogical studies may simultaneously receive professional-pedagogical studies scholarship, incentive scholarship, nominal scholarship, one-time social grant, and one-time target scholarships unless otherwise provided by the regulations of nominal scholarships or other legal acts.

Doctoral (Ph.D.) students can simultaneously receive doctorally (Ph.D.) studies scholarship, nominal scholarship, one-time social grant, one-time target scholarship, and targeted research scholarship.

Undergraduate and postgraduate students, including full-time students, studying abroad under “Erasmus+” programme, as well as under other exchange programmes, and free-moving students can receive incentive scholarship, nominal scholarship, and one-time social grant as well as one-time target scholarships throughout their studies abroad.

Below-listed scholarships are also available at Vilnius University:

#1 Research Scholarship: A scholarship for doctoral students going on an internship abroad or for first and second cycle students, including integrated studies, performing research (art) work in a project.

#2 Incentive Scholarship: A scholarship for first and second-cycle students, including integrated studies, as well as for professional-pedagogical studies, for good learning outcomes.

#3 One-time Target Scholarships A scholarship for students for active sports, cultural, scientific, or social activities.

#4 Foreign Student Scholarship: A scholarship for students of foreign universities who have come to study under bilateral cooperation agreements. The amount of the scholarship of a foreign student is the same as the amount of the scholarship (incentive or Ph.D.) of the University student of the respective degree unless otherwise
provided in the bilateral cooperation agreement.

#5 Nominal Scholarship: A scholarship for students for special achievements or merits in various fields of science and other fields.

#6 Doctoral Scholarship: A scholarship for state-funded doctoral (Ph.D.) students.

#7 Research Fundings (for Phds and Post-docs): Vilnius University is a comprehensive university, so if you are looking for partners for your international projects, please contact Research Projects Office and we will help you to find a relevant call or research teams to collaborate with.

Student’s Tuition Fees Waiver Scholarships

Students who studied in a study place not funded by the state during the entire or part (semester) of the study period, and who achieved the best learning outcomes, can expect to receive a tuition fee compensation. Tuition fee compensation from the state budget is organized by the State Studies Foundation (hereinafter – Foundation) with the participation of the University; compensation procedures are regulated by the Description of the Procedure of Payment, Reimbursement and Recovery of Tuition Fees at Vilnius University.

By considering the number of students in each study programme, the State Studies Foundation shall establish the highest number of persons in each field of study whose paid tuition fees may be compensated. Students of each field of study are ranked according to the weighted average of the compensated period, and the paid fees are compensated for the established number of students with the best learning outcomes in that field.

Persons who a granted a tuition fee compensation shall receive a notification in November via e-mails provided to the Foundation by the higher education institution, therefore it is important that students regularly check their e-mails specified in VU eStudent platform. Upon receiving a notification, students must, within the specified deadline, submit an application to the Foundation for the compensation of paid tuition fees.

For students who were admitted to study in the first cycle and integrated studies prior to 31 December 2023, the actually paid tuition fee or part of it which does not exceed the standard tuition fee may be compensated 2 times during the study period:

  • for the first two years of studies (in the case of part-time studies – during the first half of the study programme) and/or
  • from the third year of studies until the end of the first cycle or integrated studies (in the case of part-time studies – after finishing the second half of the study programme).

Documents Required for Vilnius University Scholarship Application

Candidates have to submit the following documents until the deadline of the scholarship online:

  • The application for the scholarship;
  • Documents proving the Candidate’s achievements in research activity (extract of the study plan, research proposal, copy (s) of publication (s) of the article (s), etc.);
  • Copies of the bachelor’s and master’s (if the student has completed master studies) diploma and its supplement or certificates on the study results;
  • A copy of the bachelor’s and/or master’s thesis;
  • A letter of motivation [it is possible to specify if the Scholarship is awarded to only one student and when it is awarded for further research activities or further research];
  • Recommendation of the unit where the student is studying [optional].

8 Steps to Apply for Vilnius University Scholarships:

Please follow the below-listed steps in order to find a relevant scholarship at Vilnius University and to submit your application for it:

  1. At the end of this article, click on the Vilnius University Scholarship’s page
  2. Select a scholarship as per your interest and eligibility
  3. Apply for admission at Vilnius University
  4. Also, fill out a ‘specific’ scholarship application
  5. Attach required documents in the online application system of Vilnius University
  6. Proof-read your application to rectify errors
  7. Submit your admission and scholarship application at Vilnius University Website
  8. Wait for the final results.

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