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5 Steps to Publish First Research Article Manuscript in Journal: How to Publish Research Paper in Academic Journal?

How to Find Relevant Scientific Journals for Research Publication?

You have been working on research and it is just about to complete. After getting the arduous job done, the only question in your mind is, how do you get the research paper published in a reputable journal?

Why is it so difficult for postgraduates to Publish Research in journals?

The common belief is that your work is only getting published if you’re a well-known scientist/researcher, prestigious name, or brand and it does not matter how deserving your piece is. Yes, beginners such as postgraduate students are faced with severe tribulation initially and do not experience the comfort that an experienced peer may enjoy.

Student’s research may lack novelty, trust, experience, ethical/scientific write-up and contain conflict of interest

This is because a beginner’s work lacks the novelty, attraction, and trust that a proficient researcher’s work has. However, remember “Every expert was once a beginner.” It is a learning process, and improvement comes with time. This article is a comprehensive and precise guide, letting you know all the necessary steps you ought to take to finally publish your paper.

Significance of Adding Co-authors in Research Paper:

As it is your very first time, one way to easily get the job done is by publishing the papers as co-author. This is relatively easy as you don’t have to worry about the repute and the basic needs. The supervisor’s repute is sufficient to get the work required attention. In this case the advantage for you will be to use your professor’s trust in the scientific community that will take you par.

Nevertheless, if this is not your preference then there is some additional work to do and you also need to add proper citations with verifiable experimental analysis to support the novelty of the research. You have to pay some extra attention to the details and leave no gaps. Being extra careful with the readings or findings serve the interest. The arguments to defend your thesis or manuscript should be compendious. Most importantly, relevance to the journal matters the most.

5 Steps to Publish the First Research Paper in Suitable Journal

Step 1: Create an Outline of Research Paper

First, the outline of a research paper should be created that organize all the research work in a proper format

Step 2: Write the first draft of the paper

Secondly, the draft of the research paper should be prepared, which also includes a summary or an abstract of your study. Plus, the draft should have the capacity to attract the audience, increase their interest, and make them read the entire research. The basic guidelines for draft formatting and the recommended word limit must be followed to give it a professional outlook.

Step 3: Abide by ethical standards of Writing

Third, assure that the study does not contain any restricted image or substance, and you are authorized to use any external material if necessary.

Step 4: Search suitable Journals

Fourth, patience is the key in this step. You need to conduct thorough research on the scope of the journals and find the ones that are most relevant to your research work. Please make sure that your research falls in the category and scope of the selected journal and it must be useful and relevant to the readership of that journal.

Step 5: Submission to Journal, Editorial and Peer Review

The editor after reviewing your research paper manuscript might forward it to the scholars (peer-reviewers) of the field for further examination. In case, your manuscript is not a good fit for the journal; then you will receive a manuscript transfer invitation to a more suitable journal recommended by the editor or may face rejection. After the completion of peer-review the article can get rejected, accepted, or may get asked to provide minor to major revision. This can be time-consuming so you need to prepare for it ahead of time. However, the option of manuscript status tracking progress online is available. If the manuscript gets accepted, then after signing a publishing agreement your paper will finally be published.

Significance of finding the Relevant Journals for Research Article Manuscript:

Besides, you need to find a suitable journal. Remember, not everything that shines is gold. There are fake journals and publishers, waiting to exploit your talents. Requesting submission in multiple journals is helpful but do not submit a manuscript to two journals at the same time because it goes against ethics in publishing, the possibility of publication increases.

Submission to an improper journal will result in rejection, hence wasting your as well as editor’s time. If the study has far-reaching implications then submission to a variety of journals is applicable. If not, then submission to the most relevant journal would be appropriate and effective. It depends on the domain of the study. It can be a natural science, social sciences, arts, etc. The aims and objectives of the study should be well-defined and manifest the goal of the research.

Moreover, the reputation of the journals should be considered, as your study deserves a suitable audience. Facts to be considered are, the credibility of the authors who get their studies published in that journal and the publishing speed. As a beginner publishing in an open-access journal will make your paper accessible to a number of people. Open access sources allow visitors free access to the research papers. This strategy begets more popularity and citations.

Final take on Publishing Your First Research in Journals

To conclude, if you are done with your research, Congratulations! The most challenging part of the job is done. Now is the time to get to the next level, and take your research to the platform it deserves. Unlimited felicitations, acknowledgments, and citations are waiting!

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