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Application for Yesterday's Leave Format

In this unpredictable world, unforeseen events might confront anyone, be it a school student, a college student, a government official, or even a private employee. In such a case, an application is written and submitted to be granted by the higher officials. There are various kinds of leave but in this article, we will be discussing an application for yesterday’s leave, in particular.

Definition of Yesterday’s Leave

An application for yesterday leave may be defined as, 

“A formal request to be granted leave by describing the reason of being absent a day prior to the one on which the application is being written is called an application for yesterday’s leave.”

The only distinguishing factor between an application of yesterday’s leave and an application for leave is that an application requesting yesterday’s leave is written after taking leave and focuses on describing the reason for which the previous day was taken off. 

We now know the definition of an application for yesterday’s leave. Without further ado, let’s hop on to the format and tips for writing an impressive leave application.

Format of Yesterday’s Leave Application:-

The format of a leave application is supposed to be kept formal. The following format is chalked out to provide you with an outline on how to concoct a leave application for the previous day.

  • Salutation:

The first most important part is to include the basic information of the receiver on the top right or top left corner of the page.

It contains the name of the recipient, his designation, the name of the institute (either school or office) along with the name of the city.

  • Subject line:

The second part is the subject line which Is present on the left side of the page right next to the margin. The subject line acts as a header for your application.

In a subject line, you briefly describe the reason for which the application is written; in this case, a yesterday leave application, which the reviewer can read at a glance and decipher the nature of the application.

  • Main Body:

The main body of the application contains some subdivisions which, instead of being placed under headings, are mentioned in separate sentences. Following are the points to be incorporated in the main body.

  • Reason for leave:

The reason for which the previous day was taken off is mentioned.

  • The number of leaves taken:

The number of days taken relinquished is also mentioned in the body of the application.

  • Details of your work compensation:

This part is necessary to include only in case of yesterday’s leave application for work. The employee should state how he has or will compensate for the days taken aback (already counteracted by working from home or will work overtime in the future etc.)

  • Lines of gratitude:

Be thankful. A line containing words of commendation should be included after the main body.

  • Contact information:

The sender’s contact information should also be included after the lines of thankfulness. Phone number and valid email address should be enough.

  • Name and signature:

The sender’s name and signature come at the bottom right of the end of the application.

  • Date of composition:

The date on which the application for leave is written should be mentioned adjacent to the name of the sender at the bottom left.

Sample Applications for Yesterday’s Leave:-

Application to the principal requesting to grant your ward yesterday’s leave on account of illness

If you are a parent writing an application on your child’s behalf to the principal of his/her school, the following format should help you in doing so.


The Principal,
ABC School,
XYZ City.

Subject: Request to grant sick leave for taking a day off yesterday.

Respected Sir/Madam,

It is to inform you that my daughter (name of student) is a student of Class (name of the class with section) in your school. It is stated that my daughter had been unwell and hospitalized the day before yesterday due to food poisoning. She was kept under observation and therefore, we were unable to send her to school yesterday. Enclosed, with this application is a medical certificate for your reference.

Therefore, it is requested to kindly grant her 1 day’s leave.

Thanking you in anticipation.        

Yours Obediently,

(name of parent),
(Mother)student’s name,
(Signature of a parent),
Dated: July.15,2023.

Application to the Employer Requesting to Grant you Yesterday’s Leave

Although the majority of the offices have web portals for the submission of online applications, the following sample will help you in case you ever have to write an application by hand.

The HOD,
(name of institute),
(name of the city).

(Candidate Name),
(Candidate Credentials).

Subject: Application for Sick Leave for one day.

Respected Sir/Madam,

This is to inform you that I, (name of sender) am designated at XYZ post in your reputed institute. It is stated that I had caught a severe viral disease that I caught a few days back. The doctor had advised me a day’s rest therefore, I took a leave yesterday to fully recover before continuing work. Enclosed, with this application is the medical prescription for your reference. 

It is also to be mentioned that I was, however, available on the phone as I had notified (name of a colleague) to take care of the meetings on my behalf.

Therefore, it is requested to kindly grant me one-day leave on account of sickness.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Contact info:
Phone number: xxx-xxxxxxx,
Email address: [email protected].

Yours sincerely,

(Name of sender),
(Signature of the sender),
Dated: May.12,2023

Tips to Write a Formal Application for Yesterday’s Leave:-

Following are the tips you should follow to write a good application for leave, worthy of being accepted.

  •  Politeness:-

While composing an application, make sure that you adopt a polite tone of request. Be known that the recipient has the authority to grant or neglect an application. Therefore, do not give him any chance to disregard your application by the tone of your speech.

  • Specify the purpose:-

Highlight the purpose of your application in the subject line. Higher authorities have tons of tasks up their sleeves and it is quite obvious that they do not have enough time to go through each application individually. Thus, it is recommended to specify the purpose of your application in the subject line concisely for a quick glance.

  •  Maintain the discipline:-

Maintaining discipline while writing an application is a crucial factor. It should depict a petitioning style rather than an expansive style.

  • Conciseness:-

This is the borderline between an application and a letter. Be concise and only include relevant information related to the reason for your absence. Avoid a story-like manner of describing your point.

  • Recheck:-

The last thing you want in your application is a grammatical mistake. Reread and recheck your application before turning it in.

  • State the relation:-

If you are writing an application on behalf of your child, mention it therein. An application is not supposed to be anonymous. It is necessary for the relation between the sender and the person, on whose behalf the application is being written, to be mentioned.

Closing lines:

This article provided a complete guide on how to write an application for yesterday’s leave, from definition, format, and samples to tips to compose a decent application.

Let us know how helpful you found this article in the comments section below. That’s all for this article!

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