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Summer Internships Without IELTS in 2023 – Get Enrolled!

You can submit an application for getting enrolled in an internship program without the IELTS exam requirement in 2023. Because the 5 internships featured in this article do not require IELTS for their internship programs.

So, do you want an international opportunity to work in your dream company and want to put your feet in the shoes of international firms?

Do you want to have a fully-funded internship without the IELTS requirement in any foreign country?

Then you have come to the right place for getting information regarding international internship opportunities. The internships which we are going to mention below are open for any nationality holder around the globe. It doesn’t matter if you are a postgraduate student or an undergraduate student, or have just finished your degree and now want to work abroad, you can easily apply for international internships across the globe as well.

This list of paid internships around the world offers you everything that you need at a student level and every chance that a person requires for stepping into the professional market. Like you can get paid internships in the following countries:

    • KSA Summer Internships 2023
    • USA Summer Internships 2023
    • Switzerland Summer Internships 2023
    • France Summer Internships 2023
    • Germany Summer Internships 2023
    • Korea Summer Internships 2023
    • Norway Summer Internships 2023

And the best part is that there is no gender limitation for these internships as any gender can apply for these internships and get to spend their summer or winter in these beautiful countries around the world.

You need to submit an application to apply for an internship with a covering letter to be considered for the selection process.

You can also take part in the Forbes 30 under 30 list as well. There are around 1000 internships in these countries and you can achieve a lot by participating in these internships as well. And now the important part comes, which is the information through which you will apply accordingly.

List of Summer Internships Without IELTS in 2023

#1 Konrad Adenauer Foundation Internships

Firstly there is no need for a registration fee and No IELTS requirement for applying for the Konrad Adenauer Foundation internship. This internship is based in Germany under the Konrad Adenauer Foundation which lets students from around the world take part in this fully-funded internship where you can also get a stipend of around 800 to 900 EURO monthly. Apart from this health insurance is also provided to Konrad interns.

#2 RIPS Summer Internship in USA

There are many internship opportunities for students if they are willing to move ahead in their professional life. The RIPS international summer internship program with IELTS exemption in the USA is a great push step for students who are stepping into their professional life. The duration of this internship is around 9 weeks and it is also a fully-funded internship without any gender limitation.

#3 King Abdullah International Internships Program In Saudi Arabia

The King Abdullah Internship is also exempted from the IELTS requirement and it is based in KSA and is fully funded by the KSA government. Students are invited to KSA to attain scholarships and internships at King Abdullah University and they are also given all kinds of financial liberties during this program.

#4 CrossCulture Internship Program in Germany

The Cross-culture Internship programme without IELTS in Germany is an international internship program for around 3 months duration and it is a fully-funded programme. But it is basically only for Muslim country nationals. The main purpose of this programme is to let different cultures explore the diversity of Germany and find a living over there.

#5 GIST internship in Korea

This GIST Korean Internship is an international internship programme without IELTS; for students all around the world and the internship that they will receive is going to be held in South Korea. It is going to be a fully-funded internship where the students of undergraduate and masters can apply and can select any field which they wish to work in. And no IELTS or TOEFL is required for this course of the fully-funded internship.

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