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Employment Seekers VISA Austria 2023 – Eligibility Check With Application Process

Have you got bachelors, master’s, or any professional degree in engineering, medicine, law, business, or management subjects or have expertise in skills that are hard to find for employment in Austria then you need to read this article because now you will be able to travel to Austria to find jobs there on Austrian job seekers VISA in 2023.

If you are confused about whether you need to apply for a job seekers VISA for Austria or not to find work opportunities then please go through these following two questions:

  1. Are you from an EU country?
  2. and have you received an employment offer from an Austrian company?

If you answered ‘No’ to both of these questions, then you definitely need to apply for this Austrian job seeker VISA in order to enter Austria and then find jobs in their local market. The main purpose of this Job Seeker Visa for Austria is to allow you to enter and stay in Austria for 6 months which will give you ample time to look for a job there, whereas, if you will receive a job offer in Austria, then you can go ahead and apply for a Red-White-Card (Austrian Work Permit) which serves as your work visa to enter European countries to start working there.

Is it Easy to Get Job Seekers VISA for Austria?

As per my analysis, i think it is easy to obtain a job seekers VISA for Austria because your eligibility would totally depend on point based system where you will be given specific points for your previous job experience, language proficiency, qualifications, age, and origin of your education. If a job seeker VISA applicant manages to get over 65-70 points then that person would actually stand eligible to apply for an Austrian Job seekers VISA as per the new immigration policy.

How to Apply for the Job Seeker VISA for Austria?

I know the process application for job seekers VISA for most of countries is quite complex and stressful but to my surprise, this is not the case with Austrian job seekers VISA because applicants are required to evaluate themselves as per point based system and then they need to submit an application for VISA directly at the embassies of Austria in their countries.

Please keep in mind that the application submission is not free since Austrian embassy would actually charge you with €120 for reviewing your job seekers VISA application and you will be required to attach supporting documents which can be your intention letter to find jobs in Austria, your qualification certs, proof of your health fitness, proof of your character certificate issued by your home country, and a valid passport with at least 6 months in its expiry.

Austria’s Job Seekers VISA VS Red-White-Red Card

Austrian job seeker visa will only allow you to enter Austria for the purpose of finding a job in their local market, however, Red White Red Card VISA for Austria is a complete work VISA that is issued to skilled foreign professionals to legally reside in Austria for the purpose of doing a job for a duration of two years.

Are EU Citizens Exempted from Austrian Job Seekers VISA?

Absolutely Yes! If you are a citizen of any European country then you are legally allowed by Austrian immigration department to enter Austria to find jobs there with an allowed maximum stay duration of 90 days and if you manage to get employment in Austria on job seekers VISA then the next step would be to convert it into Red-White-Red Card visa.

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