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(Postgrad) Masters & Ph.D. Scholarships in 2023: International Masters/Doctorate Scholarships

List of Postgrad Scholarships - Master’s Scholarships Abroad

Fully funded Masters and PhD Scholarships in 2023 are open for admission applications internationally. Therefore, prepare scholarship documents and get ready to submit applications for postgraduate scholarship offerings.

Thinking of going abroad to studying a master’s and are worried about financing it? Well, not anymore. There are tons of scholarships out there to help you get through your master’s without breaking the bank. These scholarships are funded by different sponsors like government agencies, the universities themselves, private donors and charity organizations, etc.

Fully-funded Postgraduate Scholarships in 2023

Scouring the internet for scholarship opportunities in MS abroad can be a pretty hectic task. Luckily, we have put together a list of scholarships for doing MS in countries like the UK, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, China, and many more. Have a look at them and apply them to those you think you are fit for.

#1 Gates Cambridge Scholarship at the University of Cambridge:

The University of Cambridge’s Gates scholarship is one of the most esteemed scholarships in the world. These scholarships are awarded to students pursuing postgraduate programs at the University. This prestigious grant covers all of the students’ costs of studying like tuition fees, accommodation costs, maintenance expenses, travel costs, visa charges, etc. other conditional allowances are also in place such as family allowance, fieldwork allowance, and scholastic development funding, etc. 

This scholarship is awarded only to those students who are a citizen of a country other than the UK.

#2 British Chevening Scholarships:

Sponsored by the British government, the Chevening Scholarship is the British FCOs international scholarship program. This scholarship is offered to 1500 students every year and allows them to pursue a master’s in any subject area from any university across the UK. The scholarship normally covers all thinkable educational expenses of the students like tuition fees, airfare to and from the host country, study costs, accommodation, etc. it also gives a monthly allowance to cover the living expenses of the recipients. 

The applicants need to be citizens of eligible countries. The Postgrad scholarship recipients will have to return to their home countries for at least two years after completion of their master’s degree.

#3 Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Scholarships:

Available in all the German higher educational institutions, Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Scholarships are awarded to master’s and Ph.D. degrees pursuant to those who have a special inclination toward politics and social engagement. The scholarship is awarded in the form of a monthly stipend which is meant for students to set off their living costs the whole time they are in Germany for their degree program.

The tuition fee is not covered; however, the scholarship committee supports its recipients by arranging field trips, political events, summer programs, workshops, etc. It also sets up seminars and training related to conflict management, time management, text and writing training, and symposiums upon methodology.

#4 Swinburne University Postgraduate Scholarships:

The excellent scholarships at the Swinburne University of Technology are awarded to bachelor’s and master’s students. The applicants must be from a country other than New Zealand or Australia. The postgraduate scholarship is granted for a maximum of two years and gives a 10 to 75% waiver on the tuition fee. The scholarship is available at all the master’s course-based and research-based programs.

#5 AAUW International Fellowships for Women:

American Association of University Women is awarding fellowships to those women who want to get higher education in America but are not citizens or permanent residents of America. These fellowships are available at graduate, Ph.D., and post-doctoral levels. The AAUW scholarship value at the master’s level is $18,000, at the doctoral level is $20,000 and at the post-doctoral level is $30,000.

#6 Nestle Scholarships:

The Nestle scholarships are exclusively awarded to female MBA candidates in IMD Switzerland. This award enables women to take up MBA more and more. The value of the award is 25,000 CHF. It is preferably given to those international female MBA candidates who belong to a developing country.

#7 University of Waterloo Master’s awards:

The University of Waterloo’s master’s awards is for those international students who are getting enrolled in a master’s degree which is purely research-based. The newcomers will get this scholarship taking into account their whole profile in which their previous research background will matter the most. 

The award will be available for up to five terms and 2500 CAD will be awarded per term. Students will have to submit a paper or a thesis at the end of their degree program. No separate application is required for the Excellence Award.

#8 University of Lausanne Master’s awards:

The University of Lausanne (UNIL) awards master’s awards to foreign students who are getting enrolled in eligible master’s programs at UNIL. The scholarship is given for ten months in a year i.e. 1,600 CHF will be given to the recipients per month for ten months annually. This will go on for the full duration of their master’s program which is usually 18 months or two years. The recipients of these postgrad scholarships also do not have to pay any registration fee but they will have to pay a fee of 8,000 CHF per semester.

#9 La Trobe University Research Scholarship for Graduate Students:

The graduate research scholarship by La Trobe University in Australia is awarded to those newly enrolled students who intend to take up a research-based master’s or a Ph.D. from La Trobe. The recipients can complete their degrees under the supervision of competent researchers and will be able to participate in programs of professional development organized by the university. $28,092 will be awarded to all the recipients annually. This will go on for three and a half years for Ph.D. students and 22 months for master’s degree students.

#10 University of Dundee Scholarships:

The Global excellence awards of the University of Dundee are made available to those international students who are taking up a master’s program in an eligible field at the university. The recipients will be selected based on their academic background and participation in extra-curricular and voluntary activities.

Under this scholarship scheme, 5,000 GBP will be awarded to all the recipients for a year. No separate application needs to be submitted in order to be considered for the scholarship.

#11 Lincoln University (New Zealand) Scholarships:

Lincoln University of New Zealand is awarding international scholarships to its foreign students who are going to pursue a master’s at the university. $10,000 will be awarded to students pursuing a master’s in management, finance, CPA, tourism, and rural development program.

$7000 will be awarded to students pursuing postgraduation in applied computing, agriculture, food innovation, policymaking, wine and viticulture, the agricultural system, etc.

Both of these amounts will be given once and are applied to the overall program. These are the awarded based on the candidate’s academic achievements, financial backing, country of origin, and personality traits.

#12 Victoria University Scholarships:

Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand is offering scholarships to those foreign students who are taking up a full-time and research-based master’s at the university. The scholarship recipients are supposed to take up research work for at least 35 hours a week.

The New Zealand scholarship awards a $15,000 stipend to all the recipients annually plus waives the tuition fee of the awardees. The stipend will be given monthly. A small payment of $200 will also be given to cover the cost of creating the thesis. The recipients are also required to get approved for a co-tenure scholarship from the university which is worth $6000.

#13 Sir Neil Isaac Scholarships:

This scholarship can be taken up at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. The scholarship is available to take up a master’s or Ph.D. in Environmental Science at the university. The value of the scholarship is $20,000 which will be paid yearly for a maximum of three years. By that time, the recipients are expected to have completed their research work.

#14 Rhodes International Scholarship Fund at Oxford University:

Rhodes Scholarships at the University of Oxford are now available for students from all over the world. It is awarded to those students who demonstrate leadership potential and who have a natural knack for promoting understanding, harmony, and peace. The scholarship is fully funded, is awarded to master’s students, and supports all kinds of educational expenses of the recipients.

The University of Oxford Scholarships offers a tuition fee waiver, application fee reimbursement, one round trip to and from Oxford at the start and the end of the program, and a monthly stipend of more than 15,000 GBP a year. The maximum tenure of the scholarship is three years which is subject to the recipient’s academic performance and his/her duration of the program.

#15 Griffith University Scholarships:

The Griffith University of Australia awards bachelor’s and master’s scholarships to some of its most exceptional students who are undertaking under and postgraduate programs at the university.

The Griffith scholarship awards a tuition fee waiver of 50% which the recipients can expect to get for the whole duration of their degree programs.

#16 Australian Government Research Scholarship:

The research training program by the Australian government is available at the University of Adelaide. This scholarship is available at the master’s and Ph.D. levels in the faculties which are research-focused. It is open to international students. The value of the scholarship is reimbursement of the fee of the research training program, a living allowance of more than 28,000 AUD annually (for two years for master’s recipients and up to three and a half years for Ph.D. recipients), an allowance for healthcare, research publication costs and relocation costs.

The relocation allowance is $1,000 per person and a maximum of two adults will get the relocation allowance. For dependent children, a relocation allowance of $500 will be given per child. A publication allowance of 420 AUD will be given to master’s recipients and 840 AUD to Ph.D. candidates.

#17 DAAD Scholarships in Germany:

DAAD scholarships are offered in Germany to those students who wish to take up master’s studies in the field of Architectural Engineering. It is also offered to those students who are getting enrolled in a complimentary architectural course. These German scholarships are available at only state universities in Germany.

The recipients will get a stipend of 850 Euros monthly, a travel allowance, an off-study allowance, and insurance for health, accidents, and personal liability. Some students may also get a subsidy in the rent payments and an additional allowance for supporting the family. The fee for learning the German language will also be paid by DAAD. (Learning German is mandatory for the recipient if his/her study program is taught in German.)

#18 Queen Elizabeth Scholarships:

The scholarship program by Queen Elizabeth can be taken up in the following countries, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Namibia, South Pacific, and Papua New Guinea. It is sponsored by the Association of Commonwealth countries and is awarded to students who are from a commonwealth country (on a refugee status) and who wish to study for a master’s in any one of the above low-income countries. 

The scholarship covers the full tuition fee of the recipients as well as awards a monthly stipend, a travel allowance, a round trip air ticket to and from the hosting country, and a research grant. The research grant is only available upon application and is conditional.

#19 National University of Singapore Scholarships:

The national university of Singapore is awarding scholarships to students belonging to commonwealth countries at the Ph.D. and master’s levels. The grant offers a full tuition fee waiver and a monthly stipend of $2000 (Singapore dollars) to the Ph.D. candidates. A monthly stipend of S$1500 will be awarded to master’s candidates. 

The Ph.D. candidates may also be entitled to an additional monthly stipend of $500 upon passing a particular exam held for Doctoral students.

#20 Japanese Government Scholarships for Postgrads

The MEXT scholarship by the Japanese Government is awarded at National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies. International students enrolling in masters of public policy or public administration are eligible for this award. A monthly stipend of 242,000 Japanese yen will be awarded to all the recipients. This stipend can be used to offset accommodation costs, health insurance costs, meal expenses, rent, clothing, transportation, and other small study costs. In addition, the scholarship waives the tuition fee, application, and admission fee of the recipients.

An economy class airfare will be given to come to Japan at the start of the degree program and to go to the home country at the time of completion of the program. The stipend given per month is fixed and under no circumstances will be increased to support the family of the recipient.

#21 Chinese Postgrad Scholarships:

There are tons of Postgrad (Masters/Phd) Scholarships available for international students in 270+ Chinese Universities under the names of CAS-TWAS, ANSO, CSC, Confusious Institute, and Provincial scholarships.

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