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Application for Bonafide Certificate with Samples [2023]

Bonafide Certificate Request Letter Application Samples

A Bonafide Certificate works as a document to certify the evidence of an affiliation of a person with a specific educational institute or an organization. This certificate is issued by the educational institution in which that person was studying for a specific period.

You need a Bonafide certificate to apply for a visa or educational loan, getting a scholarship, or any other opportunity of employment.

In the process of applying for a VISA or educational loan, getting a scholarship, or any other opportunity of employment; the first major document that you need is the Bonafide Student certificate. In case you are applying for a scholarship, an important document of the Bonafide certificate will help you to proceed with the whole process successfully. Right through this article, we will guide you about how you can write an application for Bonafide Certificate.

Main Purpose of Bonafide Certificate

The main purpose of the Bonafide Certificate is to:

    • Certify the person’s attachment with an organization
    • An important document is needed to apply for a visa or passport.
    • It plays an important role to obtain a permit/pass from any public transport agency such as local trains, metros, or city buses.
    • This certificate is also required if you are applying for a student VISA to study abroad.
    • For attending international conferences or seminars, employees and students need a Bonafide certificate.
    • You will also need a Bonafide certificate when applying for a pan card, Aadhar card, or voter ID Card.
    • If you are applying for a bank loan or some scholarship, the Bonafide certificate plays an important role.

Format of Bonafide Certificate Application

When writing an application for a bonafide certificate, you have to mention your full name, institution name, registration number, and current class in which you are studying. This bonafide certificate issued to the student will be on the letterhead of a specific institution/school or company and has to be duly signed and fully sealed. The validity period of this Bonafide certificate will be just 3 months.

Check out the format sample below to have an idea about how to write a perfect Bonafide Certificate application.

Sample for Bonafide Certificate Application

The Principal,
[Institution Name].

Subject: [Application for the Bonafide Certificate

Respected Sir/Madam,

It is to be stated that I am a student of A-Levels in your reputed institution. I want to open my personal Student Savings Account in the National Bank and for that sake; they require a Bonafide Certificate so that I can identify myself as a student from school.

I would be grateful if you can issue me the Bonafide certificate. Hope to get a quick response from you. I shall be highly gratified for this act.

Thanking You,

Yours Obediently,
[Registration Number],

Required Documents with Application for Bonafide Certificate

For submitting your Bonafide certificate application, you have to attach a few important documents required with it. This includes:

    • Photo or ID proof
    • Application Form
    • Fee Receipt which is the fee amount which you have paid at the office counter
    • The letter should be addressed in the name of the institution head or the concerned person.


  1. Are the character certificate and bonafide certificate similar to one another?

No, they are not! The bonafide certificate is a document issued to certify your affiliation with any institution. Its validity is of 3 months maximum. Whereas, Character Certificate is a document that is issued as a grant of your character with a validity of 6 months. This document is normally issued by your previous school, SDM/MLA, or Municipal Councilor.

  1. Is it important to have a bonafide certificate for a visa?

Yes, it is important to have a bonafide certificate for visa processing. This is mandatory for the students who are currently studying and are applying for a student or tourist visa. Along with a Bonafide certificate, you will also need a NOC and a leave letter from your college or school.

  1. What is the validity period of the bonafide certificate?

Bonafide Certificate has to be duly signed and fully sealed. The validity period of this Bonafide certificate will be just 3 months.

  1. Who issues you a Bonafide Certificate?

For a student, a bonafide certificate application letter is issued by the school head or college administrative department in which they are currently studying. Whereas for the employees, the department manager will give a final seal of approval to issue a Bonafide certificate.

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