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Leave Application for Brother Marriage: Samples, Format, Template

Leave Application to Attend Brother's Wedding Ceremony

Many of you do not know how to write a proper marriage leave application because it is quite similar to writing a sick leave application. Well if you think the same, then here we have a quick guide for you to let you know some basics of writing a marriage leave application.

When writing a leave application for a brother’s marriage, you have to mention all the major details about the wedding in your application. This includes starting and ending date of the wedding, time, venue, and the total number of leaves. Let’s just not waste time and get into the discussion below!

Brother’s Wedding Attending Leave Application Letter

As we define the term marriage leave application, it can be either for your marriage or any person from your family i.e. sister, brother, or cousin. If you are working in a company and you want to attend your brother’s wedding, then a company may have a policy where you have to submit a leave application for specific days under the name of the company or department head for final approval for the vacation. It is in the hands of the department head either they can approve your application or reject it.

Writing a Leave Application Letter to Attend Brother’s Wedding

Right here we have discussed a few of the important points which are vital to consider when writing a leave application for a brother’s marriage:

    • Application letter needs to be addressed to the company’s head or authority.
    • If possible, then do attach the wedding card along with the application as evidence.
    • Mention the marriage dates carefully i.e. when it will start and ends.
    • Make sure the application is written in a clear sentence. There is no need to include useless points about a brother or his marriage.
    • Use formal and polite language.
    • The application should be short and concise.
    • Mention the exact time, date & venue of the ceremony

Format Sample for Brother’s Marriage Leave Application

Check out the format sample below to have an idea about how to write a perfect leave application for your brother’s marriage.

Your Name,

Company / Institutes Name,
Quote Address,

Subject: __________________________________

Dear Sir/Madam,

It is to be stated with due respect that my brother’s wedding has been fixed on (date). Wedding cards are not yet printed but I will send you one as soon as they get printed and it would be an honor for me if you will attend my brother’s wedding. I am composing this application letter just to bring to your kind consideration that I will not be able to attend office from (start date) to (end-date). I have some responsibilities on my shoulder regarding the preparation of my brother’s wedding due to which I am requesting you to grant me a leave of few days.

I have already submitted all my previous reports and files to my group head and have finished all my pending work from my end. Kindly consider my request application and respond to me back as soon as possible with blessings.

Thanking you,

Yours Obediently,
Employee Name:
(Contact Number),

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